High sensitivity: three tips to sleep well during a full moon

High sensitivity: three tips to sleep well during a full moon
Many HSPs sleep poorly or restlessly on days around the full moon. This is because highly sensitive people consciously and unconsciously perceive more than people who are not highly sensitive. During the period around the full moon, you can experience much more energy. The effect of this energy is that you perceive more from your intuition and you have more energy yourself. But a few nights of bad sleep every month takes its toll: you are much more likely to become overstimulated by too little sleep and the energy of the moon. In this article, you can read 3 tips so that you sleep well during the full moon!

How does the full moon affect us?

The moon sets oceans in motion. Can you imagine the immense power the moon has on our earth? The days around the full moon change the energy around us. The energy of the moon amplifies everything, it affects everything. On our emotions, thoughts, and situations. If you have a lot of negative thoughts or are anxious or depressed, this is amplified during the full moon. But all your positive thoughts and emotions are also enhanced by the full moon energy.

High sensitivity: three tips to sleep well during a full moon


Due to the increased energy, you can also lie awake, sleep restlessly, dream intensely, or even sleepwalk. And as an HSP, enough sleep is important to let your body relax. If you sleep little or poorly, you are more likely to become overstimulated. If you then become irritable and irritated, the moon energy also strengthens this! Therefore, focus your attention on all thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations that you want to be amplified.

But the full moon also gives you a lot of energy. For example, you may feel the need to create, clear up, or do things that you have been putting off. The moon’s energy promotes your clarity, so you can think well.

3 tips to sleep better during a full moon

High sensitivity: three tips to sleep well during a full moon

1. Move

Sport or other physical activity ensures that happiness hormones are released in your body. This makes you feel happier and more cheerful. The moon amplifies this! You fall asleep more easily and you sleep more deeply, so your body is better at rest.

2. Choose I focus

Consciously focus your attention on positive emotions and thoughts so that they are enhanced by the moon. That way you don’t lie awake at night worrying and grinding negative thoughts.

3. Use the moon to complete

Use the full moon energy during the day to complete certain goals or complete tasks. This way you use the energy very consciously during the day instead of keeping you up at night. You do this by consciously turning your attention to the bright moon energy. Don’t you want to know how to tune in to the moon energy? Do you want to use the energy in the coming days to create or finish jobs?


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