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Guilt, shame, sadness? It is important for your soul that you speak out!

Guilt, regret, sadness, anger, family secrets, unspoken declarations of love….. When we do not express this in life and heal it, we take it with us in our further journey after our death. Earthly matters that have not been completed hinder our further growth on a soul level.

Of course this is easier said than done. It takes quite a bit to allow and express these feelings. It is extremely painful as a parent to tell your child that you wished you had done certain things differently. That you failed at times when you wished you had been there for him or her.

Or to share with others your deepest pain, your loneliness and the sadness you experience every day because of this.
And family secrets are certainly difficult to reveal, but they are very important. When we carry a secret with us, it forms energetic blocks, even after our death.
When we pronounce this, it brings light, space and tranquility. You free yourself from a slumbering burden.

Healing of the soul

In I often experience how the deceased sessions struggle with unresolved cases. It regularly appears that clients are energetically connected with the deceased, usually family. The latter are stagnating in their further growth because of unfinished earthly issues. As a result, the client also experiences that it is difficult to grow, because ‘something’ is blocking him or her.

The fact that we stagnate after our death raises questions, because many people assume that once we die, we let go of the earthly worries and are liberated. In part this is certainly the case. When we die, space is created in the other dimension to heal with the help of our guides and other energetic forces.Yet in my work it appears time and again that there is no instant healing. We also go through processes in the other dimension that require insight, reflection and time. Healing earthly pain is certainly possible. But it takes ‘on the other hand’ more effort than when we are still alive.

Removal and Loneliness

To illustrate, I describe the session with Leonie. This clearly shows what happens when we die with sadness, guilt and shame. Leonie found out in a session since when her grandmother was energetically connected to her. She saw an image of herself as a toddler in Grandma’s house. Grandma looked after her regularly. The kitchen was small and an accident was literally in a small corner: little Leonie got too close to the stove and the kettle of hot water fell over her.

She suffered life-threatening injuries. During the session, the shock that Grandma experienced at the time was palpable for Leonie and me. Just like the immense sadness that lay like a burden on Grandma’s shoulders.As was usually the case in the 1960s, the focus was mainly on the physical recovery and was not discussed further.
It now appears how this event has kept the family emotionally gripped to this day.
Grandma, who has passed away for a long time, still seems to be suffering from a great sense of shame. She also feels guilty and has never been able to let go of the sadness. Fearing what her son, Leonie’s father, would think of her, she didn’t dare talk about it. This made her lonely.

Moments later, father is also energetically present. He has long passed away, but he still carries his grief with him. The event changed him at the time.The fear that Leonie would die was so great that his carefree and cheerful nature turned into closedness. He didn’t talk about it either. An emotional distance developed between him and his mother and daughter.

Leonie’s mother also appears to be energetically carrying the consequences of the event. She is resentful that her grief was not seen and acknowledged at the time. No one cared about her, there was no room for her emotions. Like her husband and mother-in-law, she also spent her days in emotional solitude.

The Myth of Ma’at

That we take our burdens with us after we die is beautifully illustrated by the story of Ma’at from Egyptian mythology. When I first read this story, I was overwhelmed by a wave of recognition. I ‘knew’ it was true. Later I got the second confirmation. After I sent this story to someone, I looked up and saw a feather next to my feet. I was inside, so that was quite remarkable.

The myth of Ma’at from The Egyptian Book of the Dead in letter:

Ma’at stands for truth, cosmic order and righteousness.
After the death, the deceased had to appear before the judge Osiris and 42 other judges, to answer for his or her actions. The deceased had to put his heart on one scale of the scales. On the other side of the scales lay an ostrich feather, the feather of truth. If the heart was as heavy as the feather, the deceased was allowed to go on to the afterlife. If the heart was heavier, the transition became more difficult.

I recognize a kernel of truth in this. Although I have experienced that we are our own judge. When we do not want or dare to look at ourselves and take responsibility for our actions or feelings, we make the transition more difficult. A burdened mind by the pain we carry with us, we take with us after we die.

room for love

Leonie energetically brought her family together in the session. In the other dimension, not much needs to be said. Father put his arms around his mother and because of this Grandma experienced forgiveness and comfort. Leonie’s mother joined in and was recognized for her suffering. It was nice to witness how they reconnected and space was created for love.

It is fantastic that people can still heal energetically in this way and continue to grow. But it would be even nicer if this energetic work would no longer be necessary.
Of course, a lot has changed compared to the past. It is more accepted to talk about our feelings. Yet it is important that we remain aware of this and remind ourselves to actually do it: to make our sadness, shame and guilt negotiable. This creates space to heal. This is a wonderful gift to yourself.


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