Healing meditation: I believe in the power of love

Healing meditation: I believe in the power of love

As a counterbalance to tendencies of individualization and a hardening society, here is an inspiring text by Louise Hay. It comes from a book of ideas to spark your own creative thinking process. It provides an opportunity to find new ways of looking at our experiences. Please explore what you do believe and why. This is how we grow and change.

I believe in the power of love

Behind the use of violence is always love. Love lives in the heart of every person on this earth. Wherever there is violence, on a deeper level, it is love trying to make itself known. I’m learning to listen to that heart cry behind every message about violence. I believe that my thoughts are tools and with those tools, I let go of the negative thought patterns that I seemed to depend on and that gave me negative experiences and thus create new positive experiences.


Many people have not learned to use their thoughts as a creative tool and so they continue to be weighed down by all kinds of beliefs they grew up with. Beliefs have a lot of power. People fight and kill to justify and protect their beliefs. And yet beliefs are only thoughts, and thoughts can be changed. I love myself; therefore I no longer do violence to myself or others with cruel thoughts, sharp criticism, or stern condemnation. I love myself and therefore I let go of all punitive thoughts. I love myself and that’s why I let the role of victim and aggressor be. I forgive myself and I forgive others.

Healing meditation: I believe in the power of love

Read more from Louise Hay

Louise Hay wrote, among other things,  You can heal your life, the workbook that goes with it  You can heal your life workbook, and  The speaking heart, a gift book full of wisdom. About  You Can Heal Your Life :

‘You can heal your life by Louise Hay can best be described as the basic book for a happier life. Louise Hay introduces you to the connection between body and mind in a simple and understandable way. Your negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself are more often the cause of emotional problems and physical complaints.

When you learn to love and forgive yourself and others, you take steps to change your life for the better. That sounds easier than it is, but Louise Hay provides a lot of handles and helps in the form of inspiring texts, experiences, and examples from others, meditations, and affirmations. At the end of the book, you will find a practical overview of complaints and the thought patterns that may underlie them.

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