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Healing Your Family Karma: How To Release Energetic And Emotional Cords


You don’t get to choose family, I often hear people say. However, I believe that we do choose our family, that our soul chooses our life, including the most important relationships and all the important lessons we have to learn. But if things aren’t going so well between you and your family, you might wonder why you chose these people as your family.

A question that may well be one of the most important and deep-seated questions that you are looking for an answer to. Your soul did not just choose the souls in your family. It is a strategic choice that directly influences the experiences and experiences in this life. But whether you have a good, bad, or no relationship with your family at all, it’s always good to look at the energetic and emotional cords, andto let go .

What are energetic and emotional cords? 

Two persons with aura and partial effect of Chakras
Two persons with their aura and partial effect of Chakras

Energetic Cordsare non-physical connections between yourself and another. These cords are formed in this life or have been formed in a previous life and connect people in a non-physical way. It is said that relatives are souls who have already spent several lifetimes together, connected with each other during different lifetimes.

Some people even experience that family members play a different role in the family in this life than in a previous life. One of my spiritual teachers told me that she has a tendency to correct and nurture her mother. She believes that the bond with her mother was reversed in a past life, that her mother was her daughter in a past life, and she herself was the mother. And that she still tends to take on the mother role as a result.So the energetic cords have remained,

Unlike energetic cords, emotional cords are cords that are actually connected to you. They arise from specific events, traumas or the interaction of energy between people and can be either positive or negative. Positive emotional cords arise, for example, when you are in love with someone and you become attached to him or her.

Negative cords can arise when someone expresses themselves negatively to you or through self-criticism. Whether the cords are positive or negative, it is good to look at them and let them go.

Emotional and energetic imprints left on the heart are called ‘Samskara’ in Sanskrit. Michael Singer , author of The Unthethered Soul, describes Samskara as ‘A cycle of past stored energy patterns in a state of relative equilibrium.

Your own resistance to experiencing these patterns within yourself causes this energy cycle to keep repeating itself.” When it comes to our family, especially our parents, we allow ourselves to become attached to them. Is the opinion of your parents important to you and are you easily influenced by it? Then there could be Samskara, or an energetic or emotional cord that has become stuck in you.relationship cords-family cords

Blockages by Family karma

Karma means that every action has a cause and an effect. Every action creates a karmic energy that will always come back to you, in this life or in a life to come. It can also be passed on in your family line, then there is family karma.

Because this karmic energy can manifest on an unconscious level, some of us carry this burden from birth. If relatives within the same family line have incarnated in different roles, the family dynamics can keep repeating. Your DNA could also have been given karma, which actually makes sense because everything is universal energy and we are all fundamentally connected.

But like it or not, the bond you have with your family is much more than just the genetic bond, especially the bond with your mother. You have literally been connected through the umbilical cord. This umbilical cord can be seen as the connection between the sacral chakra (2nd chakra) of the mother and the solar plexus chakra (3rd chakra) of the child.

The sacral chakra represents the emotional center in the body, and from that center mothers usually feel a strong emotional connection with their child. This emotional bond is the basis for the formation of the child’s own identity and willpower, based on the solar plexus chakra. These connections can be seen as emotional or energetic cords and can persist after birth.

How to untie family cords

Sara Wiseman , author of the book “Heal Your Family Karma: Release The Seven Shadows,” explains in her book that even though we sort out our own families, many people are born into a family that doesn’t have ideal family karma. Wiseman argues that most families struggle with one or more of the karmic shadows she describes: abuse, addiction, violence, poverty, disease, abandonment, and betrayal.

In her book, Wiseman offers advice on how to find out if one of these seven shadows applies or has applied to your family. She also describes methods with which you can heal your family karma. The methods she describes are writing, family karma mapping , meditation, healing and shamanic rituals.

However, if you want to free yourself from family karma, all you need to do is turn your gaze inward. You have the power to let go of any energetic or emotional cord, because they are all within you. 

Recognize the lessons that lie beneath the surface within your family relationships, see what these messages have to say to you, have compassion for any shadows that may be present within the family, and let go of emotions that negatively affect you. Be aware that your beliefs are your beliefs and not those of your family.

The cords are inside you, so you are the one who can let them go.

Years ago during a private Sound Reiki Healing session I discovered that I could release my energetic and emotional cords in a very simple way. I had a number of cords around my throat chakra and root chakra which were both family related.

By looking within and understanding why I held onto these cords for so long and at what moments I allowed these cords to affect me, I was able to let them go. I learned that when you feel an emotional or energetic cord forming within you, you can let go of that cord by physically pulling it out of you.

When I recognize that there is a cord around one of my chakras, I imagine that cord and pull it out of me with my hands as if I were pulling a rope. At the same time, I visualize the cord letting go. And that helps.


Even if this article doesn’t resonate with you, take a moment to consider why you chose your family. What lessons have you learned from them? Or if you no longer have a family, how has that shaped your life? What does your relationship with your family say about you? How do you react and what is the lesson in that? The universe asks us to learn, grow and evolve.

So even if it isn’t always easy, remember that your family is a gift. Something to be thankful for.


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