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From water warts to tantrums: what homeopathy can do for your kids

For some and perhaps even many complaints, the GP does not always have the best solution. You will be sent home with water warts and concussions. You can get heavy medication for ADHD. But often there appear to be (simple) remedies that quickly remedy the problem: homeopathic drops or granules.

As a healer I am very interested in the self-healing ability, and how you can activate it. In my experience, ‘awareness’ is key. By becoming aware of what is happening on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of your energy field, you begin to heal yourself; you come into contact with who you really are, and as a result, symptoms may disappear. But how do you do that with children?

Lightning fast healing

My four year old daughter suffered from water warts. Sores, especially on the back of her legs, and between her buttocks. It was an ugly sight, and worse, they were itching. The doctor said the warts should go away on their own. And if not: then she got a hormone ointment. The complaints lasted for a year.

Only then did I realize that there is such a thing as homeopathy. And luckily: I found a good homeopath nearby. My daughter got some tubes with a liquid that she had to smell every day, and within three weeks her skin was clear again.

Homeopathy and self-healing

Since I hadn’t delved into homeopathy until then, I decided to do it. First of all I read The Sons of Hippocrates , in which regular medicine and homeopathy are compared. Really recommended. I discovered, among other things, that in homeopathy symptoms are seen as a sign that the body is working out something.

For example, children carry hereditary burdens from their families – and the function of childhood diseases is to get them out. In doing so, I learned that homeopathy (just like energy work, and unlike regular medicines), acts on the cause among the symptoms.

The water warts disappeared like snow in the sun, but according to Gonnie van Wijk , the homeopath who treated my daughter, you can go to her with all complaints, as long as they are reversible. You can get drugs that support your system, that deal with genetics, that disrupt vaccines and medicines, and that heal trauma.

“If you use the right remedies, the complaints will decrease and your child will become more authentic, powerful and resilient. It will gain confidence and it will know better who she is and what choices are right for her.”

The cause among the symptoms

From water warts to tantrums: what homeopathy can do for your kidsAfter our first consultation, two more followed. Van Wijk went through a long list with me in order to get a clear picture of my daughter’s constitution and which means could be appropriate. And I was surprised.

The strangest things turned out to be something to do. For example, my daughter is quite closed in contact with people she does not know. She often does not answer my questions. She doesn’t eat great and refuses to try new foods. If she gets really angry (and that is every day), she can bite me or her father hard. And there was a whole period where she kept saying, “I can’t walk.”

There is at least one clear cause that has led to these ‘symptoms’; that allows her to be so closed off and so angry with me: the way she was born. After the delivery she was taken away from me immediately, she got a tube through her nose, and she was alone for a day because I had an operation.

It took months for our mother-daughter bond to feel stronger. One of the remedies that the homeopath gave her has a healing effect on the relationship between mother and child.


Several months have now passed since the first treatment. Although not everything has been solved yet, a lot has changed: my daughter is eating better (I no longer have to feed her, and her menu has been expanded with pak choi), she is more open to strangers, and she tells a lot more.

She now walks by herself. The biting hasn’t gone away yet, but it happens less often and hard. And I can at least make contact with her more easily in the heat of battle; she becomes more aware of what she is doing more quickly.

With which complaints do you go to a homeopath?

Your child can go to the homeopath with all kinds of emotional and physical complaints. The following list is by no means exhaustive, but it gives an idea of ​​the types of symptoms that can be addressed: hyperactivity, ADHD, poor concentration, separation anxiety, fear of the dark or thunder, nightmares, if your child is late talking or getting teeth, hypersensitivity, nervous tics and lethargy. But also: complaints after vaccinations, earache, constant nose cold, gastrointestinal complaints, concussions, bladder infections, problems with the respiratory tract, sleeping, or drinking from breastfeeding.

First aid

Finally, for the holidays I bought a travel kit full of homeopathic granules, called ’36 remedies for the traveler ‘ from Helios Homeopathy. It is a first aid kit that offers a solution in all kinds of health cases, such as car sickness, diarrhoea, jet lag, falls, splinters and insect bites. When my daughter stubbed her toe (in Thailand), I gave her the granules that prevent inflammation. Within a week the wound was healed. Also handy for at home of course.


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