Highly sensitive: tips to limit yourself physically, mentally and spiritually

Highly sensitive: tips to limit yourself physically, mentally and spiritually
Sometimes the feelings of others can affect you in such a way that you can no longer distinguish whether these feelings are your own or someone else’s. You wonder what belongs to you and what belongs to the other. One person is more bothered by the other here, but among highly sensitive people it is a commonly heard problem. They can feel the feelings of others so strongly that it is difficult to keep in touch with their own feelings. As a result, especially if you are highly sensitive, you can quickly feel bad, sad, or tired in the presence of a certain person.

So the openness of boundaries, which can definitely be a gift from someone who is highly sensitive, can also become a burden. This happens especially if you are too little aware of it and only realize later that certain feelings were not yours, but someone else’s. When you recognize this, limiting is a strategy that can help you. In this article, you can read what limiting is and we give you tips that help you to limit yourself better.

What is limiting?

When we are bounded in a healthy way, we have an unthreatened exchange with our environment. That means we can close ourselves off to unwanted intruders and open up to healthy input. The unwanted intruders are negative energy and people who mean us badly and the healthy input is an environment that is loving and whole.

In certain professions, there is a risk that you will merge with another person or your environment. Examples of such professions are therapists or teachers. To offer help it is useful to be able to fill the pain and sorrow of people in need, but if you keep walking around with this, it will do more harm than good. Opening up is a gift of those with high sensitivity, but in order to use it well, it is also necessary to be able to protect, limit and cleanse yourself.

Perceiving energies

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Limits are both real and visualized limits: physical, mental, and spiritual limits. That is why it is important to train yourself in the perception of energies. You are unnoticed in all kinds of situations by the energies of people and objects around you. When you give words to the atmosphere in a certain place or the environmental energy, you will soon notice whether it suits you. As a highly sensitive person, you probably feel the energy well, but maybe you haven’t learned to take it into account enough.

When you learn to perceive your environment in terms of energy, a new world can open up for you. It can really help you to distinguish the right thing in situations. By attaching consequences to your observations, you can learn to stand up for yourself. If you are consciously engaged in empathizing with people and situations, you will be surprised by what you notice and discover.

Tips to better limit yourself

The tips below can help you to limit yourself better.

Tip 1: Wear earplugs

If you are really overstimulated, it can help to wear earplugs or otherwise seek silence. You can also cut your earplugs in half. Then they are not as noticeable, while the effect is just as good.

Tip 2: Create a stress-free place in your home

Space is an essential concept for those who are highly sensitive. It is therefore important to get started with this. When you live with others, it is important to create a place in the house that is exclusively for you. Set up this place according to your own needs and put things there that are valuable to you. Aromatic oils, incense scents and pleasant music, among other things, can make your space special and defined.

Tip 3: Change and shower

Highly sensitive: tips to limit yourself physically, mentally and spiritually

During the day you collect a lot of negative impressions and energy. By changing your clothes when you get home, and possibly taking a shower, you can let go of any energy that is not your own. In any case, try to shower before going to bed. This way you avoid taking into bed the bad impressions you have had to deal with during the day. In addition, the warmth of the water helps you to relax properly so that you can fall asleep better.

Tip 4: Be aware of your skin as a boundary

Shower consciously and use a nice body lotion after showering, for example. By working with your own skin, you help to limit yourself. Our skin is one of the human limits. It is the first line of defense against harmful influences from our environment. The skin ensures that we do not quickly become overheated, hypothermic, and dehydrated. It also possesses the sense of touch, through which we can feel things and shield ourselves from unwanted stimuli.

Tip 5: Protect and purify your environment regularly

You can protect and purify your environment by airing. What you can do is open your windows when it rains. Rain, like all other forms of water, purifies naturally. You can also cleanse the room in which you live by burning incense.

Get started with the tips above and discover what it can do for you.


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