Healthy With Yoga: The 10 Positive Effects of Yoga

The Positive Effects of Yoga

What are the positive effects  of Yoga? Yoga is getting more popular by the day. More and more people are choosing to do yoga. On the one hand because yoga challenges you physically and makes you stronger, on the other hand because the mental benefits of yoga can be experienced quickly (often within a few weeks). Maybe you recognize this?

After your yoga class you walk out with a wonderfully calm and relaxed feeling. Your body and your head feel good. But what effect does yoga have on your health in the long run? Does yoga make you healthy?

The scientific and medical world is also increasingly delving into yoga and its health effects.

For example, there are case studies of people with spinal cord injuries who reconnect with their bodies, there are studies of people who have less inflammation and doctors increasingly advise to do yoga (in addition to medication).

But also (or especially) for your daily health, yoga provides you with a lot. We will take you through the positive effects of yoga on your health.

Less stress through yoga

Yoga is a combination of physical exercises (asanas) and breathing. By consciously working on your breathing, yoga teaches you to relax more and be in the now.

In daily life you become more aware of your breathing and your stress level goes down as a result. In fact, people who regularly practice yoga recognize the causes of stress earlier and learn to respond to this from their breathing.

Healthy weight with yoga

Yoga stimulates the hormone glands in your body, which ensures a balanced hormone system. Yoga also reduces stress, which means you store less fat in your body.

Stress causes you to produce cortisol and adrenaline, which are often stored as (abdominal) fat. Both consequences of yoga therefore ensure a healthy weight.

Stronger muscles with yoga

Almost all yoga styles have exercises that make your muscles stronger. All yoga exercises are based on your own weight, so you feel well what you can and cannot handle.

Whether you hold a yoga exercise for a minute, whether you go through a fast flow, do power yoga or just yin yoga where you hold the exercises for at least four minutes, your body will become stronger. With a stronger body, you feel better about yourself and you feel healthier and more confident.

Flexible through yoga

One of the most well-known benefits of yoga is that you become more flexible. By the way, this is also one of the biggest reasons people don’t start yoga: “ I’m not flexible enough ”. But if you do yoga regularly, you will naturally become more flexible.

Especially when you notice that you can suddenly touch your toes during a forward fall. A strong and flexible body ensures fewer injuries, better endurance, more energy and more space in your body.

Sleep better with yoga

Within yoga you learn to live in the now and to let your thoughts be for what they are. Because we are all so busy these days, the sleeping problems are getting bigger and bigger. You are grinding in bed and it is difficult for you to turn off your thoughts.

Through yoga you learn how to do this and also what your breathing can mean in this. Because you are calmer and relaxed faster and can put your thoughts aside, you fall asleep faster and you sleep more deeply.

 The Positive Effects of Yoga

Yoga strengthens your bones

Besides making you stronger and more flexible, yoga also makes your bones stronger. Because you hold the yoga postures for a longer period of time, your bones become stronger.

So we don’t have to drink milk for strong bones anymore 😉 No kidding, a body with strong bones is simply a healthy body. You have less chance of injuries and fractures.

Remove the waste from your body with yoga

Yoga is really just a detox for your body. Different yoga poses, such as twist poses, cause you to squeeze your organs, as it were. This ensures that the waste products are released and leave your body.

These waste products enter your body through food, inhalation and care products and too much dusting creates an unhealthy balance in your body. Therefore, yoga is a good way to discharge these waste products and restore balance.

Yoga makes your back and core stronger

We’ve already talked about stronger muscles, a more flexible body and stronger bones, but yoga specifically strengthens your back and core. Both your back and your core are important for feeling healthy and they are the foundation for a strong posture.

Especially when you sit a lot, yoga helps to improve your posture, which, for example, counteracts back problems.

Yoga helps you take better care of yourself

Yoga is not only popular for its physical benefits, not even. The mental benefits are also huge with yoga. You learn to relax more, to avoid stress, to live in the here and now and you learn what your contribution is in this world.

Many people start with yoga because of the physical aspects, for example because they want to lose weight with yoga or because they want to get stronger.

But almost everyone continues with yoga because the mental and health benefits are so great with yoga. Yoga teaches you to take good care of yourself and to listen to your body.

Yoga ensures good health anyway

Whatever reasons you do yoga, yoga is healthy for you anyway. Your body becomes stronger, you become stronger mentally and you look at your life in a different way.

It is not for nothing that yoga is becoming more and more popular and that science and the medical side are also increasingly interested in yoga and its effects.

If you do yoga, keep doing it. Are you unsure if yoga is for you? Then be sure to try it out. First of all, you can start by buying a yoga mat. You can buy a yoga mat made of PVC, TPE or rubber.

After that you can choose a yoga studio or online classes. Give it a few weeks and see how you feel. You can share your experience below in the comments, I’m really curious.



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