Full Moon in Gemini 23-11-2018: Are you honest with yourself?

Full Moon in Gemini 23-11-2018: Are you honest with yourself?
During the Full Moon of November 23, the Moon is in the airy sign of Gemini. The Sun, which is directly opposite the Moon, is in Sagittarius. During a Full Moon, you can experience inner conflicts, feel that something has to change, and make decisions. Often it is the end of a situation. You can become more aware of how relationships relate; for the Sun is the masculine and the Moon the feminine. Contacts can also be broken under the influence of the Full Moon.

For many people, an exciting time when a lot is happening on an emotional and physical level and ascension symptoms can be strongly felt. There may be mainly (temporary) complaints, such as restless or little sleep, headache, worrying, pain in the neck, tired legs, being emotional, and shortness of breath.

Gemini and the Sagittarius

During this Full Moon, the traits of Gemini and Sagittarius come into conflict. Gemini has many interests, is youthful and easygoing, and loves short trips and outings. Communication, speaking, and organizing is one of their talents. They are eager to learn, curious, and analyze, are good at making connections, are at home in all markets, and are always looking for something new or novelty. They are real thinkers.

Full Moon in Gemini 23-11-2018: Are you honest with yourself?

They can be easily bored and easily distracted and sometimes they don’t go into depth about what they are interested in. This can also frustrate them. But in general, Gemini is a cheerful and cheerful person with a strong sense of humor. They are especially good at making puns, thinking things through, and imitating other people. They may tell lies gossip or make excuses. If a situation is too difficult for them, they try to choose the easy way and choose the situation that suits them best. But they do avoid emotional involvement in their contacts.

The Sagittarius, on the other hand, likes honesty, depth, and open communication. Sometimes they can be so honest that it is presented a bit tactless. They want to better understand people’s motivations and like to study, travel and philosophize. They are often spiritual teachers and healers and are constantly expanding their horizons. Usually optimistic, enthusiastic, seeking freedom and adventure. They love animals and sports. And of the Burgundian life.

Full Moon Effect

Because this Full Moon is in the first degree of Gemini, the Gemini influence will suddenly be strongly felt. We literally move from one day to the next to another energy field; from Taurus to Gemini. This can cause your feelings and thoughts to suddenly take a different turn. From the thoughtful Taurus energy, which is very persistent on security, home, work, and relationships to the cheerful and humorous Gemini energy. In this energy, you want to disconnect from home, seek new contacts, travel, have fun, and more adventure, and not take things so seriously.

Full Moon in Gemini 23-11-2018: Are you honest with yourself?

You may have been more closed off about your feelings, but maybe you just now feel the need to talk about some more personal things. And to seek more depth in your personal relationships. But you can also feel that you are stuck in a situation. You have the feeling that you are in a rut and that can make you very impatient and restless. And maybe you just don’t know how to break out of the situation.

You can therefore worry a lot and get stuck in your head. Putting things in order is now a bit more difficult due to all the tensions and many thoughts. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, went retrograde last week and amplifies the effect of this Full Moon.

Due to the influence of Gemini, you may want to rationalize your feelings in difficult situations and be inclined to seek distraction in, for example, work, nice contacts, short trips, throwing yourself into a new hobby or writing. Your body can give you signals that you are overlooking something that requires your attention. Then it becomes a little more difficult to find distractions!

Honest to yourself

Perhaps physical/psychological complaints are an indication for you that you can organize your life differently. You may feel overloaded. Your conscience can play a role, if you want to choose for yourself or if feelings for someone else have become apparent. You have to be honest with yourself.

Mercury retrograde

The ruler of Gemini is Mercury, the planet of contacts and thought, trade and short travel went retrograde last week. A period of reflection. Contacts demand your attention, but you can also avoid them for a while. Or you may decide to end relationships if there is no honesty and openness between you. You will find that you tolerate excuses, lies and gossip less and less. Appointments can be canceled or postponed and traffic and trade contracts can also be delayed.

Jupiter right in front of the Moon

Full Moon in Gemini 23-11-2018: Are you honest with yourself?

Jupiter, as ruler of Sagittarius, has recently been walking through its own sign for over a year and is going to cause a lot of expansion. You can become more optimistic about your future or, in the coming year, you can finally make that journey or do the study you had long planned for. Unexpectedly, a sum of money can come up that gives you more options. You can focus on your future and make plans to go abroad. Maybe you have a great love sitting there? It is important to have realistic expectations and not to exaggerate.


Chiron, the planet of the wounded healer, squares the Moon. Situations may arise in which you are more or less forced to look at your childhood traumas.

Gemini also relates to your childhood. For example, contact with your brothers or sisters can stir up a lot of emotions. Unspoken matters can be said between them. Much healing will take place when there is open and honest communication.

Addictions can demand your attention, which can stand between you and your contacts. Maybe you want to express it now, which has been bothering you for a long time. You can also gain insights with the help of a spiritual teacher and want to tackle problems step by step. Horse therapy, writing or other creative expressions can now be a good tool to get to the core of your problem. Because of all the emotions that can be released, it may be that you run into an addiction or want to withdraw from life.

Twin Flames

Full Moon in Gemini 23-11-2018: Are you honest with yourself?

Between twin flames, there can be sudden changes in the situation. This is because we enter the first degree of Gemini during the Full Moon. Our world of feeling and thinking can therefore change from one day to the next and can cause unexpected turns between twin souls.

Twin flames can ask each other to be honest and open when they hide their relationship or contact from their partner, with whom they have a karmic relationship. But whether there will actually be honesty and openness has to do with how strong the Sagittarius or Gemini influence is within your birth charts. The Sagittarius influence wants more honesty and the Gemini can get around it a bit more. When twin flames do not align, another separation can occur. A lot of thought can then be given about how to proceed with your twin soul.

You may worry a lot and feel tense/restless. Twin flames may also want to flee into contact with others, focus on work, be away from home a lot focus on friends, and go out. The repulsive behavior between twin flames can manifest itself in lies and excuses that you can catch the other person doing. This may make you want to withdraw and engage in your inner healing work of yourself. Until contact is established again or you receive a message from him or her.

Within karmic relationships, some twin flames may choose to be honest with their partner about their twin flame. You may experience a strong urge for freedom, want to feel young again, want to break free from your “old life” and do more of what you want. Although this can cause some misunderstanding when the karmic partner feels hurt and misunderstood. But there will be unexpected solutions to all the problems that exist.

Happy Full Moon,


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