Healing yourself from physical or emotional pain: how to grow to self-healing capacity

To stand up for yourself

Your body is capable of healing itself, whether from physical or emotional pain. And you are the key: the key to healing yourself. We can do so much more than we think, nothing is too big in life. Your courage and your strength is strong enough to do what it takes to make your body work for you instead of against you. It is important at this time to listen to our bodies and ourselves. Nadine Carter gives you 7 tips on how to grow towards self-healing ability.

You can also ignore it, but your body will knock on your door harder and harder, you may already know that.

1. Listen to your body

Listening to your body, it sounds so simple. But if it were that simple, there wouldn’t be much to write about. It’s nothing new that it’s important to listen to your body. I’ll just go a layer deeper here, because why is it so complicated to listen to your body and why do we often go on and on?

Your body speaks the truth, pure truth. And that’s often a truth we don’t want to hear because it can hurt. It means that your body is telling you that something no longer feels right for you, that something is too much, is too complicated or no longer suits you. Just hearing what your body is telling you doesn’t help much. Whoever says a must also say b, so once you’ve heard what your body is telling you, you have to do something with it.

You can also ignore it, but your body will knock on your door harder and harder, you may already know that. A is not that complicated yet, but b is. It is about setting boundaries, saying no, taking yourself seriously. Listening to your body is therefore about taking yourself seriously, really doing what is necessary for yourself. This is about self love. And that sounds very big, but start small by asking yourself the question every morning: ‘What do I need now?’ And give yourself that in small steps.

2. Be patient

This time has not so much patience. To have patience means to pause every now and then. And that is precisely what is so complicated for many people. Stand still. Doing nothing for a while, waiting for the right thing to present itself, trusting your process, time and the other. It takes time to dust and polish your body’s self-healing ability. It feels to me like a mutual trust where your body doesn’t just give up on you. Your deepest core, your pure higher self, is stored in your body, so you and your body are one. It is only that you can learn to trust that and that takes time. Give yourself that time. Realize that all your wisdom is stored within yourself and look with love as you look at a small child who is just trying to walk, at yourself.

3. The Deeper Layer of Healthy Living

Also a well-known one, but have you ever thought about the deeper meaning of this? If you manage to live a healthy life, that’s great. Why do you do that? And how does it feel for you? Again, it comes down to ‘Who is your number one priority? Are you taking good care of yourself?’ Healthy living is again about taking yourself seriously, finding yourself so important. The 3 R’s of my grandmother, rest, cleanliness and regularity, I always keep in mind.

And yes, sometimes it really is a huge challenge to keep the balance in your life. Another maxim here also helps me: hard work is hard rest. And taking yourself seriously, I can’t say it enough. Take care of yourself as well as others. But if this is exactly your problem, then examine what old beliefs are holding you back? What makes you not take good care of yourself, but for example always take care of others? Healthy living is also about emotionally healthy living. Old beliefs are about old hurts. It helps to examine this for yourself and clear up the old pain when they get in the way too much.

4. Accept whatever comes your way

When you fight against the things in life, you are actually fighting against yourself. Because everything you encounter on your path is necessary for your growth, to become and be who you are. In addition, you create everything yourself in life. Some things are really out of your control, but the way of dealing is your own creation. So in that sense, fighting the things in life is really an absolute denial of yourself. Embracing whatever comes your way, no matter how much it hurts or how difficult it is, is an embrace of yourself. And at that moment your body has more room to heal itself.

5. Go feel

All the tips above lead to this one: really feeling what is there. Don’t let your head get in the way again and again. This is really a very complicated one, so use the tip patience as well. Instead of talking a lot about what is happening and what is difficult in your life, it is important to sit down and just feel. Let it be. This is definitely uncomfortable and confrontational at first, but so important. From there you can look at what your body likes to tell you. Also look for the silence for this, because in the silence lie all the answers. The silence in yourself. Not a corrective voice that judges again, but your loving look at what you feel.

Become more assertive

6. Take responsibility for what you create

For me this is one of the most important keys to a self-healing ability and even experiencing some form of happiness in life. The pain you experience in life stems from your own old beliefs. You have had experiences that were once very painful, perhaps never should have happened. The more intense and more difficult your own experiences (for example when you were abused as a child), the more it takes to heal yourself. But it can.

You only experience those things in life that you can handle. Although of course you wish that a child never had to go through something like this. Personal responsibility is really about that part for which you are responsible yourself. If you were abused as a child, you are not responsible for what happened to you. As an adult you are responsible yourself to heal that when there is still pain. And that’s about everything you went through as a child. Now you are an adult and now it is up to you to heal yourself.

7. Meditation

Besides clearing old soreness in your body, you have a tool in your hands that you can easily apply at home and that is meditation. Not the form of ‘I sit down and am not allowed to think about anything anymore’, but the form ‘I sit down and feel what touches me so much’. Sit, feel what touches you, go through it and then ask yourself ‘what do I need NOW?’ This will help you develop your self-healing ability even more.

sparring together

Does the article make you think? Is it your desire at the moment to heal yourself but not sure how? Or do you already feel that old soreness is in the way, beliefs that make it so difficult for you to reach your own core? Come and meet us without obligation to see if we can work together on your desire.


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