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History of the Lightworkers- Pamela Channels Yeshua

The cosmic origin

Lightworkers are souls who experience a strong desire to spread light (love, insight, freedom) on Earth . They consider this their calling . Lightworkers are naturally strongly attracted to spirituality and some form of help.

Because of this inwardly felt calling, lightworkers often feel that they are different from others. Life challenges them by finding all kinds of obstacles in their own individual form. Lightworkers are or almost always become soloists, who do not fit into fixed social structures.

The term ‘lightworker’ can cause misunderstandings because it distinguishes a certain group of souls from the rest. It may give rise to the misconception that this group of souls is somehow superior to others, those who ‘don’t work for the light”. This line of thought is misplaced and completely at odds with the essence of lightwork. Let’s briefly touch on why.

First, claims of superiority , however subtle, are very unenlightened. The feeling that you are better or further prevents you from growing into an open and loving consciousness. Second, lightworkers are not “better” or “higher” than anyone else. They do have a different background than those who do not belong to this group.

This is a particular history, which we will discuss later, which has led to them possessing certain psychological characteristics that distinguish them as a group. Third, every soul becomes a lightworker at some point in its evolution, so the term ‘lightworker’ does not apply to a limited group of souls.

The reason we use the term ‘lightworker ‘, despite the misguided associations it may evoke, is that it triggers memories in you that make you realize who you are again. It is a word that evokes something in you, something that is pure and true. And there is also a practical aspect, for this term is familiar to all of you and it is frequently used in spiritual literature.

History of the Lightworkers

Characteristics of Lightworkers

Lightworkers carry the potential for faster spiritual development than the average human being on Earth. Germs are breeding in them, as it were, which hold the promise of a powerful and rapid awakening. This allows them to follow an inner trail that is sometimes inimitable for their loved ones.

This is not so because they are better or higher souls; it is a consequence of the fact that they start from a different point of view. Lightworkers are older than most souls currently in embodiment on Earth. You should rather not understand this being a parent in terms of time, but rather in terms of experience.

Lightworkers already possess a certain degree of awareness before they incarnate on Earth and start their mission. They consciously immerse themselves in the wheel of karma and all the confusion and illusion that accompany it.

They do this to fully understand the experience of being on Earth. Only in this way can they do their job. Only by living through and throwing off all the stages of ignorance themselves can they ultimately be of service to others in attaining self-love, inner peace and true happiness.

Why are lightworkers doing this for humanity , and in doing so run the risk of sinking themselves into the heaviness and massive illusions of the Earth’s sphere for a long time to come? This is a question that we will discuss in detail below.

It has to do with their galactic karma. Lightworkers were on the cusp of the birth of humanity. They were co-creators of man in his present form. In this process of creation they made choices and followed actions that they later deeply regretted and wanted to rectify.

Before we delve deeper into this, we will first list some of the characteristics that distinguish lightworkers from other people. These traits in and of themselves are not unique to lightworkers, and not all lightworkers will identify with all of these traits.

We just want to paint a picture, or if you like an atmosphere, so that the type of the lightworker comes out more clearly. Outward behaviors are less important than inner motivation. What you feel inside is decisive

These are the characteristics of lightworkers:

  • They feel different from an early age, and often also excluded, lonely and misunderstood. When they are older, they often become (of necessity) individualists who have to find their own off-the-beaten path.
  • They often cannot find their way within existing organizational structures and jobs. Lightworkers naturally have an anti-authoritarian temperament: they resist values ​​or rules based purely on power or hierarchy. This anti-authoritarian streak is strong, no matter how timid and modest. It is therefore linked to the essence of their vocation.
  • They are attracted to a form of assistance, such as a profession as a therapist, doctor or teacher. Even if their work or profession lies in a different area, the urge to help is clearly present internally.
  • They have a spiritual sense of life and carry with them conscious or unconscious memories of the non-earthly spheres of light from which they come. They can feel homesick for it, feel like a stranger in earthly reality.
  • They have a natural respect for life, which translates into love for animals and care for the environment. The aggression there is towards the animal and vegetable kingdoms on earth makes them sad and can affect them very deeply.
  • They are gentle, sensitive and empathetic. They may have trouble coping with aggression and standing up for themselves. Can be dreamy or floaty or very idealistic, and insufficiently grounded. Because they easily pick up (negative) emotions from others, it is important for them that they can withdraw regularly so that they can reconnect with themselves.
  • They have lived many lives on earth that were dominated by spirituality and religion. They were richly represented in the numerous religious orders of your past, as monk, nun, hermit, witch, shaman, medicine woman or priest(ess). Within worldly communities they were the ones who bridged the gap between the earthly world and the world beyond. They were therefore often rejected and persecuted. Many of you have been burned at the stake for the abilities you possessed. The traumas of persecution have left deep marks in your soul.

