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Healing the womb: the energetic power center of the body

The Womb, the foundation of our personal power

As we awaken individually and collectively, we have begun the task of consciously reconnecting with two vital energy centers that enable us to move out of the dualistic mind into our intuition and capacity for love. These are the pineal gland or the Third Eye and the Heart. When we embrace certain spiritual practices, including certain forms of meditation, yoga, and shamanic medicine, we support ourselves to open and heal these two centers.

This shift to our intuitive, heart-centered consciousness opens up a path for us to multidimensional realities, forms unconditional love for ourselves and each other, and reawakens our deep connection to the unified field of consciousness, our universe. This is already a great leap for humanity.

However, for some of us, an important puzzle piece is missing in the story of our awakening journey. This puzzle piece is a deeper power center within us that I call the ‘ Womb ‘*. In women whose organ is present, the Womb is a center of energy and consciousness that includes the frequency of the genitals and the physical womb. However, we all have an energetic center of consciousness that we can call the Womb. Women who no longer have a physical uterus are also included in this. In men, the Womb is known as the Hara (a Japanese energy term).

The Womb, as a center of consciousness, represents the foundation of our personal power throughout our life on Earth. The frequency of the Womb is relatively heavy and is very close to the vibration of our physical body. An energetically healthy and strong Womb you see reflects directly in our physical health and in particular the health of our genitals and the deep emotional structures of the pelvis, including the psoas (known as the muscle of the soul).

Healing the wombClear and healthy Womb energy contributes to a deep sense of grounding and connection with our physical body. For those who have already awakened their intuition and live more from their heart, the Womb is the next step to their essence: the return to fully inhabiting our bodies and our sense of deep emotional security and orientation in everyday life. The Healed Womb contains divinely balanced sexual energies, which are the source of our creativity and inspiration.

In summary, let’s say that if the Third Eye and Heart are here to open us to and connect with the truth of the multidimensional universe through love, the Womb is the key to our ability to explore deeper levels of personal experience well-being in our bodies and in people’s daily lives. By embodying the Womb we are able to translate our spiritual truth into real and grounded actions that will restore humanity and the Earth to their highest potential.

Individual and collective trauma

The problem, however, is that many of us are separated from this vital power center. There are many reasons for this, but one of the most fundamental is that the Womb has suffered several wounds on an individual, historical and collective level. These wounds have caused us to have embedded trauma in our Womb energy. And on a psychological level, the definition of trauma is precisely that it is an event that takes us beyond our ability to cope with it.

Many of us have suffered Womb trauma from, for example:

  • Sexual Violence and Abuse, or Skewed and Unloved Sexuality
  • Difficult childbirth, miscarriage, miscarriage and resulting trauma and mourning in the womb
  • Slavery (historically feudal peasant slavery and now debt and office slavery) leading to deep survival stress and the fear of not having enough

Our Womb also retains collective scars from the past. We are all nine months in our mother’s womb and during this period we receive and store her traumas and those of her (grand) mother. As this has happened from one generation to the next, all the way back to our ancestral line, we ultimately possess layers of historical trauma from an incredibly violent period of human history that saw rape, military rape, sexual torture, war and slavery (and in many places are still commonplace and normalized.

As we go deeper into the Womb, we discover the memory of humanity’s original trauma. The memory that we have been uprooted from our rightful sovereign and abundant relationship with the Earth and with each other (see ” The Fall: The Insanity of the Ego in Human History and the Dawning of A New Era ” by Steve Taylor Ph.D for a more comprehensive historical description of this trauma). The Womb remembers this and this memory is stored in our body on a cellular level.

The ways we can express our trauma may include:

  • Unhealthy or abusive sexual relationships and low sexual or physical flow and self-esteem.
  • Living too much in your head, being intellectually driven or “spaced out” and ungrounded.
  • Physiological condition in the womb, including (in women) fibroids (fibroids), endometriosis and (in men) prostate cancer.

How we can let go of our Womb trauma

The pain in the Womb can be so deep we unconsciously avoid it. It feels unsafe to sink into this deep center of consciousness and power, as it can open Pandora’s box of unresolved emotions and energies. We can use all sorts of tactics without realizing it to avoid our traumas and amplify our lack of creative power and grounding. These tactics include:

  • Doing spiritual practices that keep you centered in your “higher” centers of consciousness, but disconnected from your physical body
  • Immerse yourself in information, theories and ideas or be addicted to screens and technology
  • Avoiding important issues in your life, including your physical health, sexual relationships, and abundance

In my practice I have only with a few people who are naturally consciously in touch with their Womb. Their grounded connection to their sexuality, their bodies and the Earth allows them to use their full creative power. I have seen the trauma of the Womb in many different ways in both women and men of all ages and from all walks of life.

It’s time to heal our Womb

The good news, however, is that there has never been a better time to heal our past traumas, including the pains in the Womb. The individual and collective wounds that may have overwhelmed us in this lifetime and also embedded within us from our ancestral lineage are now surfacing – not to re-traumatize us – but to be healed. We can use the power of our hearts and higher selves, our deep love and wisdom, to soothe our deepest wounds.womb- Healing the womb

Eventually the Womb begins to heal when we have a clear intent to clear the traumas that hold it on the physical, emotional, mental and energetic levels. As awkward as that journey may be, we need our determination to sink deeper into our Womb. It requires us to recognize the old pain, distortion and disconnection that we have suffered on this planet for thousands of years.

And when we’ve delved into ourselves and managed to heal our Womb trauma, the rewards are vast and endless. We are blessed with a vital sense of embodiment and power in our lives. We reprogram ourselves in our sexual and intimate relationships. We start to use our true creative gifts. We reconnect with our sense of basic security and to feel at home here on Earth.

Healing the Womb’s scars and delving into this power center is the next decisive step toward declaring our human sovereignty as creative beings. Because once we learn to embrace our higher vision and our love for life, we can then create healing and change where it is most needed. Namely here and now in our daily life on the physical earth of our beloved planet.

*To be clear, in this article the author refers to the “Womb” as the energetic center of consciousness of the uterine region. Any reference to the physical organ is referred to as the womb. When the writer speaks of Womb, she does not mean the second chakra, even though the womb and the second chakra coincide. Womb refers to the womb as a deep and organic center of consciousness that works on multiple physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels.


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