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Grounding and Balancing Your Child’s Energy – 10 Techniques

The energetic connection with highly sensitive children

Highly sensitive children are creatures that are highly sensitive and easily affected by the energy around them, both positively and negatively. With their heightened sensitivity, their “hyper sensitive system” soaks up all negative emotions and environmental energies like a sponge.

This ensures that highly sensitive children are floaty, dreamy and often energetically disturbed so that they make wrong choices and sabotage themselves. This makes not only their lives difficult, but also the tasks of the parents a big challenge!

I have noticed that parents of highly sensitive children often go to a therapist because they are concerned that they do not understand much about the (over)sensitivity of these children. They may have a stressed child who worries about anything and everything or even develops an obsessive-compulsive disorder just to deal with those feelings. Other parents have a depressed teenager who is self-harming or suicidal.

Another difficult behavior for some parents is the provocative child whose anger seems excessive in relation to the events. These kids throw the whole house upside down in their rage explosions and rebellious moods.

It can help parents to realize that these highly sensitive children’s behaviors are just symptoms of an imbalance in their bodies due to personal and environmental influences and have nothing to do with normal behavioral problems. The root causes must be addressed if this child is to function and grow up.

The New Age Child Lecture by Hans Stolp (1)

Many highly sensitive children struggle with traditional school systems

Many of these highly sensitive children also struggle with traditional school systems that encourage children not to think for themselves. This is because highly sensitive children rebel against authoritarian figures. They are smart, creative, “outside the box” thinking children who think and learn very differently and have a hard time conforming unless given a very good reason.

Unfortunately, they often also need exercise to stimulate their brains and their capacity to multitask sometimes earns them, incorrectly, the label ADD/ADHD and a prescription for Ritalin .on. While Ritalin is a stimulant drug, it also has an anesthetic effect on active highly sensitive children who are already stressed by a school that cannot meet their learning needs.

Ritalin may appear to help a highly sensitive child sit still and pay attention, but it doesn’t correct the chronic reverse polarity and disordered state that lead to the energy patterns that cause all kinds of long-term problems. If their energy is disrupted long enough, highly sensitive children can stray so far from their potential and lose their special way of thinking to fit into an adult-dominated world.

The key to helping highly sensitive children grow up in a healthy, positive way is teaching them how their energies are put together and recognizing when that “hypersensitive system” is out of tune. Highly sensitive children who are out of tune and live completely in their head instead of being in their bodies, they pick up negative energy in their aura and physical body quite easily.

If they continue to live like this for very long, they will feel emotionally drained or oversensitive and have no idea why. Eating unhealthy “junk food”, spending hours in front of the TV or playing silly games can be a way to distract your child from his/her real feelings.

As a parent of such a highly sensitive child, there is much you can do to help your child become more grounded and energetically balanced. Because highly sensitive children are often a mirrorof your own energetic state, a calm and emotionally balanced approach helps the child feel aware and in control of their own emotions.

Making time every day to let them get in touch with their own energy and let go of negative energy picked up at school or from others is very important. Practicing energy balancing techniques every day will help them be more in touch with their bodies so that they recognize faster when they need an energy cleanse. There are simple Brain Gym exercises that can balance energy and help them think with their whole brain.

After all, their mental health is an important component of their well-being and developing healthy eating habits is very important because they have such a very sensitive system. Many highly sensitive children suffer from allergies to food and chemicals and it is very important to teach them what sugar, chemicals, preservatives, unsaturated fats and other forms of toxic nutrients do to their physical and energetic systems.

Checking for hidden food and chemical allergies is also important in helping your child achieve a balanced energetic status. Normal foods such as wheat, milk or grain products can, because they are more digestible,The New Age Child Lecture by Hans Stolp (1)

10 techniques to ground and balance your child’s energy.

1) Our way of breathing has a big impact on how grounded we feel. Shallow chest breathing causes us to get stressed. Make it a game to take slow, deep breaths with your child while they focus on a particular body part.

Can they imagine breathing from the bottom of their feet, from their heart area, from the top of their head, or from their stomach? As they focus on the different parts of their bodies, can they visualize any stress or negative energy leaving their body with their exhalation? (Our breath moves energy!)

2) The energy in our body is electromagnetic. To make kids feel something you usually can’t see, have them rub their hands together. Then move the hands back and forth to see if they can feel the energy between their hands.

If they can feel the energy easily let them make it bigger and smaller or throw it at someone to catch. Take the time to explain to them the importance of keeping this energy balanced in their bodies and in touch with the energy of the Earth.

3) While your child is sitting in a chair or cross-legged on the floor, have them imagine that he/she has a tail that touches the ground like a monkey. This is their grounding cord with which they can carry negative energy to the earth and bring positive energy from the earth.

See if they manage to discharge negative energy through their tail to the earth. When all their negative energy has been drained, see if they manage to get positive energy up the same way. Can they feel the difference in the quality of energy? When you do this exercise outdoors, it can be a very strong positive experience.

