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Giving birth to your radiant essence

The womb is where it all begins, here flows a river of infinite creativity and vitality, conception and birth.
The time is now to let go of the mind and sink deeper into your body, into your roots, into your true radiant essence.
It is time to remember that you are a divine apparition and that your womb (area) is an inexhaustible source of creation…

Looking for myself

My quest started at a young age. A quest for who I am and what the hell I’m here to do on this planet. For whom is this not recognizable? After years of reading books, following workshops, courses and education, various love relationships, including broken hearts, the search outside myself stopped abruptly when I first became pregnant.
A great and heavy burden fell from my shoulders. Everything I was looking for all these years turned out to have always been there. A well of unconditional love grew in my womb. I felt that I was not only pregnant with a beautiful baby, I was also pregnant with myself.


Giving birth to your radiant essenceFor the past few years I have been pregnant almost constantly. In 4.5 years I have been able to give birth to four unimaginably beautiful daughters. My pregnancies and especially the births were the most profound spiritual experiences I’ve ever had to date.
After each birth I felt more powerful, intuitive and humble. I feel totally connected to my deep knowing, with a flowing heart full of unconditional love and fully present in my body. After giving birth to four healthy daughters in my own way, I was born again myself.


As a mother of four young children, of course I hardly have time to myself. Once in a while my supply of energy gets into the danger zone. At these moments, when I am actually very vulnerable, the best insights come. It is as if all walls, masks and blockages fall away and I can be completely ‘on’.

Last February it was that time again: I was a pile of misery. And this little pile of misery then wondered: ‘Who am I? What can I (besides my four daughters) take as the next step into the world?’ During my morning ritual, my five holy minutes in the shower, I very consciously let the pile of misery wash off of me.

Thoughts on my mind streamed down the shower drain. The warm water started to perk me up again. And at that moment, the moment of being nothing at all and everything at once, a whisper was heard in my ear: Wombfulness , you are  Wombfulness . Give birth to that. Goosebumps all over my body. What a gift. I didn’t know how quickly I had to get out of the shower to exclaim in the living room, “Eureka! Wombfulness†

Live like the god(dess) you are

The following months I was pregnant with my newest child. I meditated with her, with my  womb  (=womb)*. It was clear to me that the world is ready for the next step. In recent years we have all done a lot of work.  Mindfulness  has been able to wake up a large part of the (western) world. We have become aware of our thoughts and of living in the here and now. This opened the way to our hearts. We dared to open ourselves gently to the world and feel feelings for real. The desire to connect more lovingly with each other grew in many hearts.Are you not forgetting something? Feeling your essence…
The next step is  Wombfulness . Live like the gods and goddesses that we are. Living from your radiant, powerful, uniquely beautiful essence. We no longer have to read all kinds of books, take courses and education to find out the ‘truth’.
The truth is in ourselves, in you and in me. Your  womb  is your inner oracle, your compass, your guru. Turn off your mind, open your heart and sink even deeper… When you really inhabit your pelvis you will find that the entrance to your sacred temple is located here.

Unwanted luggage and collective rubbish

Before you can arrive at your holy temple, there are often (un)conscious obstacles that can still block the way. Unwanted luggage that you carry with you for many lifetimes or even collective mess that you never asked for, which is parked in front of your  womb space .
As soon as you become aware of what you carry and what no longer serves you, and what stands in the way of living wombfull, more space is created in your pelvis.
It is sometimes a small step or a high threshold that you have to take to start the birth of yourself. And just like giving birth to a baby, this happens in your own unique way. There is,  thank Goddess , no manual of protocols that you must follow in order to give birth to your radiant essence. No one to tell you to puff or strain.
Fortunately, there is no time limit either: you decide when, where, with whom and how you are born again. That’s your right!
Wombfulness is born. Do you also feel that your sacred womb consciousness wants to be awakened? Do you want to embrace your inner guru? Can you hear your divinity in you begging to be born? In a subsequent article I will tell you more about the collective mess that we carry with us. I hope my words may inspire you to take a deep dive into yourself.


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