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Health and our soul plan

As a follow-up to my previous article Being sick makes you better! I want to talk this time about health in relation to the soul plan . I start from the fact that we incarnate as souls on earth with a specific intention and a plan to achieve that goal: the soul and life plan. Within that approach it is logical that health is part of it.

So it is certainly not arbitrary if you have to deal with a certain disease, or predisposition to it. It is part of that plan and often the result of your soul’s choice to be born into a particular family line.

Signals from the body

As a soul we do not incarnate in a physical vessel on earth for nothing. The body distinguishes us from souls that are not in embodiment. It is therefore through the body that we gain the most experience and the body that signals us when we neglect the needs of our soul, or stray too far from our path.

We can still ignore other signals, for example a certain feeling or inner knowledge, and banish them to the background of our consciousness for a long time. But as soon as the body lets it know, we usually get into so much trouble that we have to react.

If as a survival tactic we trained ourselves from an early age to feel as little as possible, because that was too painful for us as a vulnerable child, we may need really strong signals before we notice that something is wrong.

going well. We become (seriously) ill, or have an accident. For some people it is only then clear that this is no longer possible. That is why our body is the indicator of problems, and many people can only get the necessary motivation by getting sick to give their lives a different direction.

Disease as part of the transformation process

The predisposition to a certain disease is often genetic, although that predisposition does not always have to lead to health problems. If you can listen carefully to your inner guidance and your body, you are more likely to notice signs of approaching illness.

It is also possible that the disease may not be necessary (any longer) to make something clear to you. You cannot conclude from this that you are responsible for it if you do get sick, because usually you do not have enough awareness to see through what is needed in your life on the path destined for you.

For example, an illness is sometimes necessary to learn something from it that cannot be learned in any other way. Just think of healers and shamans in other cultures who often first undergo a major, life-threatening illness before they are ‘called’ to become healers. It changes their consciousness, allowing them to use the powers they have latently.

There are also examples of Western teachers, mediums and healers who have gone through such physical and mental crises before becoming ‘enlightened’ or open to messages from other dimensions.

A few contemporary examples are Byron Katie , Neal Donald Walsh and Eckhard Tolle, all three of whom went through severe depression and general existential crisis before developing their groundbreaking and original life philosophy and way of working.

wake up call

Also on a more mundane level, getting sick can be a wake-up call: it offers you the opportunity to connect with the knowledge of your soul plan that you intuitively possess and thus change your life. Viewed in this way, the process of getting sick and curing takes a completely different approach from the usual one: cured as quickly as possible through surgery and medication.

Alternative medicine is also often mainly aimed at remedying the complaints, although the person as a whole will be taken more as the starting point and the connection between body and mind will be more self-evident.

Spontaneous Healing

Why does one heal through a certain treatment, regular or alternative, and the other not? Does one sometimes try harder, is he more positive, more powerful, or does he live healthier? This will often play a role, but it is certainly not the only thing that influences the healing process. Spontaneous healings can occur in people who are close to death and yet suddenly healed as if by miracle.

A spectacular example of this is the story of Anita Moorjani, a woman of Indian background from Hong Kong. In 2006 she was completely struck down by an aggressive form of cancer that caused large growths all over her body.

Also, her organs are completely exhausted. She’s in the hospital, given up and dying. But during a near-death experience, she gains a clear understanding of the cause of her illness and knows she will be cured.

Her aggressive cancer is the expression of the violence she has put herself through all her life by always adapting to others and living in constant fear. She discovers that we are all essentially great, loving beings going through a human experience.

The simple fact that we exist is enough to receive unconditional love forever. All we need to be happy is to stay very close to ourselves, to go our own way and to love ourselves, without fear and without judgment.

In a very short time, the cancer disappears and completely recovers. She also knows that she has a mission and that is why she went through this experience. She now lectures all over the world and has written a wonderful book  .

Inner Guidance

What has Anita Moorjani done to heal herself other than nearly dying? All the treatments she undergoes in four years, both regular and alternative, appear to have no effect. She just keeps getting sicker.

Her healing seems to be a form of grace that comes to her without conscious effort on her part. But when you include the soul plan, you look at it quite differently: it was apparently intended to be this way in connection with the mission that her soul has here on earth.

Looking at it that way also makes you more humble, because you come to understand that there is an important factor that is out of your control, but that you can look for by feeling very deep within yourself what is the meaning of what you happens and surrender to your inner guidance.

That does not mean that you completely relinquish control, but that you try to cooperate in the direction that your feeling is pointing you. When you are very sick and in pain, or numbed by painkillers, it is very difficult to feel that contact. The more disabled you are, the more you will have to surrender to the process trusting that you are being led by your higher self and your guides.


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