Heart chakra & (painful) memories: open your heart to remove blockages

Heart chakra & (painful) memories: open your heart to remove blockages

The heart chakra is located in the center of your chest and, as the name suggests, is connected to the heart. The neighboring lungs are also affected by it. Its original name in Sanskrit is Anahata, which means something like ‘not affected by it’. That summarizes the symbolic meaning of this chakra well since the heart chakra is the place where you process events and (painful) memories are stored. Encompassed by the heart chakra, they can no longer touch us. It’s about transforming these traumas so that you can look back on them fondly.


This chakra is therefore very strongly linked to feelings such as forgiveness and (self) compassion. With an open Anahata, you can empathize with yourself and others, making it easier to understand why things went this or that way. You can give things a place and do not harbor any grudges, let alone feelings of revenge. Also jealously looking at what another has, does not fit with an open heart chakra. Because of that developed compassion for others, you realize that everyone has to fight and that in the end, everyone gets what he or she deserves. Karma thus becomes more than a theoretical concept, but a concept that colors how you see yourself and others.

Heart chakra & (painful) memories: open your heart to remove blockages

Give pain a place

If you have experienced something that has hurt you greatly and that has not yet been processed, opening your heart is essential. If not, you continue to think in terms of what should have been done or what others should have done. With an open heart chakra, you realize that everyone is who they are. You too. You’ve been through all kinds of things, but that’s over if you leave it as it is. The heart chakra opens the door to a life full of joy, in which your pain no longer defines you as a person.

Manipulative behavior

Someone who is not well around the fourth chakra can sometimes become very manipulative. Because no account is taken of who others (will/can) be, people, can start using others for their own gain. This kind of selfishness stems mainly from the idea that things have to go a certain way in order not to suffer oneself.

However, opening the heart chakra teaches us that things come as they come and that we are free to respond to them out of love. Because, of course, we cannot talk about the heart without talking about love. Only when the balance in this energy node is right can we truly love someone, without expectations. Relationship problems often occur in people who are stuck around the heart chakra.

Upper body, heart, and lungs

Physically you notice a blockage in your heart and lungs, as mentioned. You can interpret this quite broadly. This can also cause problems with your circulation and your blood pressure. Surprisingly, the heart chakra also rules the top of your torso in general. So if you suddenly have very stiff shoulders or upper arms, it pays to take a look here. I personally experience a blockage of energy in this chakra as a tense feeling in the chest. Don’t worry, you won’t have a heart attack, but you should pay attention to this.

Little helpers

Heart chakra & (painful) memories: open your heart to remove blockages

The color corresponding to the heart chakra is green and not red as you might have expected. Inherently, this is a soothing color that we often associate with a new beginning. That is correct since an open heart chakra allows us to move on with our lives, as it were. It also helps to surround yourself with green things. The crystals that are linked to the fourth chakra are therefore almost all green. So you have the green aventurine and jade. Nowadays you often find the latter as the so-called jade roller, with which you can roll over your face. By extension, you can use it all over your body, which benefits circulation.

However, there is another stone that I definitely recommend, which is rose quartz. This is a classic among gemstones, but very effective for a blocked heart chakra. Like the flowers of the same name, this stone is associated with relationships and love, both towards yourself and others.

A nice example of this stone to sometimes roll between your fingers can completely change your view of the relationship with yourself or your loved one(s). The rose also helps in the shape of the plant. Rose tea is delicious, but can also literally warm your heart. When you feel a little anxious about yourself or others, rose tea can make you feel like you accept things no matter how they are. Another tea that can help is nettle or tulsi.


If you want to meditate to open your heart chakra, you can make that meditation even more effective by chanting the mantra of this energy center (or just whispering, if you feel more comfortable doing so). The sound associated with the Anahata is “YAM”. Affirmations that you come up with yourself can also be helpful. Focus on what you want to achieve with meditation. Not in the sense that something MUST happen, but try to visualize and feel what your ideal situation would be. For example, “I feel the love flowing through my body,” is a good one. Or simply “I love myself and others.”

Show affection

Heart chakra & (painful) memories: open your heart to remove blockages

A tip to end with: sometimes give your loved ones a good hug. Affection, especially physical, can do wonders for the body, especially the heart chakra. All kinds of feel-good hormones are being pumped through your body, but you also feel the love that others have for you. Love that you may have missed for a long time, or that you don’t feel for yourself. The heart chakra is mainly about learning to love and that is a doing process. So show your warm feelings and don’t be afraid to receive them yourself. You will notice that you learn to be more and more open to this.


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