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greatness; How can you feel yours?

“Feel your magnificence.” A request that many people have heard. Perhaps an energy therapist has asked you. Or maybe you’ve read in a book about ‘your greatness’. However the term came to you, it’s quite a tricky one. Also because the meaning of this concept can be quite confronting. But what exactly is greatness? And how can you lovingly interpret the process of feeling or embracing your greatness ?

How do we often look at greatness?

It’s very easy to talk about ego-related things right away. But I skip that step, because many people have a negative association with the ego and have a tendency to judge when it comes to the ego (read more about this in my blog ‘ The ego, friend or foe? ‘ Nieuwetijdskind Magazine was published) . So we’re going to talk about you, as the complete human being.

We tend to experience greatness in what you do in life. This is how we often see the greatness of certain spiritual teachers. And then we look at what someone puts down in the world. Some of these people have written numerous books, are known all over the world and contribute powerfully to the transformation processes of humanity.

And then we look at ourselves. We suddenly see a mediocre job, a limited network, or the lack of tangible pieces we leave behind in life. And then we see no greatness in ourselves and feel less valuable.

An illusion!

Because there is no mediocre job. Every job or life task is important and unique because of the way you interpret it. And there is no such thing as a limited network. We are all so incredibly connected, and therefore so incredibly powerful! Your greatness is about realizing how unprecedented your love is in the deeper layers of your Being.

And about your masterful power to create; accepting your creative power. You can implement this process in a number of ways. I would like to share something about that with you. Feel what resonates and see how this can contribute to walking your unique path.

Become aware of your focus on ‘outside’

How much attachment do you have to what you ‘do’, what you put down in the outside world? That seems like a good question to start with. Remember, there’s no right or wrong here. In the bigger picture it is very nice to look at where you stand as honestly as possible. So you should be proud of being a therapist.

Or call yourself a light worker. Or writer. And if you feel the space for that, you can also see what remains of who you think you are if you leave all this out. How do you feel about yourself if you don’t add anything after the words ‘I am’?

Again, this is about seeing where you stand and it’s not about right or wrong. And becoming aware of where you stand is a powerful way to create the impulses from that point that lead you to the next step in your process.

Become aware of your focus on ‘inside’

To what extent do you dare to feel how deep your inner self goes? An exciting road, the way in. Because the deeper you descend, the more identifications with external things will disappear. And for many of us that is a form of safety. We like to hold on to these identifications when life gets exciting.

Do you have the space to start feeling more security in the emptiness of Being? That may seem like a very abstract question. But I address deeper layers of your Being with the energy behind these words. You don’t have to understand. You don’t have to work very hard to achieve this either. It is nice when you start to experience that there is a desire to go more into this depth.

Experiencing a desire out of love is an incredibly powerful basis for realizing the expression of that desire. In other words; look with your heart to your desire and the way will unfold before you. Because looking from the heart is looking from love and in trust. And that combination is very manifest.If you practice a lot in this, manifesting will no longer feel like working, then it will come ‘just’.

What is greatness now?

I think greatness is a wonderful term. Precisely because of the search that this produces. And the different definitions we attach to (embracing) greatness in that process. And they may change, because everything is dynamic. If you ask me to describe embracing greatness, I would come to these words right now:

‘Embrace your greatness’ is not about seeing your movements go out, but about feeling the depths going in.


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