Highly sensitive: why it is important to ground energetically

Highly sensitive: why it is important to ground energetically
If you easily feel or take over the emotions of others, it is very important that you can remain in your own peace and center, so that you can recognize and let go of what you feel from others. This way you can stay with yourself and in balance. Your grounding is key. In this article, you can read more about grounds and why it is important if you are highly sensitive.

What is grounding?

Being well-grounded means that you are fully present in your body and connected to the earth.

One of the ways to ground well is through meditation. In doing so, you first connect with your whole body. You do this by feeling and observing your body from top to bottom, piece by piece. Because energy follows your attention, you can use it to bring your energy down and ‘inhabit’ or embody your entire body, as it were.

Then you can visualize a connection to the earth. That can look like tree roots, a tube, or a cord from the soles of your feet and from your base chakra (at your tailbone) very deep into the earth. So you have three connections to the earth.

Physical activity, such as sports, yoga, gardening, or ‘working with your hands can also have a grounding effect. In addition, being in nature has a grounding effect, without you having to do much for it!

Why is grounding so important?

Highly sensitive: why it is important to ground energetically

1. You can release the emotions and energies that are not yours

If you are highly sensitive, there is a very good chance that you can sense and take over other people’s emotions and energies. You can feel their emotions as if they are your own. It can therefore be very unclear what is yours and what you have picked up from others. It becomes, as it were, one big mush with no strings to tie.

When you are not well grounded, those energies and emotions of others have nowhere to go. They, as it were, hang around you, so that you continue to feel them and you start to feel more and more tired and ‘full’.

If you are well-grounded, you can let the emotions and energies of others flow into the earth through your grounding. For example, imagine standing under a waterfall of light that takes with it everything that is not yours. This is very effective, but only works if you are well-grounded!

2. You can let go of your own emotions and get out of your head

Something similar also happens with your own emotions and thoughts.

Suppose you are sad about something. You have felt that sadness and you may have shed a few tears. If you are not well-grounded, then that sadness cannot really go away. Your thoughts and feelings about it linger, while you have actually already felt the sadness and are ‘done’ with it.

Highly sensitive: why it is important to ground energetically

If you are well-grounded, the emotions you are done with can more easily slide off of you and flow into the earth. They don’t have to linger. You experience that the feelings and associated (worrying) thoughts are actually only a small part of you. That you can embrace them. This way they lose their grip on you and you feel more peace and confidence.

3. You feel firmer, calmer, and more balanced

A good grounding gives firmness, balance, and stability. You become like a big, sturdy tree in the wind. It can take a lot and bend a little, but it doesn’t fall over so quickly. If you are not grounded, you are more like a leaf in the wind: you literally blow with all the winds and you are very quickly influenced by what is happening around you.

A grounding, therefore, gives you certain independence from what is happening around you because it is better to stay with yourself.

Why is grounding a challenge if you are highly sensitive?

Highly sensitive: why it is important to ground energetically

If you are highly sensitive, you feel a lot about other people and you also feel your own feelings, emotions, and experiences extra intensely. It is therefore not always comfortable to sit in your body and feel it all. That’s why many people who are highly sensitive automatically lose ground when they don’t feel comfortable. Because that makes you feel less.

That may seem like a good solution, but it isn’t. The problem is that if you go out of your ground, you also lose your firmness and balance. So you become even more vulnerable to what you feel and to what is happening around you. This makes it tempting to go even further out of your ground. This creates a vicious circle, in which you become more and more out of balance and you start to feel more and more vulnerable.

However, if you consciously reverse that circle and ground yourself, you connect with your own power. With a good grounding, you feel calmer and you can see from that peace what you can do to improve the situation or to feel better about yourself. You can better deal with what is happening around you. You feel firmer, more stable, calmer, and more balanced.


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