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Highly sensitive: 5 Tips to feel better about yourself

Do you have little energy? Do you feel like you constantly have to adapt? Are you in a slump? Here are 5 tips to feel better about yourself.

1. Take breaks more often

Do you run your shit all day? Is there no end to the things you still have to do? Take a break more often. Go do absolutely nothing for an hour and stare out the window. Or listen to some relaxing music, take a walk or make a drawing. You often get the best ideas for new or more efficient options during moments when you are not busy with “important” things at all and that is why taking breaks more often is so important!

2. Learn to ground you often find yourself alone in your head and your thoughts go round and round in circles? Do you quickly suffer from environmental stimuli or emotions of others? then learn toground. Grounding is a very practical and simple tool to stay more in the present with your attention.

You will then notice what you need at that moment earlier and you can take better care of yourself. For example, if you are in a very busy environment and you are bothered by all the stimuli around you, or if someone tells a story with a lot of negative emotions that you also feel completely, then you can quickly turn your attention to your own body. to go. Pay particular attention to your lower body. Pay attention to your legs and feet and feel how you sit/stand/lie there.

You can close your eyes for a moment, but you don’t have to. If you are completely in your own body for a while and your attention is with yourself, you feel a bit heavy.Then you did it right. Try doing this a few times a day and you will notice that you will feel better very quickly!

3. Learn to say NO!

Do you always say yes right away when people ask you to do something? Do you often say yes when you really mean no, but don’t want to be rude? Eventually you will undermine yourself with this and you will have less and less energy for the things that matter to YOU. Therefore, learn to say NO when you mean no and YES when you mean yes. If you are not sure what you want, you can always ask for a reflection period.

For example, say standard: I’m going to sleep on that first. You can then decide in peace whether you really want something or not. Then be brave enough to follow your gut and say NO. It’s hard at first, but it gets a little easier every time!

4. Learn to accept your negative emotions

let go-looseAre you sad? Are you mad? Then let yourself be sad and angry! Find a healthy outlet where you can express your emotions: sports, drawing, making music. It doesn’t have to look ‘nice’ or be ‘nice’ to listen to. Have fun, with the emphasis on OFF! If you suppress your negative emotions and fool yourself that you are not especially sad or angry, the emotion will continue to grow. You feel the pressure inside yourself increasing until one day you erupted. So don’t be so hard on yourself and let yourself feel everything and then let go.

5. Learn to ask for what you need

Do you have the feeling that you are always there for others, but that when push comes to shove, others are not there for you? Then learn to specifically ask what you need from the right people. As much as you would like others to automatically give you what you need when you are having a really hard time, it often doesn’t work that way.

When you’re in a slump, what do you need? Try to clarify that for yourself first. Do you need a listening ear? Or a hug? Or that people just leave you alone for a while? Then let others know that calmly, but clearly. Keep doing this and stand up for yourself. Then people will see you, know what you need and eventually give it to you.


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