Holistic meaning of laryngitis: your throat is the gateway to your emotional body

Holistic meaning of laryngitis: your throat is the gateway to your emotional body
Sore throat is common. Many people consider the occasional strep throat ‘belonging’, but it doesn’t have to be. Strep throat, like any disease, is a sign of imbalance. The throat can be a vulnerable place in the resistance, especially when the R comes in the month. The throat is essentially a gateway to your heart and a link in whether or not to talk about your emotions. So if you have a throat infection, you can ask yourself what your body wants to draw attention to.

Heart energy

Holistically, inflammation (anything that ends in -itis in medical terms) is always related to the heart’s energy. The heart is the center of love and joy, both positively and in the absence of those feelings. If those emotions are too strong, it may be because they are not allowed to flow freely. They look for a way out, but you won’t talk about it, swallow your tears and suppress the cry of your heart. Ultimately, this can even lead to depression.

Or maybe you’re just overdoing yourself and wanting to feel good so much that you magnify the positive feelings in your heart and laugh away any tears. If this becomes extreme, it can even lead to hysteria or manic behavior. Expressing or not expressing emotions has a major effect on the health of your throat.

Exercise for strep throat

Holistic meaning of laryngitis: your throat is the gateway to your emotional body

So if you have laryngitis, take a moment to feel why your heart and throat are asking for help in this way. For example, put your left hand on your heart and your right on your throat and wonder what is going on in the connection between these two places. The answer comes naturally to you; your first thought is the right one. Then zoom in further on this answer and give the feeling that the space belongs to it. That will be a relief. Your throat can now recover faster.

Switch between head and heart

Your throat is a link between your head and your heart. Encourage your throat to let your thoughts and feelings work together. Speak your own truth and give emotions (sadness) space to be there. Say what needs to be said for your own worth, without willfully hurting the other. Declare the love, cry, laugh, and give your honest opinion on matters that concern you. express yourself!

On the other hand, don’t talk unnecessarily. Just to talk or not to let silence fall, for example. That costs your throat an unnecessary amount of energy and does your resistance and immune system no good. Stay with yourself and also learn to be able to be with others in silence.

Preventing worse

Hopefully next time at the first signs of a sore throat you can more easily get to your feeling, so that it may no longer develop into a sore throat. These resources support your inner healing process and help prevent worse:

• Tea: sage and thyme with a spoonful of honey.
• Acupressure: Apply strong pressure with your left thumb for about 3 minutes on the point near the outer nail corner on the underside of your right thumbnail. Then switch.



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