Holistic coach: this is how you lighten your emotional backpack

Holistic coach: this is how you lighten your emotional backpack

It is hard to carry unpleasant emotions with you. Wouldn’t it be nice to clean up your emotional backpack? This article shows how you can do this yourself in 8 steps. What an enlightened feeling that gives!

Letting an emotion be there gives space to dissolve and heal.

Always happy

Emotions, we all experience them. One feels better than the other. Why is that? Where have we learned that emotions like anger should not exist? Is it, for example, due to certain beliefs that we have been given during our upbringing? Feel and think about that. What you also see a lot is that people have the idea that they should always be ‘happy’‘. Is this recognizable to you? Then these 8 steps to clear your emotional backpack will help you

Feeling creates space

Holistic coach: this is how you lighten your emotional backpack

As spiritual beings here on Earth, we experience more than just emotions. We are not our emotions, we feel them. In addition to our energetic body (emotions, chakras, etc.), we have a mental body (thoughts), a physical body, and a spiritual body (higher self/soul).

If you want to illuminate your backpack, it is best to work holistically, so on all layers. There are countless techniques for everybody that can support you, for example, feeling through and processing emotions.

In a process, emotions are released in all layers and bodies. Letting an emotion be there gives space to dissolve and heal. If emotion is allowed to be there, without you liking it, the emotion becomes lighter in yourself. You just have to look at it and feel it. This is very exciting. The way to yourself consists of daring, wanting, and allowing yourself.
All emotions may be felt; they tell you something.

If you just want to live in joy and hide or blame other emotions and feelings for them, you hold a lot of resistance in your body and mind. This will eventually cause complaints. Your body and mind will give signals to dissolve and heal it. Help yourself by looking at it: what are they trying to tell me?

Lighter in 8 steps

Holistic coach: this is how you lighten your emotional backpack

The exercise to lighten your emotional backpack consists of 8 steps and therefore requires time and rest. If you are overcome by strong emotion and you want a ‘quick clearing’, you can do the following: turn your attention to your feet; feel them on the floor. Focus on your abdominal breathing. Say to yourself, “I’m here.” Feel what may be and let it be free. 

  1. Sit or lie quietly in a place where you will not be disturbed. Where you can be completely yourself and yourself. Close your eyes.
  2. Start with this breathing exercise: inhale through your nose for 5 seconds and exhale through your mouth for as long as you can (with the f sound). On the exhale, your body can relax. Do this 10 times.
  3. Relax with a short meditation. For example, do a body scan, in which you consciously feel your body step by step, from your toes to your body. If you experience that there is tension somewhere, you can briefly tense this body part and relax again.
  4. Connect with your feet, your stomach, and your heart. Take a deep breath in and out. Say out loud, “I’m here.”
  5. Become aware of what you feel: what emotion are you experiencing right now? How does it feel? Let what you feel be there, so don’t think or think anything of it. Try not to judge it. Feel what is happening.
  6. Go to a specific moment that evokes a less pleasant emotion. Let the emotion be there. Just look at it. Feel how long you can and want to keep this up. Everything is good! You will notice that if an emotion is allowed to be there, it changes and becomes lighter.
  7. Express gratitude to yourself.
  8. Breathe in and out deeply 3 times from your abdomen. Move your hands and feet for a moment and then calmly return to the here and now.

You can design this step-by-step plan yourself: which room, which meditation, which breathing exercise suits you? Try it out and see what works for you. Most importantly, experience it in love!



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