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Guides and supervisors: do you recognize the clues?


Trust and Signals

To begin with, it is important to trust and know that there is always someone/an energy with you. But…. you have to believe before you can see it. Usually it is the case that you do get signals, but that you do not see or recognize them. Or that you dismiss this as coincidence. We can get signals in different ways. It’s about being aware of it. Go see a different way!

Which signals?

The most recognizable is that you will find feathers or coins in crazy places and see certain numbers again and again. Mirror or double numbers. But also certain music, stones in the shape of a heart, a smell that you suddenly smell or flowers that cannot stay beautiful in the vase and special coincidences…


To give an example: My grandmother informs me that she is with me by showing the numbers 19:12 and 21:55 on the clock. 1912 was her birth year and 2155 were the first numbers of her phone number. I see that not 1x but a few days in a row and then also in the car, on my phone, on my alarm clock, on the oven and the DVD player… that is very special, because normally these clocks all run equal.

Since I’m never in all these places at the same time, I see it one after the other. I then say, hello dear grandma… and the energy starts flowing. I also try to discover which life lesson I am in at that moment. My grandmother helps me with different kinds of lessons than my deceased friend…

Who can be your supervisors? Deceased loved ones from this or your previous life. Loved ones in the broadest sense of the word. For example, a good friend or teacher. Someone with whom you had a respectful, loving bond during your life. That energy flow continues to exist, even when someone has died.

Appointment alert

You can also ‘arrange’ that your angel, your guide or deceased loved one will give a signal. Be alert to the signs and don’t dismiss it as coincidence. ‘Agree’ can be done in any way you can think of. Your escorts are eager to let you know that they are there, so indicate how you can recognize their presence.

To name just a few examples: that you will soon receive a white rose, that you hear a certain song, that you see red plastic caps, a yellow Mini… Or certain numbers. whatever. Just make something up.

Don’t expect your ‘signal’ to be on your doorstep within an hour. But be alert in the coming days! It can be shown to you in all kinds of ways: as a picture on Facebook, a photo in the newspaper, a reward for an online game, something on TV…

Expect the unexpected! Be open and trust. This is how you start a flow that it can come to you. Doubt and skepticism are blocking things.

The difference

But what is the difference between an angel and a guide? It’s the energy that’s different anyway. Angels have a much higher frequency and feel very serene because of the unconditional love. I see angels more as a supervisor of the major processes in life. And all those big processes are made up of small issues. Your guides and dear ones are then there to (temporarily) help you with those issues.

From birth to death you have a ‘personal’ guide and an angel, and in the life lessons during those processes you have ‘special’ extra guides. So temporarily. There are always different guides around you. Trust that!

But… don’t forget that you have to learn your lessons yourself. And you can do that in your own way and at your own pace. Your supervisors don’t do that for you – it would be easy right?! What they do do is give you energy, support, love, hope, perseverance, trust… The more you trust that you are being helped in this way, the more and more you will feel and recognize it. The more energy will flow…!

Do you have an experience, addition or recognition? I’d love to read it in a comment below this post.


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