High sensitivity: why dancing and music have healing powers

High sensitivity: why dancing and music have healing powers
If you are highly sensitive, you absorb more information from your environment and process this information on a deeper level than someone who is not highly sensitive. Consciously and unconsciously, your attention is focused on your environment. As if your feelers are out, I sometimes say. Where your attention is, is your energy. If your attention is on your environment, it can make you very tired. On the one hand, because of all the stimuli, you absorb, on the other because your energy flows together with your environment. Music and dancing can help you with this. In this article, you can read more about the healing power of music and dancing, especially if you are highly sensitive.

Less energy due to your high sensitivity

It takes a lot of energy to process all that information that you absorb intensively throughout the day. Certainly, as we live in our Western society, where we receive many impulses throughout the day through, for example, our mobile phones, social media, but also the speed of communication such as e-mail and WhatsApp. And then your antennae are consciously and unconsciously turned off all day long and your attention is consciously and unconsciously focused on your environment.

With yoga or meditation, your mind can easily wander

This requires that you guard your limits and take the time to process all that information and stimuli that you absorb. And also to recharge you, so that you feel energetic again. Meditation, yoga, or mindfulness can help you with this. Meditation is focusing your attention so that conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings disappear into the background. But sometimes you can also struggle with meditation or yoga to really stay in the here and now with your attention. Before you know it, your mind wanders again and you’re still stuck with everything that happened that day or what you still have to do.

The healing power of music and dancing

High sensitivity: why dancing and music have healing powers

Research shows that music has a healing effect on us. The vibrations of the music have an effect on how you feel and set your own energy in motion. Music can touch you and evoke all kinds of emotions. You probably know a song that makes you very happy.

Dancing can also really give you a boost that makes you happy and energetic. You can combine all these things in a dance meditation. Where the music gives you energy and the dancing ensures that all your thoughts disappear into the background. Out of your head and into your body. You can listen to a dance meditation below. In this dance meditation, you will receive instructions to become aware of your own energy, your grounding, and your connection with the universe. The effect of this is that you feel powerful and energetic after the dance meditation.



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