Sunday, December 4, 2022
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Healing with yourself, you heal the world

For a beautiful and happy life it is important that you have healed your own masculine and feminine energies and that they are in balance.

And these are of course your own old pain spots from this life, from previous lives, and even on a social level this is a badly injured piece, which needs a lot of healing.

A certain image has been created which seems to be the standard image of how men should behave and how women should behave.

Although I thought I had already found my balance in this, and also healed my old aches and pains, today on an even deeper level a thought arose that proved otherwise.

Through my past I built up a certain image of what a man is like, and because of this I also attracted partners who only confirmed this image. A nice example of how you take your past with you to the present, and how you recreate a situation because of a piece of unconsciousness. And through which your past continues to determine your future.

Since I set my course for a conscious life 2 years ago, with being aware of what I want in this life, and also taking responsibility for this, my life has changed in a drastic and positive way.

Now I have a son from a previous relationship, he is almost 4 years old.

My son has a father who takes no responsibility for his own pain, and a mother who, because of a limited view of men, attracted this man who is now his father.

There is a distorted view of the male energy from both sides.

What is the chance that a child with two parents who both have a distorted view of the male energy will also have a distorted view of themselves, of the male energy?beach

This opportunity is very high, and this is something that plays a very large role in the social field and is perpetuated by the much ignorance that exists.

Now I want my son to grow into a confident, loving and powerful man, who is totally balanced, aware of his own responsibilities, and aware that he is the creator of his own life story.

First of all, this means to me that I will also live my life in its full strength, and shine light on all the old suffering I carry with me, and also be aware of this so that I do not recreate something that has its origin in the past.

And secondly, this also means to me that the image I carry with me, release the suffering I carry with me that has created a distorted image of men, and create a new image so that the most important man in my life right now, his will honor and protect his own masculinity, his strength.


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