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Harmony comes from you

Are you looking for harmony in your life? Or do you keep saying that you want a nice balance? There is a big difference between the 2 words. Balance is weighed, like a scale that is in balance, the same amount of everything.
Harmony is a beautiful interplay of everything in your life, without dividing everything equally. Think of an orchestra where all the instruments sound beautiful and harmonious together, but do not play exactly the same amount of time in the song. Have you ever looked at it this way?

Choose harmony

I myself am looking for harmony in my life. Splitting everything equally doesn’t work for me. Every day is very varied for me and I like to live as much as possible to the rhythm of my life. I realize that harmony starts with myself. Thoughts of inner peace and stop being busy. Making choices in what I want to do and being the expert in it. What is a life in harmony for you?

Turning work points into strengths

Busyness is still one of the weak points in my life at the moment. However, I made the choice to turn this around. I overcome the pressures in my life and make this my strength. That way I can teach other people to let go of the busyness as well. Do you feel like you have a busy life? How do you deal with pressure from work and your environment?

Live on your feeling

harmonyIt still feels like a quest, but recently I found something for myself that works well. I can live more on my gut feeling, it doesn’t have to be so structured at all. My work is my passion and I automatically spend many hours on it. Most importantly, I always put myself first . My work is very important, but I can put myself higher on my priority list. Where are you on your list?

Set your own priorities

I’ve decided that, outside of work, these are my priorities for every day: exercise, intense moments with my own horses, playing guitar and cleaning up right now. I want to free myself from the ballast in my life, from things that I don’t use (anymore) anyway. I feel a lot of resistance when cleaning up. This is literally and figuratively taking distance from certain things, often with a certain emotional value. Do you experience fear of letting go of things?

Letting go brings space

However, letting go creates more space so that new things, people, ideas and opportunities can flow into my life. I can take the step to prioritize those things. The messages and signs I keep getting are mainly that I can slow down and take it easy. More time for myself to recharge. So let go of my work even more. What can you let go of more, so that you have more time and space for your own priorities?

Monitor your energy

Daring to let go of my work a little more is for me to get out of my comfort zone. I want to learn not to deal with it every day from early in the morning until late at night. I have experienced that it goes much better if I take a longer break or give myself the chance to relax for a while. Do you give yourself enough rest to get new energy? What do you need to recharge yourself?

What do you enjoy?

What makes me very happy is the connection with nature. I enjoy being outside so much, in a beautiful and peaceful environment. Enjoyment is the basis of happiness. Yet we often take far too little time to enjoy ourselves, especially the little things in our lives. When have you taken a walk in nature, where you paid attention to all the beautiful things you encounter? When was the last time you consciously watched birds flying through the sky?

Trust in life

I have found that I can trust even more that everything will come into my life at the right time and in the right way, even if I work less hard. I now show that by living more intensely and doing what you love to do, everything can happen even without effort. Often in an even better way than you expect! I let go of all my fears, doubts and insecurities and enjoy my beautiful life to the fullest. Sharing my processes is what gives people support to start doing what I have done. When will you start with your new, beautiful vision of life?


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