The Jay: discover and show yourself

Gain And Maintain More Self-Esteem

The jay is both an earth and air creature. Its plumage has the heavenly blue on the wings and the earthy brown on the body. In addition, black and white feathers are represented. They represent light and dark. The jay is a messenger between heaven and earth and can help you to step into your true power.


Like the magpie, the jay is a bird of prey and a very smart one. You regularly see it flash by quickly and then disappear again between the tree branches. His camouflage colors are fantastic for this. Yet the jay does not ask you to hide, but to stand for who you are: a true messenger between heaven and earth.

The first steps

You don’t just do it as a hobby, even if it starts there. When you start to discover that you can, know, hear or see ‘things’, you usually don’t really know what that means. Immediately your head goes ‘on’ to reason. While that is something that is not necessary. Sometimes things are normal. The intention is that you look within yourself for your unique gifts and they do not necessarily have to be spiritual. For example, you can be very good at bringing people into contact or enthusing them, offering a listening ear where necessary, or spreading kindness by greeting people you meet. In that respect, a lot is possible and you will then automatically be led to places/situations where these kinds of qualities are needed to contribute to the whole.


As you use your unique skills in the right way, you will find that the universe stimulates you to develop further. We humans are all spiritual beings who have landed, as it were, in a human body of flesh and blood. We’ll have to deal with that. Many are still unaware of this and are spinning their rounds in the crazy mill of earthly life. Fortunately, more and more people are awakening somewhere deep within themselves that they are more than just a body and a head with a brain. They realize that they have special gifts. Gifts that cannot be captured with technological gadgets, but which are common. Nothing more and nothing less. Details suddenly come your way, things you thought suddenly become reality. It’s called the law of synchronicity.

To discover

The jay asks you to use your gifts in the right way. To discover exactly what you can do and how you can use this in a positive way for the greater whole. That can be nature, plants and animals, but also humanity or Mother Earth as a whole. You can only discover if you dare to try.

You can’t make mistakes either, because you learn from every situation. It’s about taking the plunge. Spread your wings. Your connection with the universe and Mother Earth strengthens. You don’t stop when what you expected doesn’t happen. Expectations are better left out immediately, because they often lead to disappointment and your fine flow goes down energetically. Something you can’t use. So even if it doesn’t all lead to a roaring success the first time, keep trying. Change something, do it differently. Practice really makes perfect!

Show yourself

This process is often a process that focuses entirely on you, on your being. The outside world doesn’t really play a role yet, except maybe the people you trust and/or your loved ones. At some point you will be ready to face the outside world. You are so empowered that you are no longer influenced by what others will think and think. They may, because it says everything about them and nothing about you. Do not be afraid, because fear is another quality with a 2nd/3rd dimension vibration and you had just transcended it. Know that 85% of the people around you probably cannot understand your new BEING. That is not necessary. Everyone walks their own way.

Also know that more and more people are coming your way with whom you do have a connection at the right energetic level. People where you can just be YOU. Completely yourself. These people together form the network of the future. You can share and apply your unique gifts. Also to those who cannot understand it, but do have a request for help. By treating them with love and respect (literally or figuratively or both) you help them in their personal soul growth.

It is also possible that you can draw or paint well, can sing or have another creative skill that you can use for this. It’s about people being affected in a certain way. From love, beauty, being without words, being surprised, things where what is experienced (seeing, hearing, feeling) brings them into contact with their own deeper BEING.

Stand up

The jay asks you to get started. To get up, to do what you have to do. Not as a hobby, or a ‘little bit extra’, no to go full for your mission. Connecting heaven and earth in your unique way. Not to doubt, but to follow your intuition with full confidence. Don’t you dare to completely change tack right away? In that case, be open to the growth that the jay offers you. You are still in control of your life. It is YOUR life that you can look back on with a blissful feeling later, when all those others who now ‘can find everything about it’ have long since disappeared from your path…

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