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Highly sensitive child test – a questionnaire for parents

Answer all questions of this highly sensitive child test. Answer it as it feels to you. Answer Yes if somewhat true.

High Sensitive Child test

My child…

answers: Yes / No

  1. Scares quickly
  2. Suffers from clothes that itch, seams in socks or clothing marks on his/her skin.
  3. Generally dislikes big surprises.
  4. Learns more from a gentle reproof than a harsh punishment.
  5. Seems to be able to read minds.
  6. Uses difficult words for his/her age.
  7. Smells any strange odor.
  8. Has a keen sense of humor.
  9. Seems very intuitive.
  10. Is hard to fall asleep after an exciting day.
  11. Difficulty with big changes.
  12. Willing to change if his/her clothes have become wet or sandy.
  13. Asks a lot of questions.
  14. Is a perfectionist.
  15. Has an eye for the grief of others.
  16. Likes quiet games more.
  17. Asks profound, contemplative questions.
  18. Is very sensitive to pain.
  19. Can’t stand a noisy environment.
  20. Has an eye for detail (something that has moved, a change in someone’s appearance, etc.).
  21. Check if it is safe before climbing in anything.
  22. Performs best when there are no strangers around.
  23. Experience things intensely.

Evaluation of the Highly Sensitive Child test

0-12 points You probably don’t have a HSK (Highly Sensitive Child). Although that cannot be said for sure. For example, if two items are very true for you, it may be that your child is highly sensitive.

13-23 points Your child is most likely highly sensitive (HSP). He/she is more sensitive to nuance differences than most other people/children. It may be useful to read a book about high sensitivity or to get to know other HSPs. You may recognize a lot and therefore become a little more aware of this characteristic of your child.


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