High sensitivity for advanced users

High sensitivity for advanced users
‘The beginner avoids contact with negative people so as not to pollute his mind. The advanced seeks out these people to clear their minds.’ This statement on the Buddhist calendar inspired me to have the following thought.

Own limits

How much I think this also applies to highly sensitive people. How nice it would be if more and more people would consider high sensitivity an ordinary quality or simply a talent for perceiving the world around you in fine detail. Without making it a special thing that should be taken into account by others. After all, you can easily do that yourself. You take responsibility for your own boundaries and limitations in this. You pose these calmly and forcefully, without self-blame and without asking for approval. After all, you love yourself the way you are and you take yourself seriously.

Stand in the world

Talent or a quality belongs to you, it is always there. You have been given high sensitivity because you can come and do something with it in this life. In what you create and in who you essentially are it may come out into the world. It is therefore not the intention to isolate yourself from the world, to shield yourself for a long time, or to protect yourself against the world. Because the world, so is you. Who you are is your contribution to life. Stand in the world and don’t hide. Of course, talent or quality can be nascent, raw, or undiscovered.

In that case, it must be given attention or sharpened, shaped, and developed. That goes by trial and error. This is a learning process where you can possibly find a teacher. You have students and you have masters, strive for mastery. Continue, but not with moping or simping. Always get up one more time than you fell! Because how much we need your sensitive quality in this hard world! I invite every sensitive person to propagate sensitivity in her or his environment. Show it in what you do, say, and think, but in a constructive way.

High sensitivity for advanced users

This works very well if you no longer need it to get high sensitivity as a confirmation of your identity or to use it as an explanatory model, an excuse for all kinds of inconveniences that you encounter. You don’t deny it, not even to yourself and you don’t show it off. It’s just you. No big deal. In that state of being, it no longer matters where you work, where you live, and who you are with. You make a very nice contribution to a warm, mild and honest form of living together, wherever and in any way whatsoever, in connection with others. Whatever you do, it matters. Really and truly! And who doesn’t long for that?


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