He doesn’t say anything anymore? Discover his 9 real reasons

He doesn't say anything anymore?

You unconsciously grab your phone again. Check if you already have a message.

But not just any message…

A message from him.

But unfortunately… still no message.

Not so long ago everything was so much fun. You loved him and he loved you.

At least, so it seemed.

But over time…

something crazy happened…

He doesn’t say anything anymore?

You suddenly call less and the number of apps you get from him decreases considerably.

He acts distant and suddenly doesn’t want to meet anymore.

You have your hands in your hair. How can this happen?! It went really well and we clicked very well between you. Suddenly he has distanced himself and the future between you two seems much less rosy.

What the hell could this be due to?

No worries, superman Adam will help you. In this article I’ll give you 9 surprising reasons why men suddenly distance themselves and don’t show up anymore.

And not only that, for every reason I give you a tip to prevent him from distancing himself!

I have good news for you…

The days when you have your hands in your hair and wonder why he is suddenly not heard from, are after reading this article for good!

In this article you will learn:

  • The 9 surprising reasons why men suddenly stop talking
  • What is the main difference between women and men. (If you know this, you can immediately make sure that he makes himself heard again!)
  • How to get him to contact you again
  • Which is one of the greatest dangers of the 21st century
  • And much more…


Reason 1: The roles are reversed

He doesn't say anything anymore?There is one super important thing to remember when a man distances himself…

The funny thing is that I’m going to tell you something that is millions of years old.

It has to do with the hunting instinct of men.

Look, in prehistoric times the roles between men and women were clearly divided. Women gathered fruits and looked after the children. The men had the important task of hunting for food.

But food isn’t the only thing men hunted…

Males also hunted females.

Fortunately, the times when we aggressively run towards wild animals with spears are over.

But we men still like to hunt women. Lucky for you without spears

So it is very important to remember that the man wants to hunt. He doesn’t want to be hunted.

He may have the feeling that his ‘prey’ has already arrived and he doesn’t have to do anything for it anymore.

Or worse… you’re chasing him now instead of the other way around. If you’re the one who invests in him all the time, he has little incentive to do the same with you.

These things may look familiar to you:

If this is the case with you, then I have less good news for you reader:

You have become the hunter.

It is now necessary to take some distance. But there is something more important…

Make him conquer you again.

You can do this in the following ways:

  • Make him miss you : so don’t always be available. More on this in the next tip.
  • Make him a little jealous: this can be easily done by subtly flirting with other men. A photo with another man on Facebook also works wonders
  • Make sure you look sexy : it’s okay to dress a bit provocatively. RESEARCH shows that wearing red makes women more attractive
  • Make him fall in love with you : At the end of this article, I have something for you that is going to help you make him madly in love with you.

Reason 2: An important difference between men and women…

The fact that he suddenly distances himself is sometimes easy to explain. It has to do with an important difference between men and women…

It is a pity that many people do not know this difference yet. Partly because this difference forms the basis for miscommunication.

“But Mathijs, what difference are you talking about?”

Here it comes:

Women are made for connection, while men value freedom much more.

It could be that you got in touch with him too quickly.

Starting early about a relationship, living together or even getting married and having children can drive men away in no time.

A man is constantly considering whether the relationship with a certain woman is at the expense of his freedom.

If he gets the feeling that his freedom is in danger, he can panic and run away.

If you go too fast or become too assertive, you run the risk of being quickly removed from his contact list.

And of course you don’t want this.

But here’s a piece of wisdom from coach Mathijs that will help you:

“People are attracted to what they CANNOT get easily”

Do not respond directly to his messages. Spend time on other things like your hobby, sports or your friends. In short: give him the space he needs and don’t be too available.

Eventually, he will crave your attention…

This article contains more tips that will help you with this.

Reason 3: He met another woman

Dear reader, I hereby apologize on behalf of most of the men.

There is something that many men still do wrong to this day when it comes to communicating with women.

They can’t always do something about it. Nevertheless, it is very annoying.

So here’s a small apology on behalf of most men:

“ Sorry for our rudeness”

Yep, some guys can be really rude sometimes. Sometimes even without them realizing it.

They met another woman they like more. Then they hang out with that woman without even telling you anything about it.

And eventually the contact between you goes out.

Maybe because he doesn’t dare to tell you, or because he wants to lead you on…

Definitely not neat, but sometimes it is unfortunately the harsh reality.

It’s every woman’s horror scenario. Fortunately, this does not always have to be the case. But if it is true that he chooses another woman…

Then in many cases there is not much that can be done. After all, he has already chosen.

However, there are things you can do to prevent him from switching to another.

Examples of this are:

  • Constantly develop yourself . For example, learn a new language or read a book every day about a subject you don’t know much about. Not only does that provide a moment of distraction from the man in question (remember the previous tips: don’t be too reachable!), but it also makes you a more interesting, attractive person.
  • Make him feel like a man. Men want nothing more than to feel like a man. Compliment him regularly or ask him for help with lifting heavy things. He will feel appreciated by you and want to be around you more often.
  • Become more attractive by arousing his interest. You can read how best to do this

Reason 4: He has grown impatient

Women are often told early on that they have to play ‘hard to get’. Women should not appear too easy on men.

Let me say two things about this:

  1. Yes, it’s true that men like a challenge.
  2. But no, playing hard to get is NOT the solution!

In fact…

Playing too hard to get can just be a reason why he is no longer heard from.

Look, I’m not saying you should get into bed with him right away.

