Holism and education: in balance with your child

Holism and education: in balance with your child
As a parent, you want nothing more than for your child to be happy and grow up in a stable and safe environment. When you want your child to fully blossom, you can guide him or her to be completely themselves. You can let your child discover what his true desires, talents, and wishes are, from a holistic view. And by also looking for your own passion and dreams, you can be holistically in balance with your child.

A holistic vision means that you assume a connection. Everything in and around you is connected to each other and one cannot exist without the other. Holistically, you are made up of five levels: physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. If those levels are balanced, you can speak of a healthy balance between body and mind.

And when you pay attention to your upbringing, from your own consciousness to all those levels and the connection between them, the connection with your child becomes even stronger and more stable. Holistic parenting is a process in which you not only guide your child but also yourself.

Take care of yourself

Holism and education: in balance with your child

You want to give your child safety, health, structure, and health in your upbringing. When raising holistically, taking care of yourself is the number one priority. Looking at yourself from a conscious and critical attitude provides you with insights into who you really are and what you need (and not) to be healthy and happy. This way you look at your upbringing and your child in a completely different way.

Just think what happens when you, as a parent, feel unhappy, tired, and irritable due to lack of sleep, stress, negative thoughts, and a rushed feeling. How does your message to be healthy and happy get across to your child? Are you honest and loving with yourself and your child? Don’t be afraid or feel guilty: these are things that are no exception in your life as an educator. Keeping all the balls high is sometimes just not easy.

But how do you do that?

When you know that you have too little sleep, too much stress, an overcrowded head, and little energy, then you are aware of it. And from that awareness, you can take time for yourself, ensure sufficient relaxation and exercise and thus create a healthy balance. By taking good care of yourself, you will get a healthier body and a clear mind. And from that premise, you can also take good care of your child, from a holistic point of view.

Everything you focus on grows. The more attention you give to your tension and fatigue, the greater it will become. To turn this around and focus your attention on what you really want to increase, you can do this beautiful meditation:

Holism and education: in balance with your child

The connection with your child

Being in balance with your child means that you go deeper into who you are and who your child is. To help your child discover what his or her talents and wishes are, you can do all kinds of things together. At every holistic level, in an educational and playful way. I would like to give you some ideas to travel with your child to your talents, wishes, desires, and passion in this life that connects you together.

1. Out together: physically and energetically

You probably walk with your child in a beautiful nature reserve, park or forest. When you add an extra dimension to this, you offer yourself and your child a playful way to be physically and energetically healthy. Go out together, into nature. Along the way you will name what you see, what you hear, smell and maybe taste. Make it a game by letting your child search for something you hear and don’t see. What could it be?

And let your child do the same with you. Don’t judge what your answers are. It is about purely observing and sharpening your senses together. Let your child tell you what he perceives, and what the feeling or idea is about it. Tell this yourself and share each other’s experiences. Searching and seeking based on your senses gives you physical strength and energizes you. The connection with your child is tangible!

2. Mind game: mental and emotional

Nice to do on a drizzly day: trying to grasp your thoughts together with your child. Grab a pen, pencils, and paper and sit down at the kitchen table. Take turns saying out loud what your thought is at that moment. You then write or draw it on the paper. Then you tell what you felt while drawing or writing it down.

Let your child tell you, in his or her own words. Does he like the thought? Then save the drawing. Does he find it an annoying, nasty, irritating thought? Then have your child crumple up the drawing and throw it away. Do this yourself, and above all share what you think and feel. In this way, you learn what is going on inside you and that you can have those feelings with you, but you can put them away if you find them annoying.

3. What would you really want right now? Spiritual Journey of discovery

Holism and education: in balance with your child

What dreams, wishes, and desires do you have and how do you find out? You can take as much time as you want for this exercise. It is an exercise that touches the spiritual level: you will discover together what really makes you happy. Take a large piece of cardboard or paper, get a stack of magazines you can cut into, and armed with scissors, glue, and colored pencils you will collect all kinds of things to make your passion and desires visible.

Cut out pictures that make you feel good, choose colors you like, and write down what makes you happy and what your dreams are. This creates a ‘vision board’: a visual expression of your deep desires. Provide interaction while working on the vision board. Discuss and view each other’s work, ask questions, and admire each other. And above all: understand each other and feel the connection.

Pure and unconditional

Holistic parenting is something you don’t just apply. It is a way of life, and integration of awareness and self-love. With the exercises I have suggested for this on the different levels, you can take the first steps in a holistic way of parenting. This way you can experience that unbreakable connection with your child in a very beautiful way.

Working together, entering into a conversation, purely observing, sharing experiences, and discovering what keeps the other person busy. You experience this as the softest and most palpable energy that there is between you and your child: unconditional love, in balance with each other and everything around it. And that’s how you discover who you really are together!


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