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Galactic Ascension Symptoms


Galactic Ascension Symptoms

It is best to consult a health professional for your symptoms, as not every symptom comes from the ascension process. And even though it may be an ascension symptom, you may still need help with the process.

Some of you just got through this, others may experience this later.

Living Between Dimensions – 5D Crystalline Body Shift

First, going back and forth between dimensions can be uncomfortable and disorienting, and can cause increasing fatigue. Know that this is your true divine primordial blueprint, for you are quite capable of shifting between dimensions and worlds, and of integrating this innate capacity of the star man throughout your physical body and cooperating with the vibrational fields of Earth and Cosmos.

When will I get my mind back?

Ascension SymptomsYou can sometimes feel not quite right, and off center, losing things and not knowing where you put something – a second ago it was there and now you can’t even remember what you did with it. You don’t remember what happened a week, a day and sometimes an hour ago. You will remember it again and your mind will fully come back through new neural pathways. This could be due to ascension, shifts between dimensions, the so many upgrades of the circuit, and the fluctuations of the magnetic fields.

This can really take a toll on your biological system and your nervous system during your regular daily activities of your life. Be patient with yourself and others, and know that this is only temporary. Know that this is beautiful, and a powerful signal of your ascension and the New Earth. It’s important to do your best to be light, laugh and play. This time of intense influx of magnetic fields and solar/cosmic waves will not be the best time to build projects or complete tasks.

Physical pain and emotional release

This can be a multidimensional, deep cellular release that seems to come from the tissues of the body and brain. Sometimes the pain carries information, insights and wisdom from the past and from the cosmos.

Part of it is the deep cellular release, the Divine Blueprint wishing to align with the Divine Sacred Matrix, and there is struggle and conflict in these two energy systems and energy bodies.

Intestinal problems, diarrhea and digestive problems

You may not be able to keep certain foods in because they go right through you. You may also have developed a small Buddha tummy, or you may have constant bloating, as if you were pregnant.

This can be seen as a cleaning and realignment of your frequency. Know that you have entered and passed through the 11/11 and 12/12 portals. You are now in a new portal of interdimensional time space with your body, life and Source. 13

You need the harmonies and support of others, close supporting star family, and of Gaia, the elements, the devas, natural peoples and the Cosmos.

Herbal medicines, essential oils, crystals, sacred geometry, harmonic frequencies, ancient sacred technologies arriving on the planet, vibrational balancing recalibrations of the light language will help you through all of the New Earth Transitions.

Attention! Intensely Emotional Dimensional Vortex Alert!

Emotional intensity, crying and deep core feelings, suddenly you can be in an intense emotional dimensional vortex where the emotions pour out, and where you feel that this is all there is in that moment. Then know that you have just been hit by an energetic wave of an intense emotional vortex. You will come out, liberated and healed. Remember it’s just a healing wave.

Rest assured that you are only going through these ascension upgrade symptoms. What is really vital is to trust and abide in the divine flow of the higher plane, to go with the flow of the divine flow, to trust your intuition (God, gut feeling), to use your empathic extra-sensitive abilities. trust, for that is your true compass in the New Earth. Remember, your true essence and vibration is Love, and you are loved. You are now fine tuning your extra-sensitive empathic and multidimensional abilities.

Beloved Blue Ray and extra-sensitive Light Bearers, we applaud you, for you have been pushed in all sorts of ways, including to get out of your embarrassment. It will get easier, WE ARE WITH YOU. Look to the sky, and see us in the starships and light formations, and know that we, the many teams, worlds, legions of light, of the Devas, Sun and nature are there. feel us. We’re close. We bring Peace, support, Love, and we work with you! 333

You are truly in a moment of evolution of the New Earth, as everything shifts at once. In these unprecedented times, no one knows for sure how it will turn out. So many beings are involved:

viewers and players, the gods, the guardians, the overseers, the fighters, those who control, those within earth, the many star angels galactic worlds and legions. Know in your being that YOU, the star beings, Lightworkers, Blue Rays, Angelics, New Forerunners Code Bearers, will determine how it will go.

There is a higher Divine Plan, even in what can at times seem like chaos. You may not fully realize that you can have so much Sacred Power, as your Divine DNA has kept Stars Galactic Origins hidden. 13

The influx of Divine interventions from ancient sources, celestial alignments, the Pink Ray ascension worlds into the violet flame of Creation are all with you. They amplify and activate the light forces within you and in the Divine Sacred Matrix of the Oneness of One!

Intense emotional cleaning triggered by the Cosmos

rippleThis has been a year of emotional intensity triggered by the Cosmos. For decades, many forerunner Lightworkers have been transforming and transmuting the mental bodies. Thus, your evolving can be in perfect celestial harmony to balance the emotional bodies, for the crystalline divine body. 22

Now transformation and transcendence come quickly, instantaneously. It’s powerful, it goes through you, and then you’re suddenly on new ground and unfamiliar territory. And when you enter this unfamiliar territory, a space is created for you to bring in your Soul Harmonies of Creation, which create the new body mold.

Every frequency of your soul signature of the Rays of Creation – which you agreed to before incarnating to create the New Earth – is needed. 12/12/12
I’m losing my mind. Chaos, confusion, frustration and disruption in 2013

As an ultra-sensitive being you empathetically feel the veils, layers and fields of density coming down, on the planetary and magnetic matrix plane.

You may feel disruption and projection of fear and doubt in the media and others trying to take you off center. This shows how important and divinely powerful you are.

If you weren’t, there wouldn’t be that opposing force. 333

joy-journeyYou were created in your full God-essence consciousness with truly remarkable abilities and divine sacred powers from the Masters. It has been said that you were created in the image of God.

You were created in the image of God in the Christ mold, an angelic and galactic star seed of the Cosmic Harmonies in the Light Language of the Source Codes of Creation. You have all divine power and sovereign right to be who you are, and are fully equipped to go through these changes. 33

In these times, when the intensity of emotions triggered by the cosmos increases, Spirit tells you: use your tools of divine alignment, stay in your own resonance field, in the Divine sacred matrix in your true heart center, and all this will pass. 333

This shows your true divine power of being, for you must remain in your body spirit, and not leave. It is up to you to draw cosmic source essence into your being, life and upon the Earth to be that new path in Supreme Divine Love.
Shekina Rose


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