Growth process after burnout: a lonely journey

Growth process after burnout: a lonely journey
Loneliness, many people experience it during the growth process that follows their burnout. Unfortunately, little attention has been paid to this phenomenon. Time to change that! 

The trigger

Usually, it is burnout or other major event that initiates the process of personal growth and spiritual development. Suddenly you can no longer run away or look for distraction and you are alone on the couch yourself. Once you realize that wallowing in victimization and projecting guilt doesn’t get you off that couch, but sinks you deeper into it, the way in begins.

You decide to take your own responsibility and really invest in your recovery process. In this phase, loneliness is precisely the impetus for building a relationship with yourself, perhaps for the first time in your life.

Never the old again

Once you have recovered physically, your environment seems to expect you to get back to normal. However, you know that you are no longer that and never will be. You may be physically better, but your growth process does not stop. On the contrary, it has only just begun. It is at this moment that the loneliness starts to gnaw.

Growth process after burnout: a lonely journey

During your burnout, there was still understanding, but now you are being pushed back into the old structures and patterns from all sides. Places where you no longer belong. After all, you want to take a new path, forge your own path, and follow your heart and intuition.

Resistance from your environment

You expected that your loved ones would support you in this, but of all people, it turns out that they are the ones who make you doubt the most. Choosing for yourself suddenly seems to be something rash and selfish. You are completely torn inside. It takes quite a bit of courage to persevere at this point and to follow your gut feeling. Loneliness is often the toll you pay for it.

Overcoming burnout was not the hardest part of the journey. It is the way out that contains the most obstacles. Because in addition to all the limiting beliefs and fears of your loved ones, you also have to examine and transform your own. In addition, of course, the financial picture also plays a role.

Mirrors everywhere

Growth process after burnout: a lonely journey

As you continue the journey, you discover that all your surroundings did was hold up mirrors to you. They only reflected the doubts and concerns that lived within yourself. So you could transform them. You discover that your entire outer world is only a reflection of your inner world. It penetrates deeper and deeper into who you are in essence. At this point, your spirituality begins to settle, and that again gives rise to loneliness. Because there is still a big taboo around spirituality.

The way down asks you to come home to your body. To put your true self on this world and only live your own truth. To free yourself from the last vestiges of conditioning, to reveal all entrenched or repressed emotions, and to surrender confidently to the here and now.

Loneliness at an end

It is on this last road that the loneliness disappears completely. You don’t make the journey to your true self alone, but with a whole tribe of like-minded souls. People you feel deeply connected to without being dependent on them. After all, you have found wholeness and fulfillment within yourself and learned to give everything to yourself. Because of this, your relationships are characterized by freedom and your life becomes an expression of joy. And only by really living it, you become a source of inspiration for others.


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