Keep Holiday Feeling In Your Daily Life? 15 Tips

Holiday Feeling In Your Daily Life

Everyone knows that holiday feeling. It’s that feeling you have when you just got back from vacation, the unmistakable “I want to go back” feeling, that tells you how great the vacation was.

Are you still so relaxed? Do you have that smile on your face again? Do you also think back to those great evenings you had during the holidays?

After a week, that holiday feeling quickly disappears and it has disappeared like snow in the sun.

Research even shows that for 60% of the Dutch, the holiday feeling is gone after a day.

Where’s that feeling when you’re back to your normal routine and working from nine to five?

Do you ever think about starting your day-to-day work with a cup of coffee in one hand and your laptop in the other?

Everyone has this holiday feeling and craves it. After all, it is a wonderful feeling. Do you want to experience that feeling again?

Check out different strategies in this article to experience that perfect holiday feeling again and to keep that wonderful feeling a little longer.


15 Tips To Keep Holiday Feeling In Your Daily Life.


Tip #1 Relive the holiday

When you get back from a vacation you have a natural tendency to forget everything pretty quickly.

Often other people only briefly ask about your vacation or are not asked to share your story at all.

You also don’t tend to tell stories about a holiday.

If you want to relive the holiday or evoke the feeling again, it is important that you recreate memories yourself.

For example, put photos or objects in your house that remind you of the fun holiday.

Another way to recreate the holiday feeling is neuro-linguistic programming.

This does mean that you should be aware of this during your holiday. We explain this with an example.

If you are enjoying a nice drink during sunset during your holiday, this can be the ultimate moment of enjoyment.

You can anchor this moment of enjoyment by pressing your index finger and thumb together, symbolically showing that you are enjoying yourself.

Your brain associates that movement.

Getting back home and making the same move will bring you back to that happy feeling you had during your vacation.

Another way to relive the holiday feeling is to meditate.

You visualize that you are back in the place where you were so happy on holiday and you relive those magical moments.

In addition, there are several other ways to relive the holiday. These methods are also discussed in this article.

Holiday Feeling In Your Daily Life

Tip #2 Extensive cooking

Do you also crave that delicious paella, that perfect steak or that tasty pasta you ate during your vacation?

Why not try making it again at home. Of course, there is no guarantee that this will be just as tasty at home as it is on holiday.

Spending time on your favorite holiday dish is one way to relive that wonderful holiday feeling.

Combine this with a delicious wine or a tasty appetizer and toast to it. The holiday feeling is guaranteed again!

Holiday Feeling In Your Daily Life

Tip #3 View your holiday photos and videos

All those beautiful holiday moments are just a few swipes away.

Just looking at the vacation photos and vacation videos on your phone for a few minutes will reactivate your positive vacation memories.

The holiday feeling is immediately back.

The advantage of the holiday photos and videos on your phone is that you can access them at any time of the day.

Are you on the bus, waiting in a long line? Grab those holiday snaps and the happy holiday feeling is immediately there.

Tip #4 Play your holiday music

Vacation means listening to a lot of music, especially when you’re chilling on your beach bed. Every summer has its own summer hits. Let music also be a means to evoke memories.

Do you want that ultimate holiday feeling back?

Then make a playlist of the songs that you listened to a lot during your vacation and preferably those that you listened to when you were chilling on the beach with a drink.

It is important to keep this playlist well.

The older the memories are, the stronger your feelings are. In a few years you will have long forgotten what your favorite songs were last summer.

If you play your playlist again in a few years, your memories of your last vacation are guaranteed to come back.

Holiday Feeling In Your Daily Life

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Tip #5 Don’t miss the news

In everyday life you often follow the news several times a day.

You often look at various news sites to see what has happened in the past hours and are curious about the latest current affairs.

When you ignore this for a moment, you are outside everything for a while. You stand outside society for a while.

This ensures that you can experience the holiday feeling again.

It ensures that you enjoy life more and discover for yourself how beautiful the world is, instead of letting others tell you what the world looks like.

Holiday Feeling In Your Daily Life

Tip #6 Take it easy

You can avoid a lot of stress after your holiday by taking a few more days off or by indicating that you are not quite “up and running” yet.

When you go back to work, it is advisable to leave your out of office message on for another day so that you can go through all your emails in the meantime.

Most of the problems that occurred during your vacation will have been solved by now. Problems will resolve themselves.

Empty your mailbox completely and make a schedule or to-do list before you allow the outside world to enter your work world again.

Tip #7 Don’t take on too many obligations

The magic of a vacation is that you don’t have so many obligations. The trick is to bring that magic home or work as well.

Is it important to check your email every half hour?

Should you drop everything immediately if your manager has an urgent question? Does someone congratulate you when you work a few hours overtime?

Does the company you work for go bankrupt if you don’t complete a task on time?

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to be lazy or not have a mentality.

It does indicate that you need to set and define your own limits so that you have a healthy dose of joy in your daily life.

Tip #8 Turn off your phone and other devices more often

To relive the holiday feeling, it can be fun to view your holiday photos and videos on your phone.

However, if you want to keep that holiday feeling, it is also important not to immediately check your phone for anything and everything.

In fact, if you do, your holiday mood is almost instantly ruined. Are you going to check all your e-mails and WhatsApps immediately after your holiday?

This can lead to stress, so that the holiday feeling quickly disappears.

Constantly checking messages on different devices is one of the biggest obstacles to really relaxing.

On vacation it is often much easier to leave your smartphone behind and spend time with the people you are on vacation with.

