High sensitivity: Recognizing and daring to follow your inspiration


One of the happiness factors of high sensitivity is great creativity. However, this only leads to happiness if you can do something with it. This article explains how to recognize inspiration and how to follow it in order to find your happiness and make your dreams come true.

Inspiration is a gift

Inspiration is a gift and a gift. It wants to be received, received, and realized. It’s an intuitive flash that comes along. It’s always worth a try. It’s a matter of attitude. If you are receptive to these flashes and give them a chance, things can happen that you never thought possible. You may suddenly feel the urge to say or do something that seems completely ridiculous because it doesn’t seem to fit with who you are right now. But what would happen if you gave it a chance?

Making a list without censorship

High sensitivity: Recognizing and daring to follow your inspiration

Inspiration can surprise you. You may then think: what am I supposed to do with that, it doesn’t suit me at all, it’s unreal. Then it disappears again. If that happens often, you may become depressed at some point. If your gifts are not used, they will work against you. You shrivel up, as it were, you lose something of great value, that doesn’t make you happy.

You can also turn it around. Perhaps depression is the dark side of inspiration. If you’ve been feeling depressed for a while, you might want to ask yourself if maybe you turned off the tap of inspiration because you didn’t feel like you were able to do anything with your ideas.

What helps me in such a case, and at least gives me pleasure, is making lists without censorship. For example, I make a list of ten things I would do if it weren’t too crazy for words. Or ten things I would like to do in the next life. Or I finish ten times a sentence that begins with the words: If I dared, I would …, or: If I weren’t so tired, I would …, or: If I wouldn’t let anything stop me, I would I… It’s nice to jot down all the raids without holding back.

There is always something that gives me pleasure. It pushes my boundaries. It brings into my consciousness things that I was holding back because I somehow thought they weren’t possible. Your thoughts sometimes hold you back without you noticing.

Example: For example, a few times I had already sighed to a therapist: ‘I wish I had a dog!’ At one point he said, “I think you really want a dog. Why don’t you take one?’ Then it turned out that I had never seen myself as someone who could have a dog. It just wasn’t in my system. I have always been grateful to him for that comment. After that, I not only had sweet and fun dogs that brought a lot of joy and zest for life into my life, but I also learned to put my vague wishes and dreams into words and give them a chance to realize them.

To dream

High sensitivity: Recognizing and daring to follow your inspiration

Dreams can become reality, even if they seem far away. It is often not due to the dream that it is not realized, but to the limitations, I place on myself. You often have to break through limitations in order to capture the creative flow. When I wake up in the night with a seizure, I have to put aside the idea that the night is only there for sleep.

I can choose to do that, but then little happens. I then even run the risk of not falling asleep at all because of the active energy that this raid gives me. If I think: come, let me give it a chance, then it often turns out that this raid is worth gold. All I have to do is bridge the gap between myself and the raid by following it without hesitation.


Inspiration often comes unexpectedly and in disguise. If you dare to give her a place, it can completely change your life and that can also be the reason why you want to avoid her. It is as if somewhere in another dimension, outside the ordinary everyday reality, there exists an ocean with unprecedented possibilities. Sometimes a subterranean river comes to you from that ocean and wants to flow into your mind. Are you letting that flow in or not? You are free in that. You don’t just have to be overwhelmed by a rapid and let it take you along, that might be a bit too much of a good thing. You can open the sluice gate a crack and curiously see what comes in.

High sensitivity: Recognizing and daring to follow your inspiration

I used to write down my thoughts at night and when I read them in the morning, it was a bridge too far for me. I didn’t think of myself as someone to whom those thoughts fit. For example, I wrote down things I wanted to say to someone. When I read that in the morning, I shied away from it.

That went too far, I wasn’t supposed to get so direct, come so close. I shrank from the risks. I was afraid to be someone who would do or say such a thing. Today I no longer experience such a distance between what I think at night and what I think during the day. My self-image has changed. I now see myself as someone full of unprecedented possibilities. I dare to give my inspiration a chance, even if I cannot yet foresee the consequences. It makes my life more exciting and richer. And a lot happier.

Tip: Avoid energy loss by following your inspiration. Raise your consciousness regularly by being still and receptive to messages from your primal source. Select what you want to pay attention to through resonance. You feel as it were when your heart resonates.

That which makes your heart jump for joy is the information you can work with right now. Recognize your inspiration and dare to follow it without overseeing all the consequences. Dare to get out of your comfort zone regularly. Your feeling is not your compass, but your clear knowledge. Trust your intuitive flashes.


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