Healthy egoism: a must for high sensitivity

Healthy egoism: a must for high sensitivity
Healthy egoism is necessary, especially for sensitive people, to stay in balance. This article shows high sensitivity to a beautiful diamond, which becomes dull if not properly cared for. Here are 4 tips on how you can continue to shine as an HSP!

If you are highly sensitive, it is important that you consciously focus your attention on yourself.

The world enters you

One of the most important aspects of high sensitivity is ‘being sensitive to stimuli’‘. If you are highly sensitive, your senses are extra sensitive. This means that with everything you experience, more ‘comes in. As a result, you often experience conversations, people, places, and events as very intense.

You also process everything in a deep way. All in all, that’s quite a bit. It is therefore not surprising that many people with high sensitivity experience fatigue and stress complaints. Healthy egoism is, especially for sensitive people, necessary to stay in balance.

High Sensitivity: Invaluable

High sensitivity can be seen as a beautiful and dazzling diamond. Your rich emotional life, creativity, empathy, and sense of justice are great ingredients for a special and meaningful life. Not only for yourself but also for the world around you. Especially in this busy, fast, and often rational world, high sensitivity is invaluable.

Healthy egoism: a must for high sensitivity

Thanks to your sensitivity, for example, you are the first to notice when something is going on in your environment. And you can point this out to others. People with high sensitivity are not for nothing compared to canaries in the coal mine. These birds were taken to warn the miners of poisonous gases. When the canaries became unwell, the miners ran away.

Attention to yourself

Diamonds can become dull if not properly cared for. Then they lose their shine. This also applies to your high sensitivity. Your sensitivity makes you extra vulnerable to outside influences. Especially in this time when everything is continuous ‘on’ and you can be called upon from all sides, taking good care of yourself is extremely important. But this certainly does not happen automatically.

If you are highly sensitive, your feelers are strongly focused on your environment. You can feel very well how others are doing and what they need. This makes you quickly distracted from yourself: from how you feel and what is good for you. When this happens on a structural basis, it can even lead to chronic stress and exhaustion – which is of course not what you want. If you are highly sensitive, it is important that you consciously focus your attention on yourself. By choosing to have more healthy selfishness in your life, you can continue to shine.

Not a luxury but a must

Healthy selfishness means you care about yourself and others at the same time. And that taking care of yourself and choosing what you want is a priority in your life. That may sound selfish, but it isn’t. This is your life. Your health is your foundation. It’s up to you to take this seriously and make choices that are right for you.

Healthy egoism: a must for high sensitivity

To recover, take it easy and do activities that make you happy. That’s not a luxury, that’s a must! By choosing more healthy selfishness you can then be there for others in your unique way. And you can make optimal use of the wonderful qualities that your high sensitivity entails.

Four tips: that’s how you keep shining!

But how do you do that? How do you put healthy selfishness into practice when you are so inclined to empathize with others? The following tips 4 will help you with this:

1. Take yourself seriously

Your high sensitivity is a gift. To reap the benefits of this, it is important that you take yourself and the signals from your body very seriously. The great thing about your highly sensitive body is that it communicates very clearly with you. Learn to listen to this.

How do you feel? How’s your energy? Do you feel like you can move mountains or do you actually need rest? By reflecting on this, you can make conscious choices and adapt your activities today to what is right for you. When you take yourself and your body seriously, you can fully enjoy what your high sensitivity has to offer.

2. Create space in your agenda

We often take what is on our agenda very seriously. Because a deal is a deal. But from this mindset, we can quickly be tempted to go beyond our limits. Because what we agreed two weeks ago is actually too much now. But then what do you do? If you are highly sensitive, you need recovery time. All the time. Even if you prefer not to or it doesn’t work out well at all, this is the first necessity of life.

So make sure to put recovery time in your calendar when you make appointments. Always leave space between two appointments. Do you have to work an extra day? Make sure you plan in space the following days to recover. And stay true to yourself in your free time too. For example, make a maximum of 1 appointment per weekend. Make sure you have that other day to relax or do what you actually prefer to do such as reading, hiking or photography.

3. Take your time

When you are unexpectedly asked a question, presented with a new opportunity or found yourself in a new situation, this can overwhelm you. All kinds of thoughts and feelings immediately flash through your mind. So much that you can’t see it right away. Let alone that you immediately know how to respond.

Around you, you see that others do this. They always seem to know exactly what they like or don’t want or think about something. If you are highly sensitive, so many things come in at once, that you logically need more time to let this all sink in. To get the overview for yourself. And then move on to action.

Accept that it works that way for you. That this is part of your high sensitivity. And embrace it. Do not answer immediately if you feel that you are being overwhelmed by feelings and thoughts. Understand that you need to get used to new situations a little longer and create the time and rest you need for this. Ask if it’s okay for you to come back to something tomorrow or next week. Say you want to let it sink in for a while. Be kind to yourself.

Healthy egoism: a must for high sensitivity

4. Show yourself!

If you are highly sensitive, you are more aware of ‘the norm’ than others. Of how others do things. What they say. How they move. How they live their lives. Your ability to see this so well can result in you feeling ‘different’. Because you feel very clearly that it doesn’t work that way for you. That their lifestyle is not yours, no matter how much you might want it.

You may also have to learn this through trial and error: that you cross your own boundaries too often and for too long because you want to get involved with people who are not so sensitive. With all its consequences. Feeling this different often results in a withdrawal movement. We don’t want to show where we ‘deviate’. We want to show the differences with others as little as possible and so we prefer to show ourselves a little less. And that is such a shame!

In order to choose for yourself more often, to put yourself more central in your life, it is important to make yourself visible. To stand up for who you are. To tell about how life works for you. What makes you happy. What you need in time for yourself. How do you prefer to organize your day?

When you stand in the light with your beautiful, sensitive own qualities, others will see and appreciate you for who you really are. And they can also take into account what you need. Your added value lies precisely in what you tried to conceal earlier. For your own life and that of the people around you.


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