4) As your child stands up, have them imagine that they are a large, sturdy tree with roots that grow from the bottom of their feet and go deep into the earth. Let them experience how firm and strong they feel when their roots connect with the energy of the earth.

Can they bring the energy from the earth through the bottom of their feet back up through their entire body until it sprays out the top of their heads like a fountain? What words do they use to describe the positive energy flowing through their bodies?

5) A fun exercise to try with your child is to use the electromagnetic energy from the body with an iron spoon. Rub the bottom of your child’s foot counterclockwise with the bottom of the spoon. (You have to apply a bit of force, otherwise it won’t work)

Rubbing counterclockwise will release certain energy that calms your child. This is certainly a good aid when your child has trouble falling asleep! They may like it so much that they keep asking for it.Negative thinking

6) When children are energetically inverted, they will sabotage themselves and make choices that hurt themselves instead of gaining positivity. A quick way to balance their polarity is the ” Karate Chop “† Tapping the side of their hand into the palm of the other hand and combining this with a positive affirmation and deep breathing helps to reverse their polarity.

Often the child is frustrated, so have him say something along the lines of, “Even though I am angry about/because………, I still love myself and consider myself a good child.” It doesn’t matter how you describe the problem as long as you do it with some form of positive acceptance and tapping the palm of your hand while doing it, it seems to work to correct the polarity. This acceptance affirmation should be said aloud at least 3 times while taking a deep breath. (The Karate Chop comes from the E motional F reedom Technique . )

7) Another way to correct reverse polarity is by rubbing the Brain Buttons (K27) just below the collarbone. You start this Brain gym exercise by placing your thumb and fingers of one hand on your collarbone. Then slide down slightly to the hollow just below your collarbone. Gently massage there with one hand while placing the other hand over your belly button.

After about 25 seconds, flip it over and massage your “Brain Buttons” on the other side while placing your other hand on your belly button. It is good to do this exercise a few times a day if you suspect that your child has problems with reverse polarity! It is in any case a good stimulation for the brain. (link to English video showing how to find this place)Scientists discover that trees also have a 'heartbeat'

8) Walking barefoot outdoors (weather permitting) is also a good way to ground your child. Help the child learn to feel the difference between grass, soil, concrete, sand, rocks and water as they walk. Stimulating the bottoms of the feet through massage or reflexology is another way to tune in to their feet and return energetically into their bodies.

9) The “Hook Up”from Brain Gym is a great way to balance energy and minimize excess energy for both hemispheres of the brain. This is a good exercise that you can do with your child several times a day. You can do this exercise sitting, standing or even lying in bed. Start by crossing your legs at the ankles.

Extend your arms forward and rotate your hands so that the thumbs are pointing toward the floor. (Backs of hands almost touching) Now move one hand over the other so that the palms touch and you can intertwine the fingers. Bend your elbows slightly and rotate your clasped hands below so they rest comfortably on your chest. Now take a deep breath as you press your tongue against the center of your palate. As you exhale, let the tongue fall back into place loosely.

When the “Hook Up” is done for at least one minute, a calm and peaceful feeling is often experienced. The “Hook Up” is ended by uncrossing the arms and legs and placing the fingertips gently together. I encourage the child to pay attention to the feeling they feel on their fingertips. The tingling, warm or pulsating they usually feel is the vibration of the energy in their body. Placing the fingertips together is another way to balance the polarity.

10) Teaching your child to form a bubble around them every day is another technique for teaching them to protect themselves from picking up negative energy. First, have your child imagine a sphere of light wrapped around them like a bubble. Have them imagine that this bubble can let in positive energy, but is closed to negative energy.

Then have them think about the fun activities and positive exchanges they have throughout the day. Their angels and guides are ready to make their thoughts a reality. The child ends the visualization by putting a lace around the bubble at their feet so that no negative energy can sneak in.

air bubble

bubble: protected from negative energy, open to light energy

11) Because the front of the body ( chakra system) is often the place where you can lose positive energy or gain negative energy, a “Zip Up” is a handy tool for the sensitive person when they go among all kinds of people. After rubbing the hands, stroke the central meridian with the palm of the hand, from the pubic bone up to the bottom of the lips and then out before bringing your hand back down.

This makes the hand work like a magnet with the electromagnetic energy of the body and is more powerful when you combine it with a positive affirmation, such as “I am calm, strong and loving” or “I am smart, courageous and confident”. Anything that feels right for the child/teenager will work because of the intent with which things are said. Taking a deep breath before raising the hand again strengthens the effect somewhat. Imagine putting a lock on your lips so that no one can open the energy field during the day can also help.

Repeating these exercises daily will help the children raise their awareness and stabilize their energetic field. This will help them be their own beautiful selves!

Written by Jan Yordy†, certified play therapist.

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