High sensitivity & stress-related abdominal pain: this is how you get rid of it!

High sensitivity & stress-related abdominal pain: this is how you get rid of it!

Are you HSP and do you regularly suffer from abdominal pain, such as a stone on the stomach, stabbing in the abdomen, or nagging pain? This is a complaint that often occurs in highly sensitive people. In the previous blog ‘ High sensitivity & intestinal complaints: how stimuli, emotions, and energies of others play a role you could already read why many HSPs suffer from abdominal pain and intestinal complaints. Do you want to know how you can find out the cause of your abdominal pain and how you can immediately reduce stress-related abdominal pain? Then read this blog, in which you will find out with which three tips you can get rid of your stomach pain.

Keep an extensive diary

Measuring is knowing. By keeping an extensive diary, you gain insight into the causes of your complaints. It is important to keep track of everything as accurately as possible. Yes, even that peppermint in the car or the chocolate with tea in the evening. Not only what you eat, but also how you eat is important. In addition to what you eat, it is also important to record how much you sleep, what you drink, whether you smoke or drink coffee, which medicines and supplements you have taken, and whether you are under stress. Be like a detective looking for the triggers for your stomach pain. You can hereby download the following form.

High sensitivity & stress-related abdominal pain: this is how you get rid of it!

Pay attention to which food triggers you get complaints from

If you have kept an extensive diary, you can then analyze which triggers are at play for you. The best-known food triggers are gluten, lactose, sugar, onion, garlic, coffee, alcohol, sugar, and strong spices. If you notice that you often get stomach pains after eating gluten, for example, you can remove it from your diet for a few weeks to see if it helps. Also, keep in mind that in many cases it is not the food, but how you eat or how the food is prepared. If you find it difficult to make connections yourself, it is advisable to call in expert help.

Deal effectively with stress

High sensitivity & stress-related abdominal pain: this is how you get rid of it!

Another important factor that can affect your stomach pain is stress. This has to do with the brain-gut axis; the connection between the brain and gut. If you get a thought or feeling that signals ‘danger’, you may have a stomachache. You may recognize that if you are nervous because you have to give a lecture tomorrow, you will get a stomachache more quickly. Or that if you go through the day in a very rush, as if you have to catch the train, you get a stomachache at the end of the afternoon.

Ask yourself questions like ‘What makes me stressed?’ and “What can I change to reduce stress?”. In the first situation, it can be useful to work on self-confidence and to prepare the lecture as well as possible. If you have a very rushed life, it often helps if you include breaks during your day. You can do this by doing a short meditation, mindful drinking a cup of herbal tea, or going for a walk in nature.

Do you often suffer from worrying in your head? Many HSPs suffer from this and can get abdominal pain as a result. Through the release balloon meditation, you can practice letting go of worry.


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