Highly sensitive & autumn: with these ten tips you stay firmly grounded

Highly sensitive & autumn: with these ten tips you stay firmly grounded
Sensitivity is a property of the nervous system in combination with the brain. Somewhere in the process of processing, between the arrival of a stimulus and its processing by the brain, things run differently in highly sensitive people than in most people. The information processing of a highly sensitive person is somehow more extensive and accurate than that of the average person. This article explains 10 tips on how to deal with your high sensitivity and how to keep stimuli to a minimum during the fall.

With these ten tips, you stay firmly grounded during the fall

1. Make sure you are warm enough

Warmth envelops and shelters you. A warm shower washes away stress. Warm feet and hands are very important. By working with your own skin, you help to define yourself better. Shower and bathe consciously (so don’t think about all kinds of things that you still have to do that day). Take the time to oil yourself and consider every part of your skin. Use rose oil that has a protective and enveloping effect. You probably have more contact with certain parts of your body than with others. Can you explain that to yourself?

2. Look for hobbies that bring your energy down

Highly sensitive & autumn: with these ten tips you stay firmly grounded

Such as working with clay and stone, drumming (maybe other forms of music work too), or working in a garden. There are many oriental sports such as qi gong, tai chi, and yoga that ground you well. It is important that your teacher herself is well-grounded (which is not always the case).

3. Connect with the Earth

At any given moment, such as while waiting for a train, bus or tram, you can get a little more into your body by becoming aware of the contact you make with the earth. Wiggle your feet and lower your weight into your legs and feet. Relax your body as best you can.

If you find this difficult, you can tighten the muscles first and then relax. Be aware of the power the earth gives you. This is a very elastic steadfastness that runs down the middle of your body from the ground up to your crown. Compare yourself to a tree that is well-rooted, but whose branches sway in the wind.

4. Get a massage every now and then

Shiatsu is given through the clothing and is, therefore, a less threatening but profound form of massage.

5. Meditate for a moment

Highly sensitive & autumn: with these ten tips you stay firmly grounded

If you feel that you are feeling restless or overstimulated, bring your energy down by doing one of the following techniques: do some gentle stretching, meditate for a short while (it doesn’t have to be complicated, and don’t even do it sitting. walking meditation). Check which chakras are open or closed, imagine that you are connected by an invisible wire to the ground, sit on the ground for a while or even better, sit under a tree (with your winter coat on of course).

6. Eat Regularly and Healthy

Be aware that food is also a quality of the earth and surround the meal with the properties that go with it, such as rest. If you respect food, it will respect you too. Learn to listen to your body’s wishes. Why do you have a sweet tooth? Can you solve these by eating fruit? Why do you gulp down your food or do you feel little hunger? Examine your own dietary habits.

7. Visualizing Your Boundaries

Highly sensitive & autumn: with these ten tips you stay firmly grounded

If you are in an awkward situation but it is impossible to walk out of it, visualize a boundary. Imagine that you are in a crystal ball that shields you from the people around you. Another, kinder form of foreclosure is to imagine that there is a rose standing between you and the other person. Give the other the view of that beautiful rose and wish him or her all the best, but break the (claiming) connection. This visualization also helps you shield the negative thinking power of people at a distance.

8. Look for ways that feed your need for reflection and inspiration

Live intensely and positively. Don’t forget the power of creative activities. A walk in nature also works wonders. You can make yourself happy with small things. Review your past in light of your high sensitivity. You can do this alone or with the help of a therapist. In any case, provide an outlet. If there is not immediately a person with whom you can share this intimacy, you can write things down, for example.

9. Consciously seek silence regularly

You cannot always avoid unpleasant stimuli, such as noise pollution, unpleasant smells, and unwelcome energies. To compensate, look for as many positive experiences as possible: consciously seek silence regularly, listen to calming music, burn delicious scents, take scented baths, and be more aware of your own energy when you are alone. Sometimes you are restless, tense, or very emotional. Realize that these are signals. What does this tension or emotion tell you? Can you let the emotion be, without identifying yourself with it too much?


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