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Grounding – this is it, and this is how you do it

Grounding is important. Feet on the ground. Don’t float. Being in your body. But apparently that’s easier said than done. Many people ask the question: what can I do to ground?

First of all, let’s see what it actually is. Grounding is connected to a flowing first chakra , with which you absorb nourishing energy from the earth and remove excess energy. A flowing first chakra is attuned to the carrying energy field of the planet, ensures a healthy, energetic body, and makes you feel safe because your primary needs are met.

You are connected to your own life in a relaxed way and you are able to shape things. When you’re grounded, you can take up space . You feel your limits and know what your body needs. If you are grounded, you can be healthy selfish.

The limitation of fear

The root chakra can ensure that grounding is difficult and that people to a greater or lesser extent remain dissociated from their bodies and lives. For example, it can be closed or too structured, be ‘tight’ or brace itself. If you often feel floating, disconnected, disoriented or unsafe, have difficulty occupying space, or experience a lack of life energy, if you often get stuck in the concept phase, and/or prefer to spend your time in realities other than these, then you can you assume that your upper chakras have more energy flowing than the lower ones. And then, in order to ground yourself, you have work to do.

On the other hand, people who call themselves ” very earthly ” don’t necessarily have a flowing root chakra. They can be inflexible, very materialistic, or black and white and have trouble looking outside their box.

In both cases there are energetic patterns that arise from a deep, unconscious sense of insecurity; the fear of pain, fear of taking on life, fear of shortage and not being able to rely on the abundance and carrying capacity of the earth, to name a few. But because fear is frozen energy, it is difficult to access and most people will say they are not afraid.

Grounding at different levels

Of course, grounding isn’t just about your root chakra. All chakras are connectedand in constant exchange with each other. If development takes place in one energy center, it also affects the others.

On a physical level, grounding has to do with the earthly side of who you are: the body that is born of dust and will decay to dust. Here it mainly means having contact with your body and the sensations in it; can relax and enjoy your body and earthly pleasures (such as food and touch), but also take good care of your physical body: eating healthy, exercising, doing the body scan, making contact with mother earth, nature or going into the sweat lodge .

Grounding - this is it, and this is how you do it

On an emotional level, being grounded means daring to agree more and more with the earthly conditions, or duality ; there is light and darkness, ecstasy and pain, heat and cold, life and death. As human beings with a body we can only experience both poles. At this level you ground yourself by taking good care of your inner world; you meet all the feelings that are present or awaken in your body, you take them seriously, and take action on them if necessary.

On a mental level, in order to become grounded, you will need to examine your beliefs about this reality. Is the earth a safe place or not? Is there room for you? Can you take life as it comes? Is it pretty good here or will it get much better after this? Is your body beautiful or sinful? Affirmations that can help include: “It’s safe to be there,” “The Earth supports and provides for my needs,” and “I love my body and trust its wisdom.” And of course: anyone who only lives in his head is not grounded.

On a spiritual level, earthing means to incarnate ; cause your soul to come in the flesh. It is bringing the divine energy from your crown, your potential, all the way down to your first chakra in the course of your life: from the unity with the source, to your body. On the way down you have to constantly test and adjust that energy: each chakra below the previous one is ‘firmer’, ‘more limited’ and ‘less refined’ and cannot simply contain the divine energy. And of course that is a challenging process.


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