Holistic living, how do you do that?

Holistic living, how do you do that?
Holism assumes that everything is connected, in other words, everything is part of one big whole. In health care, you come across holistic doctors and therapists more and more. This is not so strange when you consider that people are much more conscious about their health these days. We no longer only want to remedy the symptoms of complaints, but precisely the cause of these complaints. And this is where a holistic approach comes in very handy.

Body and mind are inextricably linked. For example, eating or drinking (physically) certain nutrients can have an effect on your mental health. For example, eating a lot of fat can make you feel depressed. And vice versa: when you have exercised, you feel fulfilled and your thoughts tell you that you are doing well. Because everything is connected, everything you do, feel, eat, say and think affects your entire well-being.


You can also integrate holism into your way of life. Holistic living is available to everyone and awareness is the key. To begin with (and remember, all beginnings are difficult) the premise is that you are not your body, your emotions, and your thoughts, but that you have them. If you can embrace this fact, it becomes a lot easier to live holistically. Why? Because you don’t identify with what you have. You are, as it were, a spectator, and that makes it a lot easier to influence your body, emotions, and thoughts.

A set of systems

A second important point in a holistic lifestyle is the realization that everything and everyone is part of one big whole. With this realization, respect, appreciation, and love for all living things is possible. That one flowering tree, that cow in the meadow, and that one customer at work are all connected to each other because, just like you, they belong in that large system, that whole. When that system is in balance, there is unconditional love and happiness.

Restore the balance together

Holistic living, how do you do that?

Unfortunately, that balance is not always there. After all, in the bigger picture we are dealing with all kinds of different factors that influence the system. War, abuse of power, animal suffering, and destruction of nature are all the result of disruptive factors. Largely caused by humans. It is not possible on your own to restore that balance of that whole. We will have to do that together.

Start with yourself

What you can do is start with yourself, in your immediate environment. Being aware of what you eat, what your thoughts do with your behavior, treating nature with respect and everything that is connected with it. Loving everything without preconditions makes you a happier and healthier person. If you get a good feeling eating organic food, that’s good. If you visit your lonely neighbor every now and then, that one spark of gratitude is enough to make you feel happy. But also take your own rest when you find it necessary, do nothing all day and get the feeling that you had a wonderful day.

Lookup connection

If you keep looking for that connection with yourself, your life will become a lot lighter and more loving. From all sides: nature gives you positive energy, just like that grateful neighbor, listening to your heart that tells you to rest, and your physical well-being, because you eat and exercise in a conscious way. Your mental health, because you are aware of your thoughts, which you only have.


All of this is based on self-love, which you can develop from consciousness. From the idea that your unconditional love is already within you, the moment you are born.


You are responsible for your own life. If you live from the conviction that everything is connected, take responsibility for everything you do, think and feel. If you are aware of your own thoughts and the impact they have on your mental and physical health, as well as those around you, take responsibility for letting them be loving and positive.

Together we can make the world a better place, and living holistically is a great start.

Light and love

Holistic living doesn’t mean being happy non-stop. It will give you a healthier and happy life, but no one is happy 24 hours a day for a lifetime. And you don’t have to; if you live holistically, you live completely from your consciousness and you can therefore also learn to deal with setbacks, negative thoughts, and all associated emotions.

Holistic living is living according to the principle that everything is connected. A way of life in which you are aware, connected with everything around you, and above all: with yourself. From there you radiate light and love to everything around you.



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