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Healing and the workings of Sacred Geometry


No human being is undamaged, not you, not me. We have all experienced situations that have touched us; have caused pain and sorrow. For example, I got a divorce from the father of my children and after a year, based on a mutually agreed co-parenting relationship, he decided that the children were no longer welcome with him.

This is because he did not support my decision to draw up an agreement in which agreements between us could be recorded.

Scratch open wound

In the period that followed, I was continuously discussing with him in all kinds of ways. For example, I wrote angry e-mails, after which I received the replies by e-mail three times as angry. And if I got ‘no answer’ from “my” ex, I decided to call the children’s grandfather, because who knows, he might reverse his son’s decision.

What I received in return was only more anger. All these actions caused me to constantly ‘scrattle’ at the emotional wound of myself, causing it to continue to ‘bleed’ and even ‘fest’.

take space

So this didn’t work; what did work for me? I consciously asked myself this question for the first time and the moment I started to feel, the following question came to my mind: What did I need to create space in the situation that had arisen? Frustration, anger, sadness; they lay inside me waiting to be seen and felt!

The hurt Heart that hurts so much. Comforting the little girl in me who roared so loudly with my children because they felt rejected by their father, something I recognized so well from my childhood.

There followed a period of many pillowcases wet crying. Write countless letters full of frustration and anger, only to burn them as a ritual to let go of this piece once and for all.

Walking in nature, where I also regularly dared to yell and kick against stones to then become calm in my head and stomach. And last but not least; I connected with the energy of Heling. A code created by Janosh  (link) from Sacred Geometry .

Geometry and Sacred Geometry: what is it?

Most of us know geometry from the geometric figures in mathematics; for example the cube and the pyramid. You will also find beautiful geometric shapes in nature. For example, if you cut a red cabbage, you see them arise and the rose also shows the shapes in all their beauty. So geometric shapes can be found in everything around us, but also in our bodies.

Sacred Geometry is sometimes referred to as the ‘Language of the Soul’. Codes have been created in the shapes to bring us in contact with ourselves, each other, the planet and creation. Thus it helps us to start a pure communication with our Soul.

Compare it to music: If you hear the same tone 3 times in a row, you already know in advance what the logical timing of the 4th tone will be. That ability to recognize patterns is in your DNA. We humans are born with it.

It works no different with Sacred Geometry than with music. When you see the images, you can see that they are correct. You cannot explain it with your mind or logic, because it takes place on the plane of feeling and soul.

And it, like music, has a different effect on every person: you either love it or you think it’s awful. And that’s because a certain tone resonates with you or it doesn’t.

The reverse effect is that the perfection of the Sacred Geometry mirrors you with what is not right in yourself at that moment. It tells you, as it were, whether you are dancing to the beat of the Universe or whether your timing is different in choice behavior and actions. It lets you see which patterns currently form your reality and more importantly: it restores patterns that are no longer in balance.

By consciously making the connection with the Healing code, I gave myself permission to come back into my balance, into the Love for myself. As a result, I was able to heal from the emotional pain of the separation and then take up my space in a new healthy way.

break through

In this way I eventually broke the pattern of negative energy in me and therefore I automatically inspired others involved to do the same. Contact between the children and their father has since been restored.

Lesson of the Soul

If you get stuck in the drama, you increase the suffering you carry with you. You then become a magnet for similar experiences. If you first help to heal yourself, then you will experience that you also heal your surroundings like a stone that you throw into the water.

Sacred Geometry: Healing

Do you want to connect yourself with this, because you feel that your emotional household may be cleaned up, then put your feet flat on the floor, straighten your back, put your thumb and index finger against each other and let your hands rest relaxed on your thighs. Now take three deep breaths; in through your nose, out through your mouth.

Focus on the center of the image below (this is the code that stands for Healing) and allow whatever may happen to increase your awareness. When you feel you are “done,” do three more deep breaths; in through your nose and out through your mouth. Then stretch and run your hands over your legs and feet to ground yourself again.


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