In those moments there is more time to really listen to each other.

At those moments there is more connection. It is precisely this connection that allows love, understanding and patience to flourish.

Try to limit checking messages on your phone, tablet, laptop or other devices in your spare time, after your holiday, as much as possible.

Make a promise to yourself that you won’t look at your phone for a few hours and do relaxation exercises instead.

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Tip #9 Make time to relax and make free time

It may sound obvious, but it’s harder to achieve than you think. You don’t need a vacation to relax.

Of course you build up extra energy during your holiday.

If you are not careful, the extra energy you have built up during your holiday will be gone within a few days.

Relaxation is the key to keep up with the holiday feeling. So take the time to relax when you get back from vacation.

There are plenty of things that you associate with a vacation and that you can enjoy in everyday life.

Turn off the television for a while and take the time to talk with family, relatives or friends.

Reminisce with them about the fun things you did during the holidays.

For everyone, a holiday is the perfect opportunity to get away from the daily grind of work, eating, watching TV and sleeping.

If you get back into this daily routine after your holiday, the holiday feeling will soon disappear.

For that reason, relaxation is important to get that holiday feeling back.

Try to spend an hour a day relaxing, relaxing and doing activities that make you feel good.

Holiday Feeling In Your Daily Life

Tip #10 Do fun things and spend a lot of time outside

One of the best things about a vacation is that you spend a lot of time outdoors. It is therefore no surprise that people always feel great when they are on vacation.

Doing activities in nature improves people’s physical and mental well-being.

Research shows that doing outdoor activities also improves your biological clock and therefore your sleep rhythm. In addition, it significantly increases your vitamin D level.

Whether that activity on holiday is walking in the woods, swimming in the pool or the sea, a walk along the beach or sunbathing, it doesn’t matter.

Do you want to experience the same feeling again?

Then spend more time outside.

For example, take a walk after dinner, visit the local park or forest, or play games in the backyard. Try to spend part of the day outside on the weekend.

This way you also discover what the village or city has to offer you. In addition, it improves the mood and energy level of yourself and your family.

Of course you will not be on holiday again, but it will give you the chance to recharge and get in touch with the holiday feeling.

Tip #11 Try different things

Doing new things or new environments affects your mind and your mental well-being.

This is also one of the reasons that you always feel good on holiday.

After all, you are in a completely new environment and doing things that you have not done before. The environment is completely new and you are exposed to different, new experiences.

Daily life, on the other hand, is less exciting.

It’s more structured and it should be. Structure and routine are important, especially if you are always busy with your family and household.

Structure and routine give a sense of order and safety. The downside is that it can also make life a bit monotonous and boring.

Variety and doing new things is key.

There are countless ways to put this into practice without affecting the daily routine. Try to do something fun with your family, friends or loved ones at least once a week.

Visit new places, such as a park, a museum or the beach. The possibilities are endless.

The new experiences and environments stimulate the mind and senses of you, your family, friends or others close to you.

It provides more self-confidence and it also boosts everyone’s mood.

It is the ideal opportunity to make the holiday feeling a regular routine in everyday life.

Tip #12 Don’t be too hard on yourself

No one has the ultimate and perfect looks.

During a vacation, we often don’t mind wearing a little too tight swimsuit and going to the pool or the tight.

Although you are aware that it may look strange, this does not matter on vacation. You don’t put any pressure on yourself on vacation.

Why bother when we get back from vacation? Of course you can adopt a critical attitude towards your work.

Accept who you are with all your strengths and weaknesses. The same goes for all your obligations that you tend to take on again after your vacation.

Ask yourself if this is all that important. Do you get energy from this? Does visiting acquaintances give you energy or not?

So feel free to adjust your schedule to have more time for yourself. The end of the summer is a perfect time for that, because after that everything starts again.

Tip #13 Don’t worry too much

It sounds quite simple, but don’t worry too much after a holiday.

Don’t get annoyed by children who leave everything lying around the house or a spouse who does not tidy up properly or immediately.

During your vacation you probably didn’t get annoyed by this either.

So let it go when you get home.

It’s really not a disaster if everything doesn’t go the way you want it to. So let go of perfectionism after your holiday and assume that everything will be fine.

Tip #14 Redecorate your home

On holiday you often realize that you actually need very little and are happy with almost nothing.

Unnecessary items are scarce on vacation.

You can relive this feeling by designing your home in a minimalistic way and getting rid of the things you never use. Be realistic about this.

A holiday accommodation is always temporary and you do not use it to store things.

We dare to say that cleaning up and getting rid of unnecessary things evokes that holiday feeling again.

Cleaning up can quickly give you a relieved and free feeling.

Plan a day to tidy up and pretend that your own house is a holiday home!

Holiday Feeling In Your Daily Life

Tip #15 Book your next holiday in advance

Are you still in that holiday flow and want to stay in it? The best way is to book a new trip!

Prepare yourself well before doing this trip.

Take as many photos and videos as possible so that you can enjoy them again after this trip. Make a good playlist for your holiday in advance, so that you can enjoy it again afterwards.

Write down what you ate during this vacation, so that you can prepare it yourself after your vacation.

If you plan a new trip, you also have something to look forward to and you can already fantasize about your next vacation.

If you don’t have a budget for a vacation, do a fun trip nearby.

Be the tourist in your own country, city or village. Undoubtedly you will also discover new things here, so that you still have that holiday feeling.

PS What’s your way of holding onto that ultimate holiday feeling? Let us know in a comment below. 

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