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Giving your intention to a gemstone

Gemstones are not only beautiful, they also give off a nice energy that can support us.

For example, rock crystal strengthens positive energy and brings clarity, while amethyst helps you sleep better. Rose quartz stimulates (self) love and harmony and aventurine helps you to relax.

Did you also know that you can give your intention to your gemstones, so that they help you more specifically? In fact, with this you direct the energy of the gemstone to where you can use it the most.

Giving your intention to gems: the step-by-step plan

1. Choose the right gemstone

If you know where you want energetic support, it is important that you first dive into the books (or the internet). Which gemstone already has an effect that matches your goal?

2. Clean your gemstone

When you have just bought a gemstone, it is very important that you clean your gemstone first, but even if you want to work with your gemstone, it does not hurt to take care of it.

My favorite way to cleanse and recharge is to place a stone in the light of the (full) moon. I usually do this every month, which usually means I don’t have to worry about cleaning my stones anymore.

Sunlight can also help, but some stones discolor if left in direct sunlight for too long. In addition, not every stone can withstand water, such as selenite.

Another good and safe way to clean and load your stones is to place them in a bed of hematite and rock crystal.

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3. Connect with your intention

It really helps if you have a clear idea of ​​what you want. It is best if this is a positive image. What would it be like if your problem was solved? What would it be like if your wish came true?

It also helps a lot if you turn this into a positive affirmation.

What is most important, however, is that you feel what you want.

4. Grab your gem and transfer your intention

When your intention is clear and you feel it, you can grab your stone. Hold it lovingly in your hands and visualize yourself conveying your intention.

I often imagine that my intention is a ball of light. I put it into the stone through my hands. As I do this, I repeat the corresponding affirmation in my head.

5. Place your stone in the right place

Finally, you can determine where this stone can best do its work with this intention.

If the stone can support you with your emotions, thoughts or developments, then it is best to carry it with you.

For example, if it’s about your night’s sleep, it might be better to put the stone on your bedside table or put it in your pillowcase.

If you want to protect your entire house, it might be better to place the stone near the front door or in the middle of the house.

Giving your intention to a gemstone is actually not that difficult at all, but it is a lot of fun.

The last thing I would definitely recommend to you is to use your creativity. There is so much fun that can be done with it!


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