High Sensitivity: Savasāna – this is how you find deep sleep

High Sensitivity: Savasāna – this is how you find deep sleep
Many people complain about a bad night’s sleep. If you lie awake part of the night, this can have several causes. In other words, you suffer from an environment that disturbs you in sleep (sounds, vibrations or the energy of a partner). In other words, your day is too stressful and you need more time to process things awake ; then you are brooding. A third possibility is that you are invited by guides and angels to explore the dark of the night, the period in which the separation between this world and the world of our soul becomes thinner and more accessible. This blog is about the latter.


“Savasana” is a term that comes from Sanskrit and can be found in important texts of yoga teaching. “Sava” means corpse or dead, and asana means position or posture. Lying like a dead person, in other words, the corpse position. This sounds a bit sinister, but those who delve into it understand the profound meaning of the exercise. The meaning of this posture goes back to a state of complete mental and physical shutdown.

Your inclination to keep everything under control completely recedes, your mind and your muscles go into a natural relentless state, an experience also known as ‘little death’‘. Savasana is traditionally the last pose at the end of yoga class. I personally think it’s the most delicious part; the reward after the effort.

Deep relaxation

High Sensitivity: Savasāna – this is how you find deep sleep

You lie comfortably on your back in deep relaxation. Only your breath still seems alive, but even that disappears at some point beyond your conscious perception. Your body feels full and soft after all the stretching exercises and fresh, oxygenated blood is pumping through your veins. Now you can lie down and think about nothing at all, enjoy the ‘now’ to the fullest.

When the sound of the gong or bell sounds, you know that the Savasana has come to an end. The yoga teacher gently awakens you and asks you to turn your attention outwards again. You move a few fingers and toes first and then slowly turn onto your right side. With yawning, stretching, and stretching you awaken yourself again, and you let excess energy flow off. You come back from little death, back into life with new self-awareness and strength regained. Savasana teaches you in a beautiful way that there is a dynamic interaction between life and death.

Soul journey

Unlike the yoga class , a soul journey begins with Savasana. Savasana is a method of learning detachment and attaining enlightenment. If you succeed in completely silencing your will and thinking, you will find that you just carry on living and that even deep happiness takes its place.

In this way, you experience that, in addition to the everyday life of striving, ruling, planning, and doing, there is another state of being. When you understand that your soul rises above the desire for life or death and can move into another dimension, then the actual soul journey begins. You are now in touch with your soul, and let it take over. Without heavy burdens, you can see where fears and desires really come from.

Liberation through Savasana

High Sensitivity: Savasāna – this is how you find deep sleep

Liberation through savasana, whether or not accompanied by a journey, always transforms consciousness. When all physical and mental activities come to rest, space is created to enter another dimension. I always notice that there’s a feeling of ‘ heheh finally’going through myself because my client’s soul finally feels heard.

This is also the moment when I have to get to work as a healer and seer. Because the old painful experiences that want to be processed and integrated still need the necessary guidance and explanation. What I do is ask the right questions and lead my client to the right perception at the right time. Then I myself sometimes face challenges; shall I do this or shall I do that? At such times I ask for help myself, which always comes.

Silent sleep

Savasana does even more: this deep form of silent sleep provides more relaxation than a normal night’s sleep. You can imagine that in the evening you still go to bed with tension. Mental worries and tension make you restless: tossing and turning, grinding your teeth, lying awake and nightmares are manifestations of this. Savasana – in the form of a guided meditation – breaks down stress hormones and builds happiness hormones.

If you give yourself such a deep sleep every dayyou will notice that the quality of your sleep improvesDaily guided meditation including savasana will help you reprogram your mind-body. Gratitude, letting go, and self-love are among other things the result of a daily guided meditation. You can do this in the middle of the day or just before going to bed. If you fall asleep during savasana, this is okay.

Savasana outside of yoga class

High Sensitivity: Savasāna – this is how you find deep sleep

It is possible to practice savasana outside of yoga class. This can be done by listening to guided meditations; we call this yoga nidra . Nidra means sleep, yoga Nidra is the sleep of the yogi. You can listen to these meditations every day. It is also good preparation for a possible soul journey if you would like to experience it. It takes little.

Lay your body down symmetrically, keep your neck long and extend your arms at a 45-degree angle to your side. Palms can be turned up or down, depending on what gives you more relaxation. The legs are hip-width apart and your feet turned out relaxed. Keep your feet warm. Put a blanket over you anyway, since you get colder the deeper you sink.

Be undisturbed for the next 45 minutes, close your eyes and relax. Turn on the meditation. During the meditation you will no longer move. Listening to the voice is the only activity you perform, and even then you may stop listening at some point. This is OK.

Tip: attitude

Pay close attention to your posture. You should lie in such a way that you can fully relax (especially your neck). Your legs and feet must also be able to rest, which is why a chair is less suitable. If necessary, you can place a yoga roll (bolster, round pillow) under your knees and a small pillow or blanket under your head. An eye pillow is also comfortable and promotes relaxation. Finally, I can recommend that you listen to the meditation through headphones; this brings your sensation in even more.


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