Pitfalls for lightworkers

Lightworkers can be in exactly the same stages of ignorance or illusion as all other people. It is true that they have a different starting position and this gives them the potential for faster awareness, but this potential can be blocked by many factors.

One of the reasons for this is that lightworkers in particular have taken on a fairly heavy karmic burden , which can cause them to be lost for a long time. This heavy karmic burden has to do with decisions they have made in the past regarding man and which they want to undo by repairing here on earth what they have destroyed.

(See next section) All lightworkers alive today are healing very old misconceptions and wounds in their souls. This may require them to get to the bottom of things before they see the light.

When lightworkers have largely completed their personal healing process, and rediscovered themselves as the light being that they are, they can guide others in finding their true, loving selves. But rediscovering the true self is a process that they must first go through within themselves. This generally requires great perseverance and inner determination.

Because of the judgments and norms instilled in them by education and society, many lightworkers themselves have lost their way and find themselves in a state of self-denial, severe self-doubt, and sometimes hopelessness and depression. This is because they cannot adapt to the existing order and therefore judge themselves.

They undervalue themselves, their own light core, and must learn to value and cherish it, independent of the appreciation and recognition of the outside world. When they really trust their intuition and start living according to their inner knowing, they will liberate themselves and come to true self-expression. Part of that self-expression will consist in promoting spiritual growth processes in the world around them.History of the Lightworkers

The development of the soul life on earth

Lightworkers are souls who came to consciousness long before the birth of Earth and humanity.

Souls come to consciousness in waves. Souls are eternal in one sense, not in another. Although the energy in a soul is part of the one divine substance and in that sense is eternal, you can still say that a soul is born at a certain moment, namely when an elemental form of I-consciousness occurs.

There is an I-consciousness when an energy starts to define itself in relation to other energies. It is very difficult to indicate why the consciousness of ‘I’ and ‘other’ occurs at a given moment.

Imagine an ocean, a vast array of energies merging into one another. Imagine that there is first a diffuse consciousness, evenly distributed over the ocean. After ‘time’ there is relief: in one place there is a higher concentration of consciousness than in the other.

This differentiation increases, and imagine that transparent forms suddenly arise in the middle of the water, which move independently and have separated themselves from the rest of the ocean.

These forms contained a core of consciousness, which had a higher concentration than its surrounding energy. There was a difference with the environment.

The more concentrated whole of energies at some point came to recognize the energies in ‘its’ conglomerate as its own, while it began to experience other energies as ‘outside’ or ‘non-own”. This is the birth of a rudimentary ego-consciousness or self-consciousness.

What caused the concentration to increase more in certain parts of the ocean than in others? That is difficult to explain. Can you feel that there is something very natural in this process? If you scatter seeds on a piece of ground, not all plants will grow at the same speed or the same distance.

You will soon see relief in the manner of growth and flowering. The nutrient medium bears more fruit in some places than others. The divine energy (the energy of the entire ocean) intuitively searches for the most optimal growing conditions.

During the formation of individual energy concentrations in ‘the ocean’ (God substance) there are forces that (apparently) act on the ocean from outside. You can think of it as rays of light, or, continuing in our previous analogy, rays of the sun that warm the patch of earth and bring it to life.

These rays are the power of divine inspiration. You can also call this the masculine aspect of the divine energy, while the ocean represents the receptive, feminine aspect. The masculine energy stimulates differentiation and separation in individual units of consciousness.

