High sensitivity & the energy in the house: this is how you turn your home into a charging place

High sensitivity & the energy in the house: this is how you turn your home into a charging place

Your home should be a place where you can relax and where the energy feels good. You must be able to call it ‘home’ with full conviction. If you can’t relax properly in your own home, you don’t charge your battery sufficiently after a busy day. So take good care of yourself and make your house a home.

Keep a tidy house

Cleaning up is not a favorite activity for most people, but it does make you happy! It has been scientifically proven that a tidy house results in less stress, more peace of mind, and more joy in life. In addition, cleaning up also has a healing effect. A tidy house gives you a blissful feeling and gives you peace and overview again.

High sensitivity & the energy in the house: this is how you turn your home into a charging place

When you clean up, don’t forget to get rid of excess furniture and belongings. A full house makes it restless and makes it more difficult to relax. But also items that keep you emotionally connected to the past, such as furniture that you bought with your ex, are better left or given a makeover.


Keep a clean house

In a clean house, the energy feels better and that contributes to your relaxation. The air in a clean and dust-free house is fresher and it smells good. As an HSP you are often (also unconsciously) more sensitive to odors. So make sure your house smells good. You can also always add a wonderful scent to your environment. For example, burn a nice incense or scented candle in the house.

Bring nature into your home

Besides the fact that plants and flowers dress up your home beautifully, there are more reasons to bring plants into your home. Plants bring oxygen and purify the air. And did you know that the sight of plants reduces the feeling of stress? Looking at plants for ten minutes will reduce stress. A room with plants will lower your blood pressure and heart rate and reduce feelings of anxiety. The green color of plants has a calming effect and provides relaxation.

gives you peace and overview again.

Live with the rhythm of nature

Live with the rhythm of the seasons and bring the outdoors inside. You can do this by, for example, making a seasonal table. But with a beautiful vase with a branch full of berries or blossoms, you naturally also bring nature and the season inside.

Keep the decor quiet and low-stimulus, but make it cozy

Create peace and ensure that your house is not full of too much furniture, home accessories, and junk. For a highly sensitive person, a clear and spatial environment is important. Make sure you can easily walk around the furniture. For example, opt for a closed cupboard instead of an open cupboard. That way you don’t still look at all those things (incentives).

Take a look at the color and material used in the house. Preferably choose natural and soothing colors such as cream, taupe, gray, green, and brown to create tranquility. Do you love color and can’t live without it? Then go for tone-on-tone instead of combining many different colors. And try to avoid the brightest color variants. Natural materials such as wood, stone, wool, and linen also calm your mind. Finally, you can make your living environment cozy by adding plants, candles and decorative pillows to your interior, for example. Make sure that you place the home accessories in a cluster and not all over the house. This way it remains calm and clear.

Extra support for inner peace

gives you peace and overview again.

Is there a lot of stress, tension, quarrels, or unrest in the house? Or do you just enjoy getting extra support to relax and recharge? Burn a stick of incense in the house every day to take away the negative energy. After all, an HSP is very sensitive to the emotions of others, including the emotions of housemates. A gemstone can also give healing, because that which is out of balance, can be brought back into balance with the right stone. This applies to your body and mind, but also to your living environment. That is why you can have a gemstone in rough form or as mood light do its job well in your home.

Do you want to get started with mindful living or would you like to know more about it? Then take a look at the  Blooming Home website. This website is full of tips, and inspiration, and the webshop sells home items that bring more harmony and balance to your home.

I would like to wish you a wonderful place to live where you can recharge and relax!


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