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Healing Your Inner Child – Get Active With It!

Darkness or light?

All the problems, pains , fears and blame that you encounter in your daily life are consequences of your hurt inner child from the past. Often these situations are triggers for unconscious processes, as patterns that keep repeating themselves continuously. As long as you let these hurt feelings of your inner child exist in the darkness, they will continue to rule your present life. However, you can also choose to approach it differently….

open up

You can make your unconscious patterns conscious by putting them in the light. By looking at it from love and attention and by fully feeling what it does to you. That may sound difficult, scary, heavy or uncomfortable, and it often is. Just know that you can handle it no matter what. Otherwise it wouldn’t come your way at this point. You can completely heal yourself and your life. All wisdom, power and love is in you, you just have to open yourself to it.


Consider for yourself what unpleasant or painful situation has occurred in the past week. Then sit comfortably on the floor or on a chair and close your eyes. Concentrate on your breathing for a few minutes and then bring your attention back to this situation. Allow the feeling that this situation evokes in you. Everything is good and everything may be there, even if it may feel uncomfortable. You are here now and you are completely safe.

Be really there for yourself

If you have observed your feeling with closed eyes for a while, see what situation from the past this reminds you of. When did you have this feeling more often? Who used to evoke this feeling in you as a child? Bring your attention back to this moment in your childhood.

If you notice tension building up in you, just let it be. Nothing can happen to you now, because you are there for yourself right now . Then look at yourself from the NOW when you were a small child. See what you see and feel what you feel. And keep watching from a distance.

Then notice that as an adult you are now looking at your inner child and see what that sweet child needs . Acknowledge what it needs and see to what extent you can give this to your child. See if you can lovingly comfort, encourage, hold, hug, or whatever the child may need. And give it.

Don’t be disappointed if you can’t give it (yet) or if it doesn’t work out well enough in your opinion. Also don’t be angry if your inner child can’t receive it (yet). It will, sometimes it just takes a little time and practice.


Repeat this exercise as many times as necessary for you and know that you can heal yourself completely. All wisdom, strength and love is within you, just open up to it. Know that your inner child can always rely on you from now on. From now on you can be completely there for him/her. And that feels good, give it a try!


If you find it too exciting to do this alone, you can also ask someone you trust to guide you in this. You can ask the person to read the exercise to you in peace and to be there for you if strong feelings arise. You can also seek professional guidance if you think you need it. Feel what suits you right now and know that you can’t make a wrong choice here…

look yourself
in your eyes
what look
is looking at you

look in
your own mirror
who do you see
standing there

take a real look again
and ask yourself
‘what do I need?’

see what comes
wait and listen
it is never
really superfluous


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