The ocean and the rays of light together form a being or entity that you can call an archangel. It is an archetypal energy with both a masculine and a feminine aspect. And it is an angelic energy, in the sense that it is very close to the primal source, the pure, pure being. We will explore the concept of archangel in more detail in the final chapter of this section.

After the soul is born as an individual unit of consciousness, it gradually leaves the oceanic consciousness that has been its home. She is becoming more and more aware that she stands alone as a separate unit.

A feeling of loss or deficiency arises in hair for the first time. She feels a certain lack, as if she would like to belong to something. This is the lack of the state of consciousness that preceded her birth, a semi-conscious, ecstatic intoxication of unity, which she vaguely remembers. It represented a state of complete security and fluidity.

With this memory ‘in the back of its mind’, the soul embarks on a journey. Characteristic for a newborn soul is that it feels the inner urge to investigate and experience. This was what was missing in the unitary state. There was no reason to look then. The soul is now able to explore everything freely. She is free to rediscover her wholeness in every possible way.

How the soul explores and gains experience is essentially well known to you. You experience it yourself in your own lives and you can perhaps imagine that there are countless forms, worlds and dimensions in which you as a soul can temporarily take up residence to experience what it is like there. Earth is one possible exploration site.

Lightworker souls have lived many lives in other dimensions or realities before their first incarnation on Earth. This is in contrast to ‘earth souls’, as we will call them here. Earth souls are souls who incarnated in earthly bodies at a relatively early stage of their development.

They started their cycle of lives on Earth in their youth, so to speak. Lightworkers came to Earth when they were already ‘adults’ (see next paragraphs for additional explanation). They had already had many experiences by then and the relationship they had with the earth souls was one that resembles the parent-child relationship.

The development of the soul life on earth

The biological development of life on earth (the evolution of life) is deeply connected with the spiritual development and self-expression of the earth souls. Although no soul is bound to one particular planet,

you can still say that the earth souls are the original inhabitants of planet earth. This is because they have shaped much of their development here on Earth. Their growth in consciousness coincides with the development of the various life forms on earth. Lightworkers are not originally Earth souls.

History of the LightworkersThe earth souls were in the initial stage of their development when they first incarnated on earth.

After they were born as transparent consciousnesses with a rudimentary I-consciousness, they incarnated in the material form that best suited their consciousness: the one-celled being. As these souls evolved, gained experiences and integrated them into their consciousness, they needed more complex physical expressions.

Thus more complex organisms arose on the earth, which satisfied the inner desires of these souls. So even in this rudimentary form you see that consciousness is creative. From an internally felt need, consciousness creates forms in the physical world that help it to experience and express itself.

The essential dynamics behind the process of evolution – the development of life into increasingly complex organisms – therefore lies at the level of consciousness.

The theory of evolution as formulated by Darwin gives a correct account of the development of those physical forms, but does not accommodate the essential motor behind the evolution of these forms. It’s at the level of consciousness. Behind every development on a material level is a change in consciousness.

The formation of new organisms and their inhabitation by souls is one great experiment of consciousness. It is not established that evolution follows a certain line. Nor was it predetermined exactly which forms would be created.

Consciousness is free and experimental and above all adventurous. There is no God behind the scenes who directs everything and already knows everything. God himself is evolving and – just like you – is constantly discovering new aspects in himself.

Most souls who first incarnated on Earth were in the early stages of their development. The passage from an elementary I-consciousness, which we described as the birth of the soul, to a conscious individual and creative consciousness as you are, is an extremely long process (in your terms).

You can compare it in a way with the development of a single-celled organism into humans. This comparison is applicable in several respects. Not only to illustrate the enormity of the process, but also because there is a parallel between the development of the soul and the development of physical expressions.

The development of (material) forms keeps pace with the development (collective) of the soul. As the soul becomes more complex in its expressions, she needs richer possibilities of expression. A single-celled organism is no longer sufficient. The material form and the inner development therefore go hand in hand and always interact.

This is not to say that the earth souls have been incarnate in all animal forms before appearing as human beings. The soul development process is not as structured as you often think. It’s much more whimsical and adventurous than you might think. You are in control of what you experience.

