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Have you passed duality yet?


The term duality often comes up when people talk about the Aquarian age or the transition to the 5 th dimension, the dimension of Oneness. People are starting to see more and more beyond the limitations of duality, yet I still see it all around me. Where do you think you stand? Have you passed duality yet?

A matter of perspective

Earth is a planet of opposites: good or evil; men or women; rich or poor. We just have to remember that we ourselves are the ones who create and maintain these contradictions: left or right depends on the viewer’s point of view and big or small depends on what it is compared to. Often it is just a matter of perspective.


It is sometimes said that when we come to Earth, we do so in order to experience duality. Stars Can’t Shine WithoutDarkness . One story that beautifully describes this process is that of Neale D. Walsch: The Little Soul and the Sun. To be forgiving, there must be someone to be forgiven.

We all have people in our path that let us down or hurt us. There are no exceptions. What I have found is that I am one of the few who is grateful to these people for what they have to teach me. I see the soul that hides behind the ego and I see that that soul is no different from me. After all, in the aforementioned story, God says to the Little Soul:

“ALWAYS remember, I only send you angels.”

Once you have this understanding, forgiveness comes naturally.

Communicating with your Angels and Guides

black and white

With great gratitude I was able to learn about the black and white duality. Black and white are quickly reminiscent of the Chinese Yin Yang symbol . A symbol that has unfortunately often been misinterpreted by the western world.

It evokes in many the image of the physical separation of the masculine and feminine, but in the light of reincarnation this too is only an illusion. We incarnate now as man, now as woman. So what are we then if we are not on Earth? Right, we are both. And that can and should just as well apply when we are here on earth.

But what exactly are black and white? White reflects all the colors of the rainbow and black absorbs it. Despite this, we often experience black as ’empty’, even though it (literally) carries the characteristics of all colours. When we shine white light through a prism, we automatically get to see all those same colors. White therefore has the same properties as black. There is no difference, the distinction is purely an illusion.

Thinking in boxes

I often hear people use terms like ‘ HSP’ , or a ‘High Sensitive Person”‘. I understand that this term was coined to clarify something for others who do not understand this concept. But do you realize that doing so only separates yourself from others? You create the distance yourself. You make yourself different from others. You put yourself in a box .

Everyone is equally sensitive, only one expresses itself more than the other. That too is a duality and that too is only reinforced by the use of such terms. So the next time someone doesn’t understand you, don’t say, “I’m just an HSP.” Say, “You are no different from me, only you don’t see it yet.” Or as the Maya so beautifully put it: “In Lak’ech Ala K’in.”

Another commonly used term is ‘ Lightworker ‘. This term distinguishes between light and darkness, almost dismissing darkness as something to be combated. This emphasizes the duality all the more. Instead, a true “Lightworker” should fully embrace and use both light and darkness. I see it happen a lot with great regret that people reject the darkness. Its power is often greatly underestimated.

On the way to the darkness

The journey to the point beyond duality began for me when I was willing to plunge diligently from the light into the darkness. I was confident. In the dark night of the soul , after all, our greatest gifts lie hidden, waiting to be picked up. It is the place where we can discover the deepest truths about ourselves.

Only when we have the courage to obscure our own light and look into the depths can we unleash our greatest powers. You can use the energies of solar and lunar eclipses and the full Moon for this . They can serve as a catalyst in this process.

During that time I also learned that it is fear that keeps us trapped in duality. Fear of the unknown, fear of pain. But it is precisely the pain that makes us grow. You can stand on the top diving board screaming that you are willing to change, but if you don’t dare to take the plunge, you will never progress.Is your body open to accelerated self-healing?

The semicolon

Years ago I read the book Malva, by Hagar Peeters . This is about the semicolon. The book made me think and finally I came to the conclusion that this sign is the ultimate symbolic representation of the endless cycle of life, the transcendence of duality.

The sign is used when a sentence ends, but not quite; the next sentence is connected with the previous one. It is a sign that carries within it both separation and connection. It is not only a representation of the universal connection, it also emphasizes the separation. Because that separation is also always present.

And yet one does not appear to differ from the other. We can experience them at the same time. I am you and you are me, but I am me and you are you.

The examples are endless. Even the existence of duality is a duality in itself, but I understand that that goes very far. Duality is something that many are currently engaged in and everyone sees it manifesting in other forms.

What does duality mean to you? From the apparent difference between black and white to pigeonholing, duality is more woven into our existence than we are sometimes aware of. More than we might want. Therefore, I say to you right now, dear reader, “Never forget the following… duality is nothing more than another expression of the same essence. 


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