Hidden energetic lines: with whom are you still (unconsciously) connected?

Hidden energetic lines: with whom are you still (unconsciously) connected?
Knowing it or not, we sequentially make chakra cords with others around us, almost continuously. This means that there is a line of communication between your chakras. Some cords linger for a long time, depending on the intensity and duration of the relationship. In this article, you can read how you can make these old cords disappear.

You can imagine a hidden energetic line as a white thread connecting you on the etheric plane. For most this happens spontaneously and unconsciously. Most cords fade on their own immediately after being activated or after communication ends. Other cords linger for a long time, depending on the intensity and duration of the relationship.

You can maintain chakra cords even when you are no longer in physical proximity to the other person. Time and space are irrelevant. Often it feels nice to maintain a certain connection, and that’s why we do it – for example, a heart cord with a specific person.

Old cords

All too often, however, there is a need to let go or clear away old cords we have unconsciously been holding, even if they seem positive. Being in the here and now and being open to new experiences and information is essential to our overall clarity and well-being. This is not possible if we keep walking around with old cords that don’t fit our current circumstances. Day-to-day contacts can become unnecessarily complicated, simply because there is too much-unprocessed information coming through our cords.

Cords with your parents

Hidden energetic lines: with whom are you still (unconsciously) connected?

You can imagine how many people have chakra cords that just don’t fit anymore. Many problems that can be summarized under the heading of ‘generation gaps’ stem from outdated ropes. A mature woman who is still attached to her parents by the cord of her first chakra may feel limited and unable to make her own decisions.

A cord at this level is outdated because the parents are no longer responsible for the survival of their child. If the cord were removed, both parents and children would dare to be themselves much more in the here and now. Cords on other levels – for example, those of the heart – can be both desirable and beneficial, because parents and children still love each other.

To accept

Remember, resisting an unwanted cord doesn’t work! If you want to change or loosen your cords with other people, you must first accept that you have them. Like I said, saying hello to something you don’t like is the best way to kick-start the change process.

Daily cleaning

Clearing old chakra cords is essential to our psychic cleansing. Realize that important chakra cords with family and close friends come back on their own when you need them. Putting yourself in the same frame of mind as cleaning your aura allows you to systematically break, loosen, or make disappear the many cords you have created in the course of your daily contacts. You can do this at the end of the day when you clear your psychic space and absorb your solar essence.

How do you clean an energy cord/chakra cord?

An effective approach is to imagine all the cords slowly fading (don’t yank them!) and disappearing. After they fade, fill the empty spaces with golden energy from your own sun. It can be that simple. Still, sometimes you need to know a little more about a particular cord before you can clean it up successfully.

Hidden energetic lines: with whom are you still (unconsciously) connected?


1) Discover Chakra Cord

To do this, bring your attention to the center of your head and feel your sun and grounding. Let your energy flow for a while. Think about someone you interact with regularly. This could be your partner, a family member, a friend, or a colleague. The first person that comes to mind is the one you are going to work with.

As you think about that person, consider what chakra levels you usually communicate at. You can see that information with your mind’s eye, experience, know, feel, think or absorb it in any way. If you land on more than one chakra, that’s fine, but for now, you just have to pick one to work with. Later you can go back and deal with the others.

2) Experiencing Chakra Cord

See or experience this cord clearly. Is it thick or thin? What characteristics does it have and what material does it appear to be made of? What colors does it have? Look at the energy flow in the cord. Does it flow in both directions or just one way? Wonder if the cord is completely clean or needs to be cleaned with an imaginary garden hose or duster. Look again at the color(s) of the cord and try to sense the nature of the messages passing through it. What do you and the other exchange? What are you learning together?

3) Change or keep the chakra cord

If you find yourself dealing with an outdated cord, imagine putting the current date on it. When you have done this, it will probably change in color, size, and consistency as you have reminded it of the power of the here and now. If you get frustrated trying this and nothing changes, take another look at the purpose of the cord. You may need to pass something important through this cord or have good use in the future.


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