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Have you ever stopped to consider how important gratitude is in life?

Have you ever stopped to consider how important gratitude is in life? For me, gratitude is much more than saying or thinking “thank you”. In this piece I give examples for which you can all be grateful and which are less obvious. If you have dreams and want to be happier , gratitude will really help you. The more grateful you are for the little things in life, the more happiness you will attract and experience.

Be thankful for setbacks

When everything seems to be going against you, you can make it extra difficult for yourself by only thinking about what is not going well. In some situations it is more difficult to be grateful. Just try to be grateful . There are always things to think of that went well one day. For example, be grateful for the sun, air, freedom and all the beautiful people in your life. The more you can be grateful, the easier it will be to deal with setbacks.

Be thankful for mistakes

It’s also important to be thankful for the mistakes you’ve made. If you never make mistakes, you don’t learn new things. Embrace your mistakes and learn from them. It really doesn’t hurt to make the same mistakes over and over again. Don’t give up too quickly when things seem to go wrong again and again.

The past is no guarantee for the future. It can really go wrong 99 times and suddenly it works. You really aren’t a worse person or a failure when you make mistakes. Be grateful that you have the opportunity to keep learning.

Less good qualities

What is also good to be grateful for, those are your less good qualities. This will also sound strange to most. People are much more likely to be happy only with good qualities. As soon as you become aware of your less good qualities, you can start working on them.

Everything is possible as soon as you find opportunities to work on your less good qualities. Ask for help from others or buy a good book. Some traits are hard to change, however: any small positive change is good.

When you get a diagnosis

Be thankful when you are diagnosed. You can do two things: be negative because you are different, or be positive because you can take it into account. It’s not bad at all to be different, even if it may feel that way. Of course, life is not simple and you do not get a diagnosis just like that.

You do have a choice about how you deal with your diagnosis. With the right focus you can become very powerful. When you get better at your good qualities, you can also develop your less good qualities. For example, you can develop more self-confidence, which gives you more confidence to work on your less good qualities. Be grateful that you also have many good qualities. By continuing to practice with difficult situations,

To write

Every day when you wake up or before you go to sleep, write down at least 5 things you are grateful for. When you do this, you immediately start and end the day a lot more positively. Writing it down will also keep it in your memory longer, making it easier and easier to be grateful. If things don’t go well, you can pick up the notebook and read back what you wrote down in the past.

I hope this piece has inspired you to be thankful for more things in life. The more times you are grateful, the easier it will be to stay positive and attract good things.


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