Healing energy frequencies: how can you merge with your soul?

Healing energy frequencies: how can you merge with your soul?
When you connect with your soul, miraculous changes take place. “It raises your energy vibration and brings more light and love into your life. It can help you to heal old pain and manifest what you want. Discover in this article how magical the collaboration with your soul can be.

By connecting with your soul, you can receive knowledge from higher dimensions about your soul path and soul mission.

Angel Gates & Vibration Boosts

Many of you are in an intense transformation process and are experiencing major shifts in your lives. For example, you can feel that some relationships no longer fit into your life, you want another job or your health needs attention. Moving can also turn your life upside down. All these changes can trigger a lot of emotions. We are confronted with our deepest fears, sadness, and anger. If we try to keep all the balls in the air, we come under a lot of pressure.

In addition, there are vibration increases on special days: when there are double numbers on the date and Angel Gates open. And when there are special planet positions and it is, for example, a full moon. You can also end up in an inner transformation process because your twin flame is in your life.

What is the soul?

All these processes can leave you feeling overwhelmed by emotions. You often feel tired and suffer from ascension symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, and palpitations. When you long for support in your transformation process, it can help to connect with your soul. By connecting with her, you experience more breathing space, happiness, and love. Miraculous changes can take place in your life.

What exactly is the soul? It is not always easy to understand. You can imagine that we were all one once and that we came from one source. We were one energy ball of unconditional love and we very much wanted to experience the world of duality as we know it here on Earth. We were split during the origin of all souls. This being taken apart brought us our first emotion: fear. Fear of being separated from each other, is also the deepest fear of twin souls.

Healing energy frequencies: how can you merge with your soul?

Why you are here on earth

We all have a soul, which is connected to our physical body. The soul is often in the higher spheres of light and bridges the gap between the earthly consciousness and the higher consciousness, which we know from the higher dimensions. The soul speaks to you through your intuition.

By connecting with your soul, you can come into contact with, for example, healing energy frequencies. You can also receive knowledge from higher dimensions about your soul path and soul mission. It can become clearer why you have chosen this life on earth and what your purpose is on a soul level.

Especially in this time, when we can experience intense transformation processes, it is nice to connect more with your soul. This raises your energy vibration and brings more light and love into your life. It can help you to, among other things, heal old pain and manifest the life you want.

A life full of love and happiness

The soul has a higher energy frequency than our physical body. When we learn to unite the soul with our emotional and physical bodies, we can increase our energy frequency and thus experience greater happiness, serenity, and love. The love energy in us starts to flow more. Emotions such as anger, fear, and sadness can (partially) dissolve in the light that your soul radiates.

Healing energy frequencies: how can you merge with your soul?

You can experience more clarity in your head; destructive and negative thoughts fade into the background. The higher energy frequencies allow you to view situations and relationships from a different perspective, with more love and compassion. You see more quickly what the higher purpose is of what is happening in your life.

Transforming relationships & manifesting dreams

When your energy vibration rises, so does the energy field around you. This means that miraculous changes can take place in both your inner and outer world. You will anchor more light and love in your subtle body, which means that you attract everything around you that resonates with this light and this love. With this higher vibration you can therefore more easily attract what you want, if it corresponds to your ‘Higher Plan’.

Because of your higher energy frequency, your relationships can also transform. Old hurts and negative thoughts that stand between you and the other can dissolve in the transforming light around you.

Furthermore, you can attract more love into your life, release emotional blockages more easily, and manifest more positivity. You will find that people respond more positively to you because of the higher vibration you carry with you. If they vibrate along with your vibration, this triggers a feeling of happiness in them. Your inner happiness also grows and you know how to enjoy life more.

New chances

Because of the connection with your soul, you feel less anxious and you have more confidence in the plan, in what is in store for you. As you raise your energy vibration, new pathways are made accessible to you through the universe. When you get stuck in your life, the connection with your soul ensures that there is more room to create new situations and new relationships and opportunities come your way.



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