It’s okay to wait a while.

You can drive a man crazy in an excellent way by teasing him. Challenge him a little, flirt with him but don’t give everything away…

In short: give him a finger instead of your whole hand.

But you do want to reward him for the effort he does for you.

Always remember: if you wait too long, he can get impatient.

Or worse…

he thinks you don’t like him enough to sleep with him. This is a heavy blow to his ego.

In these cases, he will quickly look for another woman who can help him fulfill his needs…

“But Mathijs, how long should I wait before going to bed with him?”

Well.. there are no hard and fast rules for this.

But to give you a clear answer, I suggest you watch this video:


Reason 5: He wasn’t happy with the sex

Shall I tell you a little secret?

A little secret about men that is very important to know, especially if he is no longer heard from?

Here it comes:

Sex is extremely important to men .

Or was this no secret to you?

Look, you probably already knew that sex is very important for men. But let me explain why this is the case and why this could be a reason why he is silent.

Men have to contend with a kind of internal loneliness. Sex can solve this loneliness for a man.

Sleeping with him will give him confirmation that you want him. This is essential for men to feel loved .

But that’s not all…

The sex has to be good . What do I mean by good sex?

By that I don’t just mean that you satisfy him, but also that he knows that he is satisfying you.

The more you show that you’re going crazy with him between the sheets, the more he will enjoy having sex with you.

His ego is stroked in this way in such a way that he always wants to go back to you.

He wants you between the sheets because you make him feel superior in bed. There is a much smaller chance that he will suddenly no longer be heard from.

Provided you do it right of course…


Reason 6: The great danger of the 21st century …

WhatsApp, SMS and Messenger: they can all be the reason why he suddenly no longer responds.

First let me tell you about a great danger…

And that danger is called texting.

By texting I mean texting, texting or other virtual means that sometimes seem to replace normal communication to make matters worse.

You are constantly waiting for a new message from him, but you forgot an essential thing…

Namely that texting has been the basis for miscommunication between the two of you.

Let me explain to you.

Suppose he says:

“You really are a very special girl to me, I think about you all the time.”

Sounds very sweet, right? Especially if he tells you face-to-face while staring into your eyes.

But via WhatsApp or text it is different…

The emotional charge that arises from face-to-face communication is missing.

You never know if he really means it.

For the same money he is playing games with his friends and he texts you something that seems very sweet, while in fact his head is completely elsewhere.

And this is where some women go wrong..

You can have the idea that he absolutely loves you and that he means what he says.

But you’ll never really know if you don’t see each other regularly.

This creates miscommunication. Sometimes he says something that comes across as very sweet and then he stops responding. Suddenly he doesn’t say anything anymore.

So be very aware of the danger of texting. Especially if you mainly spoke to him via social media.

That’s why it’s very important to see each other in real life as often as possible after your first meeting.

Maybe I sound like an old fart now…

But in the end, real communication remains much more sincere than a WhatsApp message.


Reason 7: An ideal is not the same as reality

Infatuation has a dark side. This dark side may be the reason why he is suddenly silent.

Infatuation is like a drug. You no longer see things as they really are.

You think he’s handsome, sweet, smart and you consider him the most perfect man ever.

You think there is no man better suited to you. He is the ideal guy.

But darling, there is one thing you need to keep realizing…

He doesn’t say anything anymore.

Look, if he really likes you as much as you like him, he’ll definitely let you hear from him again.

But right now, he doesn’t want to spend as much time on you as you do on him.

Ask yourself if you really want to be with such a person. No matter how cute he is, be aware of the drug called infatuation.

And that drug can sometimes cheat you…

Stay realistic about the situation and stick to your self-esteem. Yes, he might be a lot of fun, but as long as he doesn’t give you the attention you deserve, he isn’t worth you.

Reason 8: He doesn’t say anything anymore?

The tips in this article are extremely helpful to ensure that he makes himself heard again.

But remember one important thing:

The fact that he doesn’t show up anymore doesn’t always have to be your fault.

Roughly there are two scenarios:

  • Something has happened that is beyond your control that he does not want to tell you . For example, think of an argument with a friend or problems with his family. Anyway, he doesn’t want to talk about it now. Due to the seriousness of the situation, he does not want contact for a while. Not with you either.
  • He doesn’t want a relationship but doesn’t dare say so. Yep, some guys just don’t have the balls to tell you that they aren’t actually looking for more with you. Bad, difficult situation of course. However, there are ways to make sure he does want a relationship with you.

To conclude, there is one more important thing to know about men:

Sometimes we are very focused on something.

This can be a focus on a particular hobby, sport, our work or the renovation of the house.

Whatever it is, sometimes men are so focused on something that they simply don’t pay attention to you.

This doesn’t mean they don’t like you!

What you absolutely should not do is send a reproachful message like:

I hate that you pay more attention to your toy trains than to me.

No, the best thing you can do is leave him in focus for a while. In this case, I advise you to send a short, nice message. A message without intentions.

This can be a nice picture of a hand kiss or a spontaneous compliment.

Don’t expect anything in return, but show in a fun way that you’re still there.

Be patient and he will leave his toy trains in no time.

Like this!

These were the 9 reasons why he hasn’t heard from you anymore and what you can do about it.

In tip 1 I told you that at the end of the article (so now) I have a secret for you to make him madly in love with you.

So in love that he keeps overloading you with messages…

In fact…

He just wants to be with you.

You can do this if you know the 3 links of the male brain.

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