There is no God who dictates anything to you. So if you suddenly feel like experiencing what it means to live as a monkey, you can just end up in a monkey body, at birth or as a temporary visitor.

You as souls try all kinds of things; you have had that urge to explore from birth. Some souls quickly specialize in life in certain forms. Others try everything; you could call them the generalists. Already at an early stage of soul development, a certain individuality and uniqueness is apparent in a soul.

There are certain interests or preferences in every soul that distinguish it from other souls. Common to all souls is that they gain more and more experience on their way, and that they gradually need forms (bodies) that meet it. Bodies, which possess sufficient complexity in sensory and physical faculties to express what lives inwardly in that consciousness.

Within this great experiment of life forms, the arrival of man was a new step in the development of soul consciousness on Earth. Before we delve deeper into this, we will first explain the concept of ‘soul age’ and distinguish several phases in it.

The growth of the soul: youth, maturity and old age

If we look at the development of the soul consciousness from its birth as an individual, roughly three age phases can be distinguished. These phases occur independently of the specific incarnation forms a soul chooses (life on Earth or elsewhere). The age stages are:

  • youth: the stage of innocence (paradise)
  • maturity: the ego phase (‘sin’)
  • old age: the phase of ‘second innocence’ (enlightenment)

After souls are born as individual units of consciousness, they leave the oceanic state of unity and take with them the memory of total love and security. They then set out to fully explore their new reality. They gradually become more aware of themselves and their uniqueness in relation to their fellow travelers. At this stage the souls are very sensitive and receptive, like a young child facing the world openly, full of innocence and curiosity.

You could call this stage paradisiacal, because the experience of unity and security is still fresh in the minds of the newly born souls. They are not far from home yet; they do not yet doubt their divine origin, their self-evident right to be who they are.History of the Lightworkers

As they continue their journey, the memory of home fades, while the souls gain all kinds of experiences. In childhood everything is new and everything is absorbed uncritically.

A new phase occurs as soon as the young soul begins to experience itself as the center of its world. She will then really become aware of the opposition ‘I’ and ‘the other’. She will experiment with ways in which she as ‘I’ can influence her environment.

The whole idea that you can do something that really only comes from you is new. Previously there was little more than a passive absorption of what is coming your way (of experiences). Now a sense is growing in the soul of her own influence and power, her ability to make things her own way. This is the beginning of the ego phase.

The ego is originally nothing but the ability to use your will to influence the outside world. The ego’s original role is none other than enabling the soul to experience itself as a separate, separate unit. This is a natural and positive development of the soul consciousness. There is nothing intrinsically bad about the ego.

It is true that the ego tends to expand and even take aggressive forms. When the youthful soul discovered that it had the power to influence its environment, it fell in love with the ego. Deep down there is a pain in the growing soul. There is a memory of home that feels like the memory of a lost paradise. The ego seems to carry within it the promise of an answer to that pain, that homesickness. The ego promises you that you will get a handle on things. The ego poisons the young soul with the illusion of power.

If ever there was a fall, it was this: the young soul consciousness that became captivated by the possibilities of the ego, by the promise of power. However, the purpose of birth as individual souls was to experience and explore everything, paradise as well as hell, innocence as well as ‘sin’. In that sense there was no ‘fall from paradise’, no ‘fall’ and no ‘wrong choice’. You are not to blame unless you believe it yourself.

As the young soul matures, there is a shift towards an ‘I-centered’ way of seeing and experiencing. The illusion of power promotes the distinction between souls, rather than the unity or connection between them. This creates a certain loneliness and alienation in the soul. Though not fully aware of this, the soul becomes a fighter, a fighter for power. Power seems to be the only thing that calms the soul at that stage—for a moment.

We have distinguished above a third age phase in the development of soul consciousness: old age, the period of enlightenment or ‘second innocence’. We will discuss this phase, and especially the transition from adulthood to old age, at length in Chapter 3 (From Ego to Heart). We will now return to our story of the evolution of the Earth souls. The appearance of man on earth is strongly related to the growth to maturity of the earth souls, and their acquisition with the energy of the ego.


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