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Healing the primal trauma

Have you ever imagined what it would have been like to incarnate in this world for the very first time? To be launched from the sphere of total unity and harmony into the world of polarities, of ‘good’ and ‘evil’, hard and soft, love and fear? For most people, the very first entrance into the physical world turns out to be more difficult than expected. Often the shock of the transition and everything that comes with it is so great that you can speak of a primal trauma .


You might imagine the first incarnation as a human being as a fragile newborn baby, suddenly having to deal with the challenges, contradictions and ‘harsh’ energies of the physical world. That’s a bit scary!

Confronting the whole range of energies and frequencies on Earth, from very low to very high, and all the emotions of beings already present can create a shock effect, with many of us instinctively cringing, drawing our soul energy in and make us small. But it is precisely this instinctive reaction to pain and fear that ensures that we can be less effectively present on earth in a physical body, and that we give space to all kinds of influences and energies from outside.


During the movement of the world from Oneness to the earth plane, it seems to many of us as if the connection with ‘above’, with home, with the Creator and our soul family is cut off. This is because, sometimes quite suddenly, we move from the realm of unity to the world of the polarities and limitations of the physical plane.

Moreover, the first confrontation with the physical plane is often such a contrast to what we are used to in the Oneness that we literally go into shock and energetically and emotionally ‘freeze’. As a result, the connection with our own Soul, with Home and with Source seems to be broken, but that is an illusion: the connection is there, but we can no longer feel it at that moment!

The apparent loss of connection to Home and Source is what many people experience as the most painful aspect of the incarnation process, and this often continues in subsequent incarnations until resolved.

The consequences of the primal trauma and the way in which people deal with it are still present in many people and perceptible in their lives today. What may have appeared to be a complaint of a more recent nature sometimes turns out to be the result of the original trauma on closer examination.

primal trauma

Angel Incarnations

At angel incarnations , ie people who first started their existence as angels and then go for the incarnation path as embodied beings, the real primal trauma often only comes when they make the transition from angel to human (or another physical being) and incarnate in the physical world. In people who started their existence as elemental, astral being, etc. you often see similar adjustment problems.

What are the consequences of the original trauma?

In the moment of the ‘leap’ and after the connection with the physical plane, people develop different ‘coping strategies’ and defense mechanisms to deal with the fear, pain and despair of the primal trauma. These can continue to play a role for lifetimes, because as humans we tend to repeat our mechanisms.

Some retain confusion over which feelings are who, continue to resonate with and even adopt the feelings of others.

Some develop an automaticity to self-efface and take on the pain of others in the hope that this will lessen the suffering on Earth, and thus their own resonance with it.

Some are more likely to automatically shut down for energy or feeling.

And some refuse to incarnate completely, but leave a part of themselves ‘outside’ as it were, so that they are not completely there, resulting in all kinds of complaints such as depression and alienation.

Many of us develop negative beliefs about life on Earth and what it means to be in a physical body during the onset of the primordial trauma, and then subconsciously affirm them: life is suffering, life is limiting, life on earth is sorrow.

and torment, etc. Because we tend to attract, perceive and manifest what we believe, we then incarnate for life in ‘difficult’ situations in which the above seems to be confirmed. While life on earth can be a celebration of growth, discovery, adventure and development!


In general, you see that many people carry one or more psychological consequences of the original trauma:

  • Feelings of deep fear, alienation, the feeling of not being ‘home’ on Earth
  • Feelings of being abandoned
  • Difficulty setting and defining personal boundaries
  • Difficulty putting down their own strength and light on Earth
    Difficulty living in a physical body
  • Making oneself small and dissociating to avoid pain
    Seeking God and happiness outside oneself
  • Seeking support outside oneself: in other people, relationships, in anything that seems to offer something to hold on to
  • Angry at God, feeling abandoned by God
  • Dissatisfaction with and anger at physical existence, suffering, pain
  • not wanting to be there
  • Fleeing from the physical world and seeking Home and God through drugs, illusions, gurus, all kinds of escapist behavior


As a client of mine always grumbled somewhat provoked when she came ‘Above’ after a painful incarnation experience: ‘What was the added value of this?’ you might wonder what all this is good for – why does it ‘have to’ be so difficult?

It may sound crazy, but the very origin of the primal trauma, the coping strategies we develop, the limiting beliefs and ‘difficult’ incarnations that follow are a fantastic opportunity for the soul to grow in experience and wisdom by learning lessons. that we could never have learned otherwise. In fact, it’s a lot like the process of growing from baby, child, and adolescent to adult within one lifetime as a human!

It is an excellent opportunity for the soul to experience and experience completely from within itself what it means to stand apparently ‘alone’, and then to rediscover its own light and beauty under its own power, to break through the illusion of separateness from an expanded consciousness. and from spiritual maturity and strength to restore the connection with Home that was never really broken.

What can you do yourself?

In most cases, I would not advise people who do not have much experience on the path of self-development to work with the primal trauma themselves, but to seek solid guidance in this. Rebirthing, regression therapy, healing journeys, etc are paths you can take.

If you are already an experienced ‘traveler’ on the path of self-examination and awareness, you can do a lot yourself in meditations and guided fantasies to help the part of you that is still stuck in the primal trauma.

primal trauma

A healing journey for experienced ‘travellers’

When you feel that the pain of the primal trauma has been triggered, do not move away from it, do not close it, but take the time to do a meditation.

Find a place where you can be alone for a while and make sure you won’t be disturbed.

Sit or lie down in a position that is comfortable for you and take a moment to relax. Connect to the Earth. If necessary, ask your helpers, guides, angels, totem animals.

Follow the fear or pain inward, to the place in your body where you can feel it best. Connect with it as best you can, breathe through it gently.

Imagine that in the place of the fear, pain, sadness, loneliness there is a very small baby. This baby is the part of you that is still stuck in the moment of the primal trauma.
Connect calmly with the baby. Follow your feelings. Maybe it’s panicking, maybe it feels lost and lonely. Feel or ask what it needs. Make it feel like you’re there: hold it, hug it. Let it know that the connection to Home is still there. See if you can feel this connection.
Breathe out the shock, pain, and fear calmly.

Then invite the energy of your own soul to come all the way back to you and breathe it in. Let the baby see and feel that it is not alone, that you are there, that the connection with Home is just there, and that it is surrounded by angels, soul mates, yes even everything that lives from the Unity Consciousness: mother earth, the plant world, the animal world, the fairy world, the human world etc. You are not alone, you have never been alone!primal trauma

When you feel that the process is complete, take the time to calmly come back into your body and into the here and now.

Welcome to Earth!



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