Hidden energetic connections: how do you recognize negative energy cords?

Hidden energetic connections: how do you recognize negative energy cords?
Have you ever talked to someone and felt your energy slowly drain, while the person you were talking to seemed to have more and more energy? One possibility is that your energy flowed one way, into the other person, and you became exhausted as a result…and the other was injected with new energy.

Or maybe you suddenly felt happy, for no reason at all. This could mean that someone you share a love cord with was thinking about you and their love was flowing to you through that cord. (Such happy thoughts usually energize both the sender and the receiver.) These are examples of how energy cords manifest themselves in your life. Most energy cords give you energy, but there are still some cords that can weaken you. In this article, we describe the symptoms of difficult cord connections and why these negative cords exist.

Your energy cords allow you to grow

Spiritually, we are on the planet to grow and often we grow out of imbalance. A plant that has to struggle to find its way in rocky soil is often much healthier than a houseplant in a protected environment. The challenges you face in life allow you to grind and polish the facets of the jewel that you are.

They enable you to grow as a spiritual being. As they say, “It is not our friends from whom we learn humility.” This means that it is often disharmony that makes us grow the most. So instead of bemoaning the seemingly negative strands you have, honor them and be thankful for the value you bring to your life by coping with them. If you have strands that feel like they’re affecting you, 

It’s no coincidence what kind of cords you’re connected to

Hidden energetic connections: how do you recognize negative energy cords?

What kind of strands you have and where they have attached themselves to you is no coincidence. There is always correspondence in vibration. If you want to know what you have not accepted in yourself or what you condemn in yourself, look at the strands that wear you out.

If you want to see what you applaud, what you love and accept in yourself, examine the strands that inspire you to greater deeds and deeper love. Nothing can commit to you if there isn’t a match in energy on some level. It is indeed the law of attraction. However, if you have negative cords, there is nothing to feel guilty about. It’s just part of the great dance of life on our planet. We all put on negative strands. And we all learn from it. They are no coincidence. 

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cut cords; you have to. However, it makes sense to know that those cords really are a reflection of something in you. When you realize that you are no less the mountain and the oak tree than you are your body and when you realize that every person you meet is not only part of you but also part of an expanded self-awareness, you begin to understand the deeper nature of the to understand life. We don’t always remember our spiritual source and we often forget who we are.

Symptoms of difficult cord connections

Hidden energetic connections: how do you recognize negative energy cords?

Often there are symptoms associated with certain exhausting strands that have attached themselves to you. Of course, there can be many reasons for those symptoms, but sometimes there is someone or something that drains your energy. Review the following symptoms and see if any of them apply to you. 

Chronic Exhaustion

Sometimes exhaustion can be the result of overwork, lack of sleep, unhealthy food, or doing something you don’t like doing. Sometimes the exhaustion you feel comes from weakening strands clinging to you, sapping your life force energy. If you’re constantly weary and can’t find a physical reason for it, someone or something may be draining your energy.

In most cases – when it concerns a person – that person is not aware that he or she is doing this. This can be temporary; for example, a friend may be going through a crisis and unconsciously siphoning energy from you. Sometimes there is a strong negative cord anchored in you that has withdrawn your life force from you for a long time.

Random unwanted thoughts

We all have millions of thoughts racing through our brains every day. Almost all of these thoughts are our own. We can have random thoughts that are initially unacceptable to us and other random thoughts that fit how we see ourselves. That is the essence of thoughts.

Sometimes, though, a random thought doesn’t start in your brain; it is the result of a strain between you and someone else. Someone is thinking about you and the thought travels through the strand between you and that person. You may wake up with a random thought of someone, or someone you have not thought of for a long time appears in a dream.

Hidden energetic connections: how do you recognize negative energy cords?

In my life, those random thoughts usually tell me when someone is thinking about me. I love that. It’s a kind of psychic telephone system that keeps us in touch with each other. These are often heartfelt thoughts. When someone I haven’t thought of for a long time pops up in my random thoughts, I usually call or email that person. He or she almost always says that he or she thought of me with love.

This is one of the mysterious and wonderful things in life that I enjoy immensely. However, there are occasions when random thoughts can be disturbing. That could indicate that someone is thinking of you in a less positive way. It could be negative thoughts that have traveled to you through a strand from another person.

Unhealthy attachment to things, people, and places

It is natural to be attached to people, places, and objects. If there is too much attachment or if it is too strong, our wirings can sometimes become disrupted and we don’t see life as clearly as we can. Anyone who rushes into a burning house to save jewels – at the cost of his or her own life – probably has very strong strands connecting him or her to the jewels. People who live in a very messy house are often so attached to their belongings that they can’t let go, even if they don’t use or like them. Consequently, their life force gets blocked.

Craving a past relationship

Do you feel a compulsion to pick up a previous relationship? Do constant memories of things you used to do together keep coming back to your mind? Someone who is no longer in a relationship, but obsessively and incessantly yearns for that person or endlessly ruminates on the past, may have very strong cords with that person. Those who are constantly checking their phone to see if a particular person has called, stalking them on Facebook, or driving by that person to see if they are home… usually have unhealthy connection strands.

Sometimes obsessive cord connections can confuse the person they are targeting. If that person has a strong energy field, it won’t be a problem for him or her. Do you keep trying to get out of a relationship, but every time you think you’ve ended the relationship, does the person reappear in your life in some way? Maybe someone in your life is very clingy

and dependent on you and you can’t seem to let go of the relationship. Are you afraid of bumping into someone or are you shielding your calls and texts because you avoid certain people? Do you start coughing or choking when you are with a certain person? All of that could point to unhealthy cord connections.

Constantly recurring conversations with someone in your head

Hidden energetic connections: how do you recognize negative energy cords?

Do you keep repeating part of a conversation, obsessed with what you said or what they said? Do you keep having the same conversations with someone in your head over and over again? Are you constantly mulling over things someone said, thinking about what you wanted to say or incessantly reliving the judgment or criticism you think someone has of you? Then there is a good chance that there are fear-based cords between you and the other person.

For starters, make sure there’s something you can do physically to stop your energy from depleting. Sometimes you don’t really have to cut the cords; just changing a few things can make a huge difference. If there is a family member with whom you feel constantly exhausted, simply spending less time with that person can sometimes help break the cord connection. If you have stranded connections to objects in your home that evoke negative associations, you can remove them from your energy field by clearing out some clutter.


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