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Healing your life holistically by turning inward


A woman asks if she can sit with me. On the terrace. In the sun. After a while we talk in full. She had been sick. Incurably ill. She didn’t want to believe it. Second opinions abroad. All with the same answer. Her husband already prepared the inheritance papers. She has the divorce papers. She connected with her primal power and turned her life around. Fully. And she healed. She amazed every doctor. And her now ex-husband.

Holistic Healing

Holistic health is not a science. Not a protected field. It’s humanity. It is deeply observing what is happening. It is listening to the unspoken word. What do I see when I look into my own eyes? What impressions have touched me? What phrases play in my head every day? Holistic health is a beacon of truth in an ocean that keeps surging. It’s just laying down your head and taking the time to see yourself. To hear. And to feel what is going through you. It may be there.

We are not used to it and it often feels confrontational. My grandmother was often hospitalized when she was older. She was delighted. She received continuous attention from nurses and family. Deep down she was lonely. Felt cut off from the world. But she didn’t say it. It’s hard for us. While it is so liberating.

And deep healing can take place. We prefer to solve the symptom. Temporary. With our heads. Sometimes we are cheerful when we inform others about our ailments. Secretly knowing that we will continue to run in the same circle. Our head has identified with it. It adopted. Made who we are. We are ruled by our beliefs. We’re bricked in. Unreachable for a breath of fresh air.

Healing the past

A physical ailment. An argument with your partner. Patterns with your parents. There’s nothing wrong with it at all. It’s part of life. At our path. They are all invitations to enter. What is going on? Why do my back hurt so much? Why do I get jealous? Why do I need this person’s support so badly? You start talking to yourself.

You come to see that your ailments, your emotions and patterns are often reflections of a piece of unresolved past. That triggers an unconscious program. That you’ve been running for years. That you may have learned as a child in response to adults. That has nothing to do with the present you anymore. You can rewrite these programs. Any moment. They are not fixed. They can only be sustained by repetition. Because of how you talk to yourself. Every day again.

Consciousness comes with responsibility. They go hand in hand. You are going to hold yourself responsible for what goes on in your life. You keep it to yourself. It’s not up to the other. It’s my program. My intention. Or my state of consciousness. I will stand for who I am. And what I do. I take matters into my own hands.

I open myself. I allow to be vulnerable. Always and everywhere. To understand my true motivations. I surrender. To the universe. Where are my blockages? Stuck beliefs. Or deep-seated emotions. I want to work on it. I want to see them through. feel through. So that I can heal them.

heal your life

Holistic health is a combination. Everything is connected. It is about much more than just physical health. Mental shifts occur. You don’t always have to find something more. You have an open attitude, even when things don’t go the way you want. You look at what your share is. And what your subconscious reaction would be.

Your emotions are back in sync with the present moment. There is emotional detachment. You are no longer lived by the past. And you start living more and more from your own truth. From your own strength. You will do what makes you feel good. You show your unique talents. In connection with all that is.

You feel deeply connected to nature and all living beings. You can be great knowing that you are small. You experience unconditional joy for life.

ingenious. That’s the closest word. To indicate how our souls work. It’s resourceful. Your head is still trying to get around it. Find reasons. I’m not ready. It’s too confrontational. I don’t have time for it now. Your soul acts as if it is cooperating.

And meanwhile is looking for a new way to make you aware. With a physical ailment. A situation. Or a person who appears in your life. You are invited again and again. To go inside. To dissect yourself. To let go of what you no longer need. To heal your life. To amaze your doctor and partner. About the miracle we call life.


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